4 Replies to “EarthRise”

  1. Since the beginning of this month I have felt a rising energy centered in the area of my head. It has felt like a nest of bees ready to swarm. My temper for most of the month of June has been excessively short. Earlier this week I basically had an argument with ‘god’ to work out the kinks because I was literally on my last nerve. Things have been better since, but I think we were almost to the point of throwing things at each other. I have felt damn near crazy for the last week and a half. I fear this last eclipse. I’m sitting this one out.

    1. sounds cathartic J! – smart move to chill and be good to yurself – you’re creative yeh? maybe sleep it out and let the dreaming do the work – come back and let us know how it goes – big moves afoot for us all – peace, R

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