MOONFIRE pt 2 : The Seer

You are flying with the Owl Service – this is a recorded message – you now have ten seconds to activate the plasma generator – you will find a whole new universe in there – its on channels 1, 7, 13 and satellite – after viewing, this recording will set off a chain reaction – do not self destruct – press the red button for inflight services – meanwhile, enjoy our hospitality as we head for somewhere on a small hunk of rock orbiting the outer reaches of the Sanity Nebula…..

image : Luc Viator

With Jupiter bursting through from Pisces into Aries, vapour trailing electric fire from his conjunction with Uranus, we are now seeing the beginning of the major shift, the sea-change that we have been flagging up over these last few Moons. The world around us is entering a new level of cardinal and mutable energies that carry the initiatic wave and this is ordinarily visible on a day to day basis. This current New Moon carries the Moonfire theme of charged and earthed change forward…and this charge will be stoked to an even higher intensity at the following Full Moon when Neptune Mars and Sun wield a flame throwing wave of driving energy across ‘the field’ towards opposing Luna. In the process the backdraft will be filling Chiron’s sails as he sets course across the Piscean oceans of eternal bliss……or religious fundamentalism, depending on whose blinkers you prefer to wear – “‘opiate of the masses’ or ‘fire and brimstone’ sir – dry or on the rocks”? Name your poison – Chiron will show you how to heal with it. And, yes, we need to keep our humours about us….but, only as a salve. For Sapiens Sapiens has not seen the like of this birthing process before. It is true though, we will see memories of other times emerging…..their scars are everywhere, for us to see.

Ancestral experience is encoded within and indigenous wisdom has carried the memories forward – we have the practical knowledge of living in balance all around us. This time, however, we either remember or we give the whole process over to the higher powers. Sapiens Sapiens must be re-born ‘Wise’…..

And this incendiary inception, this molotov cocktail of riotous combustability….alright, this major shift, will not so much be about igniting bushfires or burning off the stuble across ‘the field’ – the whole process is like watching a red hot magma bubble building. Its a collective proto-volcanic pressure cooker of public outrage that will burst in repeating tsunamis of initiatic and creative intensity when Jupiter opposes Saturn conjunct the Equinox New Moon, followed by Uranus squaring up to Pluto bringing 7 electric waves of ground-breaking intensity. Hold onto your hats!

Sound like a great day for surfing at Point Break – or the Apocalypse? Consider this – for every new born child birth is an apocalyptic process and birthing into new life via the ‘ring of fire’ is the final phase of entering incarnation – remember 360º Fahren-Heit? To T.S.Eliot the Pentacostal Fire symbolised this burning time and passage into original being – it was the vision he beheld and crafted throughout the War years, that became enshrined in the ‘Four Quartets’. That biblical reference, the one he chose to recast through the visionary landscape of his great poem, is itself typical of the rhetoric that has seeded the doctrine of fear within the group mind. ‘Only through the pouring down of heavenly fire can we be purged and made fit for the kingdom of heaven.’ Isn’t that typical also of the control function of the global elite, the power base who would have us believe that we are under the jurisdiction of their authority – well, as a friend recently commented, “bunch of BS”…..and, thank goodness there are visionaries still at large in the world…..

Well, here we are. Its time to open our shining eyes and ‘See’ – and as we do so we will finally be able to observe with stunning clarity that the path we have been collectively led down is very much a blind alley. Drugged on psychosis of mass media saturation, spiritual fundamentalism, economic and political fear-mongering, information overload, disembodied illusions of connectivity (time to clear out your in-box?), consumer therapy frenzy, couldn’t give an O’Fucus banking and free-marketiering, global ecological rape, mysoginistic manipulation and usury, patronising holier than thou religious dogmatism and poisonous scientific skepticism, fore-ever seeking to feed the War Machine under the crusading banner of ‘the War against Terrrrrrism’ – don’t you think that ‘we the people’ might be just a little pissed…..and hit that Floydian Wall with some force?!

By the way, we will return to Ophiuchus and his Irish brother shortly….now, wheres the remote…….


“whats on the next channel honey?”…….”Dunno babe, which channel are we on….”

OK – time for an idiot check before we leave the house…..did we leave the shale gas on? Are the Solar panels overheating? Is it today that the plumber arrives to fix…, of course, he’s off filming as a participant in neverending Big Brother. Will the retaining wall hold all that Earth pressure when they fell the last tree on the boundary line….oh yes, and did we let Bradley the cat out of the wiki-bag, or is he still locked inside, solitary – lets just check shall we…, he’s still being deprived of all his inalienable rights under the Geneva Convention (gosh, whats that?!), as well as sleep, etc etc etc… much torture can an innocent man take before he’s proven guilty……uhhh? You wah??

So, you were saying about the new Irish zodiac sign?….no, no, no, its an evil omen – look!


Yes, Yes, Yes, its a sign of our times – suhcuihpO…sorry, just HAD to check him with a mirror – can’t be too careful, lot of those toothy types around these days, its a sign of our times…did I just say that….

Look – this is all very well, but, Chiron – remember him, beardy chap, lots of legs, likes helping people – well, yeh, Chiron, well, he’s good….innit…

….and Saturn, you know, tall, dark and the spit of Darth Vader….well, Saturn, he’s, yunno, bad like – not bad like as in good like…BBBBAAAAADDDDD like….innit…..

Meanwhile – in a downtown bar somewhere on the Farside….

“I’ll have an ‘Opiate of the Masses’, on the rocks please…… much did you say???!!!” (Bradley, you are not alone…….not alone……..not alone………) where IS that remote…..honey?

“Strange echo in here…..wonder what happens if I press this bu…….”

ACT 2, SCENE II : ‘The Axis of Time’

So, what is Chiron telling us – well, he’s on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces so, symbolically at least he is about to take the Aquarian torch and run for the Piscean hills (waves mate – its an ocean…) so that his message has a wider and more spiritual reach……actually, he’s probably sailing for the New World to the same ends.

But no! In reality Chiron is still in early Aquarius….YES, the stars have precessed, the Earth has gyrated so that its axis is pointing to another part of the sky, and yet we still work with a map that belongs to the old order, as established at the beginning of the Piscean age, as if the axis is stuck in time!

NEWSFLASH : The reality behind entering the Age of Aquarius is that we are infact entering the age of Aquarius, but, this itself is an expression of PRECESSION! The Piscean paradigm persists and being on the cusp means facing the shadow as well as the light. Neptunian miasma represents the shadow side of Pisces and it is disseminated through that arch fixer Saturn. If we truly are on the cusp of the Age of Aquarius it is time to bring the clocks forward and come out of the dream – its later than we think…or are being led to think. And what an illusion we have projected onto Aquarius!

The internet has created a massive shift towards information over experience – yes, we are, virtually all of us, connected now, but, to what and what exactly is it that is making the connection? Its a virtual world in here and we feed it with our minds. When we take away the content of the former it exposes the fallacy, as well as the true nature/state of the latter. Yes, we can make good use of the information, as well as the technology, but, are we letting it change our minds?

Our own minds are not the group mind. There is a belief afoot to the contrary, but, we need to be discerning in this for while there is an element of truth in it, in practice it is a very dangerous assumtion that has a dark underbelly and that is what we are here to expose. Apply this thinking to the group mind and what have you got – lets say it again, in simple terms : media dictatorship, mass psychosis, an unfiltered ocean of information, paradigm shift mania, and if you think that sounds darkly ironic, what about ‘Big Brother’….if ever there was a metaphor for our times……and that applies to both varieties of BB. Saturn sits in his control tower and watches us looking on at the virtual household, the virtual jungle, and we ‘participate’ with our virtual ‘votes’…..not so very different in the ‘real’ world, really.

If any of this smacks of ‘control’ by larger forces then yes, it also asks ‘does my small point of view count’ and, more to the point, what is stopping me from living it. The answer has to be yes it does count and if we can ‘see’ ourselves clearly enough we will quickly come to the conclusion that none of the above aspects of group consciousness really belong to us as individuals – if we allow ourselves to buy into it or try and ignore it we are feeding a very dark Succubus. And yet, we live in a world saturated with this very phenomenon.

Actually, have you ever wondered what really did happen when Sleeping Beauty woke up…did she really live ‘happily ever after’ with her Prince…..Rip Van Winkle fell asleep for a hundred years too – he was overtaken by the spirit of the past and when he returned to the village he found the place in ruins and no-one recognised him – sound familiar? Shades of identity crisis?! We can heal this….if there is a great mind that we need to entrain with it is that of our mother planet…….

Act 3 Scene I : The Shero

One of the main accompanying features of this New Moon is the role of Jupiter – he has been given his dues and come-upance by Juno over and again – stop thinking with your balls man! Testosterone fueled Jupiter in early Aries is being called to do community service for all his erroneous ways…and he will do it, with all the high minded and benific elegance that we expect, because he loves to be the hero. But, this is a role now being reserved in a very pinpoint conjunction to the Moons nodal axis by a group of celestial Sheroes who have the power of the crescent Moon to draw on, and they have access to the king’s chambers.

Conjunct the North Node we find asteroid Vesta – the Vestal virgins keep the eternal flame burning, tend the hearth fire and clean the hearth in which the fire of sacred sacrifice burns. They yearly perform a ritual within the king’s inner sanctum in which they renew his consciousness, the effect of which is to alert him to complaisance, jolt him out of his dreams of power and habits of rulership, and remind him that he has a duty in his position, to serve in his regal capacity. Being unadulterated in their symbolic role, the Vestals bring a purity of purpose to all they touch – it is their inner sanctum to which we turn when we are in need of this purity. Symbolically it is our inner sanctum too….

At the South Node we find asteroid Selene, the White Moon, who also wears the crescent Moon upon her head. She also has access to the inner sanctum of the royal patriarchs – she feasts with Sun and Mithras – we will not go into Mithras here, but, his mythology is worth looking into, especially as the above feast celebrates a renewal of the celestial spheres, this time indicating a shift in the zodiac that sees the sacrifice of the earthy Taurean paradigm with its matriarchal energies so that the patriarchal energies may rule the roost. Its called the Tauromachy – it lives on in the bull-fight. That she is able to sit in on this is revealing.

Her role is similar to the Vestals as she represents the onset of menarch – She is the White Goddess who also became the acceptable link to the divine feminine within the patriarchal paradigm. She is portrayed as pure, the horned Moon reflecting the Bulls horns, Taurus, Venus, the earthly plane and incarnate realms – but, she is idealised as such. In popular storytelling she corresponds to Snow White. And this story will be the subject of an upcoming post……

At this New Moon Vesta and Selene are opposite each other to within 1 minute of arc – its a pact of divine sisterhood with a role that cannot be overlooked. Why? Because without it we lose touch with the Earth.

With Jupiter squaring into this he is being given the role of expressing their energies with the urgency and wider reach it now requires and he can only do this in service, a true Troubadour. Divine love is at work in this – it is wise, renewed, filled with potential and is here working through the nodes to connect us back to our original purpose within the cosmos. For each of us this will mean something different, as our own soul journeys can only be made by ourselves – not what the power merchants would have us believe – cf. the above mania……

Our inner work is all about working with our inner issues with the aim of regaining our original selves, embodying our soul purpose and claiming our personal power – the theme of the nodes.

It all begins to become clearer…and that is the role also of the ‘Seer’ within. Not without reason have these processes been highlighted by the stars.

The New Moon itself is bringing us the opportunity to start afresh with great determination and visionary power – Ceres, within 2º of the Sun/Moon frames the energy along with Mars, less than 1º to the other side. They highlight the tension of seperation, of the mother left to protect kids and the homeland while the father is off fighting in the wars – she has the fiercness of the lioness, so don’t mess. Pluto has already found this out….now, it is Saturn who will be tested to find his high side as Ceres forms a waxing trine to Saturn. He is now looking inwards, contemplating his role as home-maker, particularly his role as focused protector of the threshold……he will also be contemplating his upcoming stand off with Jupiter. By then, at Equinox, the tides will be turning and the melt down of the treasury will have begun.

Redistribution of wealth, how we relate, a higher goal for how we work with our resources – clear awareness, expanding especially within the etheric fields of consciousness, will become a key factor in all this…, look to polishing the inner lens of perception, find your center and don’t let the buggers get you down!

There is no room for ‘dead matter thinking’ in Life on Earth – even the scientific advances in understanding the electric basis of our universe will reveal this – our left and right hemispheres can now come into balance, and when they do, a whole new Universe will open before us…….and we will ‘See’

9 Replies to “MOONFIRE pt 2 : The Seer”

  1. Tell me about it Rob! [oh yes, you just have!]
    Reclaiming original purpose and vision… sacred self-discipline …ruthless honesty and rationality… deep loss of wonderful illusions… reaching into future disintegration with intentional seeds of truth and hope….are they the symptoms doc?
    The C19th Ghost Dance visions of Native Americans told of a time when the world would be rolled up and cleansed, and those with awareness would be taken to the moon for safety until the world was restored again. Recently my guides have told me that the Ghost Dance has only just begun. Seems not only for me….
    Thank you – not comforting but affirming
    Faith Wolfheart

    1. Faith – there is no doubt that we are seeing the processes at work that preceded and followed the ‘Ghost Dance’ disseminated on a very broad scale throughtout the world – it is well worth looking at more closely for this very reason. Having said that, I feel it would be difficult to make a direct connection, except by comparison – but, not impossible, nor unhelpfull, and this has prompted me to look at the astrology of the events surrounding its inception – the vision that Wovoka received, which was on an eclipse by the way, breaking of the Lakota Treaty and the subsequent the division and relocation, the death of Sitting Bull, the massacre at Wounded Knee can only be looked at in general terms as I do not have exact timings for all of these, yet, but, a picture may emerge. It is also worth noting that, as I understand it, the name itself was an interpretation, a europeanisation, of the ‘spirit dance’ – it has given the dance a bad name in many ways, making it a further dispositor of the underlying fear of the supernatural so widely disseminated in the ‘west’. The complete disrespect for the role of the visionary that has furthered this became manifest in the carnage that ensued, and it continues to this day. I am extremely grateful to you for sharing this personal link and for highlighting its relevance, or at least, its poigniancy. I intend to go into this much further now as there is a resonance in their that feels very strong. I have actually taken part in a dance that was based upon ‘ghost dance’ – it opened a channel to deep ancestry, carried a potential for creative work with the spirit worlds that furthered the intention of the dance itself, and it was extra-ordinary! I would like to discuss what you have brought up some more with you if you are willing……but, let me just say thankyou to you and your guides for a spot on comment! In Peace – Rob

  2. Hi, thanks for your reply on Darkstar about Lilith and Saturn.
    Really nice work here. Interesting about the Ghost Dance mention here. Strong connection for me with that. I’ve had my own vision related but can’t go into it now. No need for words right now.
    mahalo Margaret

  3. What about Ophiuchus and his Irish brother?
    Why is this entitled Moonfire?
    Curious as I have Ophiuchuan Sun… 🙂

    1. Hey Jack – O’phiuchus, the Irish brother – well, my own Irish ancestry’s sense of humour sometimes gets the better of me, but, its more a pin in the bubble of media hype surrounding the attempted spanner in the astrological works that this Ophiuchus story produced in this particular case,if you get my drift 😉
      Moonfire? OK, I’m going to give a breakdown, in the hope that it will do more good than harm! At the Full Moon (Moonfire pt 1) Mars was opposing the Moon five hours after the Sun – a double dose of fire lighting the Moon – but this was also heralding Jupiter on the cusp of Aries (fire) after the mid (2nd of 3) conjunct with Uranus (electric fire) – throughout the sequence of Moons following Jupiter and Uranus conjunct at 0 Aries in summer 2010, the emphasis at Owlmirror has been on following the process that they (Uranus and Jupiter) initiated, ie the birthing of a new cycle and direction in global/human affairs, aiding a global transformation process and the intrinsic emergence of a new consciousness, or more specifically, the integration within consciousness of otherwise dichotomised aspects of reality, and this new state of consciousness is (in part) characterised by shamanic awareness, ‘seeing’, an ability that we all have – Chiron is the archetypal figure who carries this process forward, a kind of shamanic midwife, shamans being initiated beings, and with his transit into Pisces, also around this Full Moon/New Moon phase, he became MoonFire by name, carrying the spiritual impulse of Mars/Aries/Sun/Moon/initiation forward – shamans cannot do their work withou the spirit world! Well, you did ask……call it poetic license.
      An Ophiuchus Sun – I am interested to know, how do you identify with this….what characteristics and energies does this bring to you?

  4. Ha! O’ Phiuchus, gotcha.

    Interesting, the wounded healer archetype. This can show up often in the Ophiuchuan character, more so by attempting to inspire and help others in any field of health. There are both positive and negative traits as usual; I have been incredibly arrogant; unlike Leos who want the stage or to shine, I felt I had come to save the world or I was too pure to sin. Quick to defend myself and depended on others too much. Had many bouts of depression. Finally, I worked on my roots and started building from the bottom. My dreams were always either lucid or cinematic, intensely imaginative and long. Even some were premonitions and came true! I am at first glance apathetic, cool and collected, but I’d rather they see the innocent philosopher side to me. I stare and it unnerves a lot of people. I have a widow’s peak and a long neck. I get compliments a lot on how I should consider modeling as a career. I walk slow and quietly. I investigate and gather a lot of information (especially to do with occult and astrology) and take awhile before I decide on action. Half of the time, I’m optimistic and naive, and the other half, I’m paranoid and dark. I’ve excelled in psychology and all kinds of writing. I don’t feel I belong in my family, I even wish to change both my first and last name. I don’t know which of these are actually Ophiuchuan, but these I feel make sense if they were. I even found out about Ophiuchus years before it became a media hype. I know it’s not the 13th but actually the 10th and was included in the first Denderah zodiac. To sum it up, I think Ophiuchuans are snaky, (as insulting that may sound, it can also mean we can be ‘hypnotizing’ in some areas, i.e., all my exes, and I have a lot, still want me back) and can play games well. Think a cross between the mastermind Scorpio and the romping Sagittarius. I think Ophiuchuans shed a lot of paradigms more so than others and have a way with words (which can either be inspiring or harsh). I’ve grown up with many suicidal people and it strangely fell upon me to save all of them. Even as a child, I considered myself angelic and not at all human. My dreams always take me off the planet and far into outer space, fighting wars and rescuing everybody. That epic sense, I guess. If I were not Deaf, I would immediately enlist for the Army. I also have an affinity for cannabis; when under the influence, I surprisingly perform better and am more responsible or alert. I also am getting a phoenix feel too as birds do hunt snakes as prey and Ophiuchus is the snake-bearer. And it is rumored that his mother is Corvus the crow.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment. My Sun is in the fourth house, so it isn’t exactly blatant as it is more an introspective journey for home and roots. What do you make of this?

    1. pretty comprehensive rundown – two things; Ophiuchus may well have been kicked out of the post Denderahn nest for a reason and the world may not be the same, but, we may be on the verge of having to embrace the Uranian energy of the twin snakes found in the constellation’s symbol, like it or not, which would mean home is an issue, but, Ophiuchus time will come – why? The second thing is the why. Chiron is for me the prefered archetype associated with Aeschulapius who holds those snakes, heals with their electro-magnetic energy – and, while I don’t give Chiron sole rulership here, Uranus would fit better, I do think that the fact that Chiron is the wounded healer fits with the symbol, this sign having suffered the wound of outcast, and Zeus’ blast (which says it all) – more fool those who call themselves astrologers who reject the archetype, which I don’t – but, astrology will have to change too, as will our ideas around those sacred cows, the archetypes, given the inevitable breakdown of the old order – and Chiron will have his day – thanks for your comments, in peace

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