URANUS! BASHO & THE FLOWER OF LIFE : the essential balance

A prayer from the heart, a method for healing from the center in troubled times and a way for keeping the essential balance when the dynamics are building……

The Earth is awakening, pulsed from within and across the cosmos…..now, we are called to bring our inner work to its intended purpose. I started writing this post a few days ago with a strong imperative, the need further our inner work, to ground and activate our centering within consciousness in balance, given the accelerating energies now at work – it felt somehow crucial to do so……..with current events in Japan bringing the reality of this home I decided to keep to the original impulse and, subsequently, I have not altered the post as I feel it still holds true in value and pertinence…the more so now perhaps than before. Given the context I am somewhat shocked by the latter, which you may understand given the cultural source with which the post begins. Here it is…..


A prayer from a great mind :


“There is nothing you can see that is not a flower;
There is nothing you can think that is not the moon.” (2)

Will the circle become complete? Will dichotomy evolve into unity, become involved….can we hold to our center, the center – can we bring the clarity we need into our vision and center it in our selves?…..Basho’s tender vision re-calls us to our heart and offers us the depth we need

With Uranus now re-entering tropical Aries and re-activating the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction point of nine months ago here is an opportunity for us to recall our place and experiences in time and space from that time, to travel back into our involvements during the high season of last summer and evolve them further. Make a sacred space for yourself…..call in your guidance and set an intent to work with those situations you were experiencing, to heal them if they need healing, to adjust them if they need re-orienting, to acknowledge, integrate and enhance them if they are serving you well now – we can learn from all that has transpired since, gain clarity from this around how our process is working.

Uranic energy catalyses, infuses us with an electric impulse of awareness that helps our consciousness evolve – he’s the planet of the Zen Slap!…..the key is in grounding the energy, so, finding the still point within….calm the inner eye. Dwell upon the Flower of Life as it will assist us in working with the dynamics present within the diversity of the unified field, and diversity is strongly emphasised now as the world wakes up……

This is a fractal of a much larger image, so pay good attention to what comes up as you meditate.

In a world that is seeing polarisation in dynamic interaction, where revolution brings confrontation and the energies of striving push on the energies of containment, just as Jupiter is coming into opposition with Saturn, Uranus can cut across the field with primal creative stimulation, dissolve the opposites….the opposites are equally present. What will help us find the creative, how do we avoid further polarisation, the better to deal with experiences of the destructive side of this impulse?

First steps to integration and finding the positive creative dynamic are stepping back from polarised views and being willing to see what the opposite is speaking to us of. When we are able to step into the other’s place, with our heart centered awareness, we have a better chance of understanding, seeing the world from the ‘other’s’ point of view – but, it does take a clear and balanced approach – we could say this is intrinsic to embodying compassion, through the practice of what Buddhists call Tonglen. It does employ energy, in consciousness, and Uranus can assist us here, illuminate our experience with eurika insight, and this will be more fully available to us on the upcoming Full Moon. At that time the Sun will be within a degree of newly ingressed Uranus, so take the time between now and then to work for this through re-visioning and centering the inner eye, meditation and involve the dance around our center…the positive energies are all there for us to work with – the cosmos wants us to get involved in evolving, to evolve through involutionary processes. This is intent at work on a great scale.

If we, on the other hand, lose sight of the center, place our attention on the external at the expense of the internal, we will be susceptable to the outer dynamic and our awareness will be magnetised by this….remembering that the principle of ‘energy flows where attention goes’ is always at work, our own energies will become more involved in the outer process. Actually, this too is necessary, but, we need both, to embody the flower as it is not a simple fixed structure – like every Mandala it is energy manifest and the Flower of Life contains the essential dynamics of the creative impulse, which are infinite in scope…..

At the still point we are connected with all. This is the point of maximal potential and is dynamic in this – the whirling dance, spiralling and activating. Primal creative energy resides there…..our most developed physics are now showing that the dynamic present within everything from the creation of particles through to the creation of stars, galaxies and beyond, the creation of universes, ties in exactly with the geometry of the Flower of Life – this is quite extra-ordinary in its implications.

The Flower of Life. On the one hand we have the electric radiance, its infinite expression of energy within the Flower of Life growing within the soil of incarnation, manifesting its sacred geometry. On the other we have the point of singularity, the infinite condensation of the fractal implicit within the geometry, within the flower, reaching source – within the flower is energised balance in active manifestation – the EM field in balance with the gravitational.

Across the geocentric field from Uranus and the Sun at Full Moon is our collective mirror of consciousness, the Moon – we emote, activate within the 4D, though the lunar dynamic – emotions fulfilling the Virgoan energies. Virgo can give us a clarified and inclusive picture, help us ground diversity with great detail and precision, develope the crystaline qualities of consciousness, the inner structures implicit within our awareness. We can embody the lens. Being inclusive in great detail enables us to enter the relating energies of Libra with informed clarity…..this is good news if we are working with our inner process, but, they do say that the devil is in the detail, so…..

Emotive reaction is the doorway for the chaotic – lower levels of consciousness, when the crowd mentality prevails for example, will pull the emotions into its field…..hysteria is its extreme manifestation. If we are to name the devil present within the detail, stop for a moment and draw an inbreath, assess the dynamic we are feeling, we will not only be able to re-center, but, be also able to discern, that is raise our consciousness to its inner focal point, independant yet connected with the collective. This is imperative for negotiators, diplomats and leaders alike – we are seeing this imperative being called forth and, when the people see that it is being ignored, we can now let the leaders know – our collective emotive energies can mirror this back…..here again the planetary matrix is assisting us.

We will look at the Full Moon in more detail closer to the time, bring in some of the other key planetary influences, but, for now, in this section, there is one more influence that is coming to the fore – the Moon’s nodal axis.

The North Node is currently coming into conjunction with the Galactic Center – the Full Moon will square this axis quite closely. Being in Sagittarius the North Node is shifting the qualities of our collective soul path into the spiritual and philosophical realms. We can take advantage of this as a conscious intent to strive for deeper meaning within our actions – we know that the Plutonic upheavals at work in the world are turning the political cauldron upside down, and we know that the time is now for us to make the big difference to how this process pans out. Sagittarius helps us to humanise our aspirations, so the influence is highly beneficial.

It is also funded by Neptune – the visionary scope for our global renewal and re-birth is being energised with this – and Neptune too is on the point of ingress, into tropical Pisces. This is home ground for Neptune. Being in the last degree of Aquarius at Full Moon Neptune is helping Earth culminate of our connectivity and Uranic awareness in preparation for spiritual infusion – the WWW is a great tool for us to work with in the world, but, we are all connected within as it is – this is the spiritual angle coming in. When we can balance the two we have another manifestation of the Flower of Life – the beauty of the planetary dance is extra-ordinary!! And, being an energising influence on our connection with the Galactic Center means that we can extend our collective vision, balanced and spiritualised, out to the larger community within the cosmos…..

Again, if we are working with the balanced point of view, monitoring and using our emotive energies wisely, rather than being decentered and swept un-consciously along by them, connecting through the 4D archetypal realms into the higher dimensions, the universal consciousness that flows through and from the Galactic center will be available to us. Again, this time before the FM is great for preparation and centering – the Flower of Life is a Lotus of Cosmic Consciousness, the quintescent mandalic structure that crystallises the dynamic of the primary creative impulse within creation…..bringing this impulse into our personal consciousness enables us to work with this creative energy, and we have much work to do….this is our inner work within the world, ‘swimming in the dragon’s pool’……


pearls in the dark pond – who swims amongst the stars – a phantasm, this crescent Moon

We come to the South Node, the roots of our soul journey, our incarnate powers. Squaring the nodes the Full Moon with the Sun and Uranus will bring a great realising impulse into consciously remembering of our inherent gifts – we can claim our power with strong mental clarity as this node is entering Gemini. Our inner awareness and ability to self reflect can be widened to embrace these gifts and we can extend back to connect with our deeper ancestry as we do. We are here to fulfill their potential within our own.

Neptune facilitates archetypal manifestation in the 4th dimension, so we will benefit from centering and meditation to both balance our emotions and open the roots of our inner World Tree to deep spiritual resonance within the mind. We may have strong and enhanced visionary capabilities, and if you work with shamanic awareness in your practice, you will benefit greatly – our connections with the spirit worlds and the teachings and guidance of our personal guides can help us to envision how can work with those deep gifts of the soul that we have brought with us into this life.

We can also work with this energy, which is ongoing, to develop our relationships with those guides – we will come back to this around the Full Moon. The great spiritual traditions are replete with such guidance, but, ours is the dance – our enlightenment is Earth’s. We can dance their creative fire of illumination around our World Tree and stimulate the alignment with the Galactic Center along the axis of our central nervous system. Whatever your orientation, take the time before the FM to work your way into this, with inner guidance, as it will transform not only your life, but, resonate through our actions our into the manifest world – this is planetary healing on a cosmological scale. This is to ‘plant lotuses in the fire’ and is our worldy work……

The Flowers of Life are a powerful aid to our work and we will return to these and other extraordinary symbolic manifestations of the primal creative energy at a special Equinox post….

Ponder a while on the manifestations of these empowering enigmatic energies – the potential they enshrine will lift the spirit. This is an echo from our ancestry, and it contains a spark of beauty – take this into your heart as you meditate…..the power of the primal creative impulse will open the Lotus within. It is then ours to plant in the world and with this, global healing will become transformational….we are coming to the headwaters of change, the unfolding events around us are calling for a stronger engagement with balancing energies, for, if the center will not hold we must hold to our own centers…..”

(1) ‘Swimming in the Dragon’s Pool’ is a Taoist expression from within the esoteric teachings of Taoism that focuses on spiritual alchemy – the Dragon’s Pool is “the symbol of the World, in the sense that enlightenment is to be developed in the midst of the world, partly through dealing with the problems of life within the world.”
‘The Taoist I Ching’ – translated by Thomas Cleary, Shambhala Publications, 1986

(2) Poem by Basho, itinerant Zen poet, Japan, C17

(3) ‘Planting Lotuses in the Fire’ in the Taoist teachings on spiritual alchemy means “being in the world and acting efficiently in the world without being coerced by the influences of the world”
‘Taoist I Ching’ – see (1)


Had this post been written after current events around the Pacific Rim the tone may well have been different – the call to bring the essential balance into focus would remain…..the next post will look at the equinox reading of the planetary influences; this will provide us with a chance to focus more fully on the Dragon’s Pool itself……be of good heart, every small thing counts within the greater whole……

6 Replies to “URANUS! BASHO & THE FLOWER OF LIFE : the essential balance”

  1. What a balancing act – but what a goal!
    Your insights reflect my own empirical experiences over the past while and the spirits are being very directive at present with my creativity. A feeling of deep connection going on.
    As usual, thank you Rob.
    x F

    1. Hi Faith – as you well know, the goalposts are constantly shifting so we need those guys – but, it sounds like you are in the zone, so, more power to you – thanks again!

  2. Great post – very thorough and bringing in so many relevant aspects. I am seeing around and about me a great deal of dialogue on unity versus polarity/dichotomy. Well, I think I would re-phrase that. There’s the hierarchical either/or dichotomy with which our western culture is inured. I believe we need to embrace the both/and polarity of indigenous cultures and our ancient pre-patriarchal civilizations.

    After all, we do need a dichotomy even to have the physical forms we use to think and write and love and eat. Without an organizing factor – an inside and outside of a cell; a kidney cell versus a liver cell, etc., we would be nothing more than a pool of gelatinous material. I can only plumb my own depths in relationship to another. I am seeking both to know my own polarities and my own unities within and without.

    And, the tao (one of my true loves) leads us directly into such an understanding of inclusive polarity. Oh, I’m going to start waxing on . . . I’ll have to do a post.

    Thank you for your contributions!

    1. Hi Sister – can’t agree more – the thing is, everything counts and in the fractal view, everything is both boundaried and inclusive – the polarity is both real and illusory – semantics – don’t you just love paradox – thanks for dropping in!

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