The future is ours for the making….

In this second part to The Tibet Solution we will explore through divination the essential relationship between the Dalai Lama and the People’s Republic of China- the results and implications are surprising and back up the question of whether a turning point is now within sight

Focusing on a few of the key elements in their horoscopes will reveal how symbolic of our times and the global shift in consciousness the Tibetan Solution can be……”can be” – there is no certainty, but, there is opportunity……

The Dalai Lama’s Sun in 1st house Cancer is blessed with the energies of Sirius – he is a spiritual leader of humble beginnings who’s light is far reaching and connects him with the ancient mystery traditions, which he both embodies through re-incarnation and through being a protector – Sirius’ esoteric function has been described as the soul of our solar system’s Sun and, as such, connects us to the galactic mind.

As a spiritual leader HH’s chart shows us Saturn in the 9th house in Pisces opposite Neptune conjunct the Moon and Dark Moon Lilith in 3rd house Virgo with Chiron forming a T square from 12th house Gemini – crystalising the Piscean energy and reflecting the occult visionary soul the Dalai Lama’s Saturn is opposite China’s 7th house Virgoan Saturn in synastry – China’s restrictions on the communal potential communicated through Tibetan Buddhism bring a new karmic structure that challenges to both contain and resonate with the soul of the “other”.

The Dalai Lama’s nodal axis shows Pluto on the South Node in the first house – we can identify him with a deep and transformative karmic legacy – he is a re-incarnate soul who has brought his roots into this life to become a leader amongst “others”….”amongst”, and not of a ‘political’, but, grounded beneficient nature…..where-as, his NNode, conjunct China’s 12th house Jupiter in Capricorn, the undoing of his leadership, and break from the past that China’s revolution brought, reveal the context of this, with the promise of benefits that would resound deeply within the Chinese communist psychology.

It is a context fueled with a fierce passion for the question of ‘home’ as HH’s 4th house Libran Mars conjuncts China’s 8th house South Node – he is in a sense bringing the ‘spiritual warrior’ archetype into the struggle for Tibetan autonomy – and yet, he is a powerful strategist, leading not through agression but through a higher order of love, a blessing on the community, as found in his 3rd house Venus in Leo.

The nodal axis in these charts are nearly squared off – being only 5 degrees from a true square – and China’s South Node is closely conjuncted by Neptune and Mercury – for the communist regime the love of the past is in its traditions, which includes the historical and judicial right for occupation within Tibet, a right it persists in citing. With its North Node in 2nd house Aries China is seeking to initiate a new internal context within which to manifest this, a soul purpose at odds with the Dalai Lama’s North Node which seeks to manifest a leading role within the world, a global grounding that has pitted the ‘West’ against China’s enforced occupation of Tibet. China will be seen as the ‘heavy’ so long as the regime persists in bringing the low side of its Mars conjunct Pluto in the 7th house into its relationship with others – the high side would see the opportunity for deep healing and in this context the Chinese nation could also be leaders amongst others…..

So, what of the healing, the Tibet Solution?

Now we enter complex yet magical territory! And, Uranus in China’s chart gives us a way in….

In both charts Uranus is at 4d 58′, China’s is in 5th house Cancer, the Dalai Lama’s in 11th house Taurus – these energies manifest the sextile through creative and worldly innovation. For China, the revolutionary force of the people was compelled to find a new identity that would both break with its historical traditions and create a paradigm shift in relation to how its people relate to its past – one that could both heal through new ideals and bring the necessity of forceful political reform to the fore – this is expressed in the yod formed by Moon on the AC, Chiron in the 10th in Leo both in quincunx to Uranus, the yod’s apex. Chiron is square the Pluto Mars conjunction. We will shortly return to China’s Uranus placement.

We find Uranus in the Dalai Lama’s chart in a square to China’s Moon – he will challenge the notion of ‘the people’ in relation to China’s revolutionary revision – it is itself in a quincunx to China’s Chiron as well as China’s Sun! which makes the Chiron placement in China’s chart very sensitive around the issue of China’s identity and forces the issue onto the negotiating table. Remember Chiron squares Pluto and Mars in the China chart! This is further compounded for China as its Sun squares its Uranus and, to add the clincher, China’s Uranus is conjunct the Dalai Lama’s AC!!

The threads of this web are strung taught and bind the two in a set of challenging aspects that express the devastating effect that China’s revolution was to have on both the Dalai Lama and Tibet. This is a diplomat’s nightmare, and yet……

To his credit the Dalai Lama has retained a desire to see Tibet remain within the context of China’s new identity – perhaps it is the exact sextile between their Uranus placements that makes this possible – more likely, it keeps the two sides in full awareness of their differences, and it is reconciliation that is being sought by both sides, but, on different terms – it will be hard won……

There is a solution…….the Dalai Lama’s Chiron squares both Saturns, sextiles China’s Mars + Pluto and trines China’s Mercury + Neptune. If the balance between the two is to find form it will be through his bringing the high side of China’s political potential, the upside of the powerhouse behind its revolutionary appearance within the world and the vision of the collective into synchronous understanding of their commonality, roots and shared future – he can appeal to China’s intellect, its roots and vision – he can help the Chinese people understand more deeply their traditional relationship with Tibet through their respect for the past – he must be careful not to provoke the Chinese State into bringing the darker side of its purpose into a conflict with its own self interests and self esteem – China has Dark Moon Lilith on its North Node and this is itself quincunx to its own Venus close to the MC. HH’s vertex is conjunct China’s Mid Heaven – as fateful a relationship as ever there was. Yet his Uranus and Part of Fortune are quincunx both China’s Chiron and Sun – they must work for a common solution that will benefit them all. And this may be surprising…..

…China has Juno conjunct the vertex in the 7th house in Virgo – it is sextile HH’s Sun – a renewed mutual contract of partnership would benefit the Dalai Lama and, no doubt, initiate a higher order of healing within China (HH’s PF quinc China’s Chiron), if he can bring the Chinese around to the compassionate view – the Chinese Venus is quincunx HH’s Mercury – he is compelled to bring this into negotiations, to appeal to the deeper side of reason and love of the higher mind. All rests on this.

With Mercury accompanied by Chiron in his 12th house in Gemini, the Dalai Lama will know that the end of his mission here will be to bring the power of compassion to bear both in China and in the world – his Venus is conjunct one of the four royal stars, Regulus in late Leo – this is a mighty power that will lead all – with his Juno conjunct China’s N Node it could just work.

It would be simplistic to suggest that our worldly solutions are presaged by the synastry in these charts, and yet, they contain the symbolic seeds of both our current East/West relations and our progress towards a unified world of common consciousness and concensus. We are all challenged to face our differences, political and spiritual, mundane and sacred, as a call to reconciliation – quality of mind, not difference, is at the root of our current global transformation – a new consciousness is achievable through compassion and acceptance. The ‘middle way’. The Dalai Lama’s middle way calls upon every individual to manifest this within themselves – this is where he differentiates his message from political idealogy or dogma. What is in the higher self can be the leader, in each of us – for Chinese and Tibetans alike. For us all it is a true blessing to be alive to witness the dignity of this struggle as personified in the Dalai Lama and his global championing of the Tibetan cause through kindness and energetic realism. No less for the Chinese regime, should they find the ability to become leaders, globally respected and demonstrably capable of embracing the holistic view of humanity, well beyond the idealism of communism – it is within their grasp, should they recognise the gift and opportunity for reconciliation. For a rising number of intelligent and well placed people within China this is becoming the obvious way forward – they are warming to the Dalai Lama’s message and it would do well for the Chinese government to listen – and to allow the energy of this groundswell to emerge. The sad fact for China is that repression is at the heart of their regime – a last astrological sting in the tail: China’s Part of Fortune is conjunct the fixed star Algor, described as the most ‘evil’ star in the heavens, harbinger of death, mass murder and dis-ease – it is at the root, on the IC in China’s chart – if ever compassion were to have a goal here it would be to bring all its healing and illuminating force to bear on this unfortunate factor within China’s nativity. There is at least one person on this planet capable of being the powerful lens needed for this force – with the power of Sirius, Regulus and the millions who support him we may yet see a great healing in our times…….the more support we give to this emergent global focus the more we are likely to see it happen, if we all take up the cause and manifest the ‘middle way’.


Astrological Afterword

Due to technical difficulties (in the shape of a beloved old iMac) I have been unable to post charts at the time of publishing – I hope to rectify this asap – apologies for the inconvenience – nevertheless…….

Seasoned astrologers will be able to pick the bones of these horoscopes, their synastry and my reading and reset them according to their deeper knowledge and experience                  

about this……….I make no bones!


  1. When I first saw the Dali Lama’s chart, I have always felt like the universe has been playing a joke on me.. I certainly can admire the Dali Lama as well.. I respect how he has fought and his will for peace.

    Then there is my chart, Mercury in Gemini, in the 12th house.. Cancer Sun in the first house/Virgo Moon… certainly, its difficult, when its me to see it as a “signature of success”

    Yet.. my natal Venus is conjunct Sirius and my part of fortune conjunct Regulus.. but has a Mars/Sun/Venus conjunction in the first house corrupted, and distracted the potential of a possible spiritual leader within me?

    Has Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith created within me someone who may be considered too disobedient even for gainful employment?

    In the end I must always try to set the record straight, just for attempting to share that I do desire peace and freedom for everyone (and yes I fight and argue entirely too much)..but it seems to me, even Dali Lama is rather outspoken. Anyone going up face to face in a “talk” with Mao has got to be courageous!

    1. Hi Alter – well, you know how it goes, without seeing the whole chart etc……

      nevertheless – you are certainly going to be fiesty in your communications and challenge others with your own spellbinding choice of words, at home with a concern for being real, passionate and forceful, ready to fight your corner – so, perhaps you share those qualities with Tenzin – he is however an arch diplomat – I wonder if you don’t probably cut across the crap with a scarey insightfulness – maybe even surprise yourself in the process and you love doing it too!!……ever embarrass yourself……? 😉

      After all is said and done you may even be ready to simply walk on – but, I suspect that there is a powerful altruistic motivation behind it all for all the outward appearances……and you probably love making up?

      The Dalai Lama is known for his sense of humour; even tho his deep sense of connectivity with the past is very personal, he is not afraid to come out of his shell – yet he knows just what to keep hidden

      I imagine that when he met Mao there was just a small frison of ideological competativeness underneath their respective role as leaders of ‘the people’ – how much they relied upon their wit to negotiate we may never know (Mao’s smile is always very veiled), but, they would have been electrified into high alert and the need to have their whits about them…..knowing what we do about the Dalai Lama, I also imagine he didn’t waste any opportunities to let that smile lead the way…….when you look at photos of this meeting they look like the immovable object and the irresistable force mirroring each other, only one is predominantly ‘rock’, the other ‘water’….there-in is, perhaps, the key

      1. I guess I have to either learn to be diplomatic, and I do swear I try. Or give a clear signal that this is the “no crap zone” 😉


        I just had this strange dream last night.. concerning this “game” of “good and evil” people were playing.. it was a very strange dream because I took a look at both teams.. and I didn’t like the game because it seemed so transparent, but the so called “evil” team were actually “good” individuals.. which was strange and the reverse true for the “good” team.

        Everything was upside down! I was on neither side but was supposed to “judge” people for some reason.. and I said, I would not judge the teams but the individuals and each act that they did. And they all continued on in their little game of obvious crime and diamond thieving and shallow occupation and I carried on observing..


        in dreams we often see ourselves in different ways.. and it bothers me to see myself in this position of some kind of person to pass judgment on others.. (I’m usually focused on judging myself all too much, otherwise why would I have attempted this post some chart comparison to the Dali Lama?)

        I want to find that which is like me deep within.. but it feels infantile to even attempt it. And yet to reject that which is anything like me in any kind of way is also just as infantile. I am watching people, possibly to see what they do in their conditions with what they have, what gifts and strengths they have and how they have come to use them.. and wonder if I myself may even have similar traits.. and naturally the Dali Lama is held as very gracious and peaceful so such traits are very very admired.

        I want to thank you for your kindness of just sharing your thoughts. And yes I DO embarrass myself all too much 😉 it comes with attempts of “deep self examination of the ego” in public 😛

        I do need to learn much and its nice to have on occasion a sounding board and a different unit of measurement against the background of ideas of the exalted ones we wish to be like 🙂

      2. These are sound reasonings, if I may be so bold….I wouldn’t expect any less from such powerful dreaming – but, there-in, for me, sits the key – when we see things as one or the other we are naturally being one sided – to see the two in the one, the good in the evil, and its reverse, is an act of the heart, is balanced and is compassionate and in this we are all equiped to emulate the great ones, such as the Dalai Lama

        our times are calling us to be both visionary and pragmatic – our dualism has made divided these qualities (they are actually powers) and we are not used to working with them as one = these are an example of the two in one as well, so, be of good heart Alter – sounds like you are on the right track! The world needs to find the high side of the warrior archetype, the healer of wars and division, internal and external – and I salute you as a ‘warrior of the heart’!!

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