Deepening our Life Purpose and emptying the Cauldron……the challenge of the current transit of Pluto to the Moon’s North Node.

The choices we make now are pivotal – on both individual and collective levels; we either move forward and consciously evolve or we become more and more deeply embedded in the karmic residue of the past – the former will open as an unchartered land before us in which collectively and individually ‘creating the path will be the path’; the latter will see us held at the crossroads, bound to the signpost, until we are released from subservience to being directed, the prison of our unsustainable old ways

Pluto can offer us the gift of total renewal – only, it is an offer we cannot refuse – change will come, our real choice is whether we align ourselves with the energy of change or not. And if we do the hidden wealth of Pluto will be expressed though the vision of our new soul purpose. Pluto the nourisher can also be the Great Mother……Hades was no Hell, it was the time out of time, the holding ground for rebirth.

The Cauldron, the symbol of culture here, will be upturned, but, neither is this about throwing out all that is good – the old indigenous ways, our closeness to the Earth, our mother planet, will all become more relevant than they have ever been – but, they must be grounded within and hold the new vision, be held with respect, for their roots and their keepers, be of now and capable of sustaining us on our collective journey. And we must be strong enough to recieve the Uranic blasts of inspiration that will be following as Uranus squares with Pluto through the following year…..

So many other astrological factors feed in to this radical change : Jupiter, soon to go direct, will lead the way with expansive pioneering energy through re-entering and transiting Aries; Neptune and Chiron, both now direct, will move slowly through to the radical borderlands of late Aquarian energy that promise a transition into Piscean holism; eclipses pepper the karmic field with gateways for revision and release – yet, for now, let us focus on Pluto and the Dragon’s Head…..

We have been here before. Perhaps as an example of the kind of upheaval we could expect…….

……..the last time Pluto was in Capricorn (1762-79) the American nation birthed itself through independance from the control of the British Monarchy – out of this struggle were born the Declaration of Independance, the Bill of Rights and Articles of the Constitution. The American War of independance lasted 8years from 1775 – that it spilled over 4 years into Pluto’s transit into Aquarius is worth remembering. 10 years later we saw the French Revolution begin. And now we have come full circle…..

This spilling over of the thrust for change is to be expected when Plutocratic structures are involved – Pluto will challenge us to take the journey out of Hades before we can claim our true freedom. The next time Pluto enters Aquarius will be in 2023, and echoing that 4 year carry over, Pluto conjuncts the Moon’s north node exact in Aquarius at 4d57’ in November 2027. The Sabian symbol for this degree is worth noting  (my italics) :


KEYNOTE: The Root foundation of past performances which power and sustain whatever decision is made in a crisis by an individual.

The whole past of mankind stands behind any individual effort, especially in times of critical decisions. Every individual is far more dependent upon the strength of their ancestors’ achievements — or oppressed by their failures and lack of vision — than they usually believe. This can mean a hidden foundation of individual strength, or the inertia of a tradition unable to transcend its limited origins.

This is the last symbol in the sixty-first five-fold sequence. It suggests that in many situations RELIANCE UPON PRECEDENTS will enable the aspirant to greatness to tap the power of their deepest roots. “  

We must learn from our past, mistakes and all – and in this we will find our empowerment, we are all leaders.

Contrast this with the unknown qualities hinted at in the degree of Pluto’s current conjunction with the N Node in Capricorn :


KEYNOTE: The ability to use natural resources and basic skills in order to achieve a group-purpose.

……….the start of a journey undertaken by a cohesive group of people, who perhaps together have built this large canoe. Thus we see here a common enterprise which may be an answer to the need for a change of locality. A social group more strongly than ever reveals its homogeneity and common will when it decides to move away from its familiar habitat. The zodiacal sign Capricorn brings this common will to a focus in concrete actions. It does so in terms of socio-political expediency and under a definite type of executive direction, even though the decisions are arrived at by common consent.

As this is the fourth symbol in the fifty-fifth five-fold sequence, we find in it a hint of how to do something concrete. The “canoe” may also have a special technical meaning, as it uses water in order to move. A common feeling-response to a specific situation may be implied. The main emphasis is nevertheless on GROUP-ACTIVITY in circumstances implying a need for change. “

The Sabian for the following degree has some of the people in the canoe rowing, the others doing a war dance…….energetic means towards a common goal maybe, even if we must take up arms?

Once again the Dalai Lama shows us the way, and shows that the heart of the Buddhist vision carries the promise – the ‘simple monk’ has gifted us a clear example of the highside of the meeting between the Hadean Lord of rebirth and the soul potential of humanity… the last few days the Dalai Lama has been in Hiroshima attending the gathering of Nobel Lauriates – he gave a speech in which he expressed in clear and unequivocal terms the desire and prerogative for a world free of conflict, the instruments of conflict and the nuclear bomb in particular – he was giving shape to the gift of vision within Pluto on the Moon’s north node.

As I write Aung San Suu Kyi has been released by the Burmese Military Government – it is symbolic of this energy of change not only that this great and inspiring leader is now free within her own land, but, also that the question remains “can the Military be trusted to allow her to act upon her freedom?” She is, like the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela, to whom she has been rightfully compared, a wise and indefatigable spirit who desires a peaceful revolution (by which she means non-violent “radical change”).

A peaceful revolution, maybe, but a deep cleansing of karma, certainly……..will we be burning off the aggregates as we head for rebirth?

The dance with the Moon’s nodal axis is itself no quick transit – we are in its midst and it will now flavour our decisions with sustained compelling intensity. With this long transitory process Pluto enforces by necessity searching inner journey’s – these may feel like life missions – crucial and determined, guided by ancient forces, challenging us in the extreme to be in the present, yet fundamental to the very core….at either end of the nodal axis we have Capricorn and Cancer.

Fundamentalism and ruthless exploitation are the downside, collective and individual responsibility for birthing a new Earth the upside. We ‘the people’ are being challenged on our ability to manage change and, in doing so, to demonstrate once and for all that we are capable of doing so free of being subjected to power-over.

Within this, we are challenged to transform the Cancerian ties of family, tribe and ancestral tradition into meaningful alliances. The alternative is a deepening of division, with its inherent threat of escalating conflict, and the rise of extreme polarities of governance, and we are not lacking in examples from history to illuminate our karmic truths – such conflict and political extremism may yet embody denial of our mistakes. Yet, within the ravaging effects of such a denial all that stands in the way of admittence will be highlighted and, of course that includes all the corporate and regulatory powers that are currently holding the old paradigm in place.

Capricorn will be Pluto’s home until the restructuring of our political, trade, economic, environmental and power based actions in the world are transformed – our very relationship to power is being called into question, and through it our understanding of our existance. Following this impulse will also be our challenge and brings with it the question of realising our manifest consciousness – we can no longer descry our brutality while employing brutality, no longer support and rest upon those structures that enforce difference while shirking responsibility for the dualistic world we have created. The fruited seed of dualism is conscious unity. Pluto can also lead us to the Phoenix…..

It is no accident or coincidence that the Mayan calender entered its last Tun at the exact time of this conjunction – this Tun will bring us to the end of the evolutionary process in collective consciousness that the calendar describes – this process is fully set when the calendar culminates on October 28th 2011. The media fed hype around 21st Dec 2012 has created an apocalyptic vision that feeds our fear….and yet, the question must be asked : if we choose to see this as the end of the cycle we may have left things too late – why??!!……..

Many respected astrologers have been saying the period of change within which we can begin to ground our vision and lay the real foundations of a new Earth will culminate in 2020. The year following the culmination date in late 2011 will be the testing ground in which we will have full consciousness of our responsibilities towards realising the evolutionary vision. We will be challenged to match our means to our vision – in a pragmatic sense this will bring the tension and pressure on old and outmoded systems of governance and exchange to an hightened state – if the old ways and structures persist, so will the vision, until it is realised – such polarisation can only go so far. Change is inevitable. So is the necessity of striking deals and establishing workable and lasting relationships. Having been within minutes of arc from Scorpio in the first half of the year Saturn will finally enter Scorpio on October 5th 2012. By end 2012 we will be fully cogniscent of the truth – only, our ability to act upon it, whether the choice still remains, will have become the overriding question, and by then, the world may already be providing us with the answer. Compassion will be the key…….

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