So heres a fine thing – while passing through and surviving the whelter of Zombies, Witches, Darkling Angels, Faerie Folk, Underworld Agents, Skeletons, Trick-or-Treaters and other suitably garbed Halloween revellers who have been joyously spewing out of the closets, graves and imaginations around our culturally endorsed celebrations of ancestral and otherworldly connections on All Hallows Eve, or Samhain, if you have the knack of it, I spied none other than SUPERMAN!!, wearing a cowboy hat and looking very pleased with himself – and he was not alone – ALLADIN was not far behind…..followed by METALLICA lookalikes, DARTH VADER and a certain tall beefy person clad in little more than green fishnet tights…………fol-de-rol and other such gewgaws……

Meanwhile, over at Facebook, the (seriously) wonderous and sage Caitlin (and I do mean ‘seriously’) had posed a magnificent conundrum that hit the nail right on the proverbial – the gist being, and this is not a direct quote, ‘if you had burning questions for the Ancestors that would be able to sate our cuiousity, calm our doubts and provide us with useful and pragmatic insights into our relationships with them in the answering, what would they be??’

Never the one to shy from the nutshell, Caitlin’s chestnut stands in ever so stark contrast to Superman, Alladin and Metallica…..or does it (Darth and green fishnet tights not withstanding) ?!?!

Confused? Well I wonder what ancestral hubbub would be kicked up if Superman, Alladin, Metallica and Big Darth turned up at the hearth of the eternal flame burning at the center of their great indigenous village in the sky (this is not neccessarily the location of the Ancestors folks – Ed.)…..send your answers etc…

Fact is, apart from having a belly wobbling good laugh with the unexpected guests and passing round a few overflowing flagands of nectorous mead into the bargain, they would probably wait until all the fuss had died down (no pun intended) and then call a meeting, in the wee small hours of the twighlight world, in order to find out WHAT ON EARTH is going on and WHAT IN THE NAME OF ETERNITY they can do about it – and, the sad fact is that we would be the ones expected to provide the answers – ho hum…..

Anyhows, to cut to the chase, I don’t know about you, but, the vast western majority seem to love the whole darn thing – and, lets face it, no matter what you choose to do, be, wear, there are some serious psychoses (plural) at the center of our burgeoning global culture, and so, bringing all the fabulousity of our magic making celebrations into an apex of absurdity may just be the best way of shaking off the canker of neural burnout that we are so often clad in and, in so doing, help heal the wound that has created such an impoverished old spider’s thread of our once magnificent umbilical connection to the glorious and inglorious ones who have gone before us, whom we lovingly and sometimes, oft-times, unlovingly, but, universally know as and call our Ancestors. (you cannot be serious – Ed.)

OK, BUT…’re right Ed., this could just be mistaking the symptom for the cure….for, be under no misapprehension dearly beloved, we have seriously gotten our work cut out if we don’t want to be trapped in an eternal hell of neurotic burn-out with the prospect of a repeating pattern of foam cast devils masks, plastic pitchforks and stuffed satin horns to become the accepted and beyond questioning heritage of our children and their children’s children….not to mention CHRISTMAS (you said you wouldn’t mention Christmas! – Ed.)

And, as a brief afterword to the above, for readers in the UK, just whose bright idea was it to move Bone Fire Night from the 31st of October to the 5th of November and call it Bonfire Night thus tieing it in to an attempted political act of assasination that would have seen off the reigning King James the 1st in the hope of restoring a Catholic monarchy in Britain?!!! Now renamed Fireworks Night millions celebrate by burning an (in all likelihood unknowingly) Catholic effigy on blazing beacons and sending millions in hard earned wonga up in spectacular smoke, noise and light displays while quaffing barbequed sausages, baked potatoes and tinnies of every description….WE LOVE IT…..but

(is that it….?? – Ed.)

No Ed. – theres more – look at the state of our selves on this beautiful planet and, picking up the Ancestors baton, ask “what on earth is going on, and what in eternity are we doing about it?”

We all want our kids to have the best, enjoy Life and know the ecstacy of celebration, who would ever deny them this – if we were seriously to ask of ourselves and the Ancestors how we can make sure they, our kids, will have a good shot at continuing to partake of such incarnate pleasures when we are gone, what do you think the answers might be – and, one last thing, when we have become the Ancestors how would we like our children and their children’s children to relate to us?………

(Ok Ed?……..Ed!?…..)

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