Deep Moon

Venus gives us a Heart connection right to the heart of the Void, Great Mystery, the Source at this Capricorn Full Moon……and Ancestors are rising to great us!

The Capricorn Full Moon in the 23rd degree of the Sea-goat highlights how we have crystalised our personal and collective power in the world and how this manifests, or works against, our sense of belonging. The spotlight is on the underlying security and empowerment that our rootedness give us, and there is a great opportunity for deep healing here.

While we see the macrocosm reflected in the microcosm of our personal lives, and visa versa, this can be a very emotional time and the balance that feeling ‘at home’, being centered, brings us will help us greatly as we face up to the power struggles playing out on our home planet. There is a pride and dignity in having strong personal identity, in knowing who we are and where we have come from. This is not ego-pride, but, the dignified wisdom of the soul that gives a deeper sense of purpose to the direction our lives are taking. Being in possession of this power is all about being more deeply connected into our soul path and, through this, remembering why we are here. We can align what we are and what we do with that purpose. This was revealed in the Storyteller Eclipse and the seeds sown then are germinating now. ‘Why’ we do what we do matters more than ever now, is a matter of deep healing at the heart of our transformation. The Earth needs us to have this sense of purpose, it is an energy we can all feel rising….

A person, like a plant, cannot exist easily without roots – there are exceptions, but, it is what is below the surface and our ability to draw upon the rich nutrients of life that helps us to become strong in the world. We need solid ground beneath our feet and ancestry, tradition and the bonds of kinship can provide this. No-one is an island…..

With the Sun in Cancer, an opportunity for consciously tapping into the natural wellsprings of our roots and drawing on the primal wisdom that flows from and through them, we can bring this deeper sense of wellbeing into full consciousness at this time. It will be a good time to work with our personal and tribal affiliations, to bring healing and strength to those connections, and, as we are all in this together, this will also work for the greater good – but, respect and balance are key. If we work on this at the personal level with these cohesive qualities our collective sense of purpose will be strengthened. When the people are strong the balance of power resides in the rootedness of their will. Nothing can take this away from us once it is established within.

Ancestor work is powerful and essential medicine, so now is the time to bring offerings to those who have gone before us. Asking forgiveness for our own failures to keep those connections alive, forgiving their errors and pledging to renew this sacred contract with our forebears will truly help heal the wounds we see opening out in the world. Honouring ancestry itself brings great sense of belonging and wellbeing – its shadow side is zealous nationalism, racism and tribal warfare. When the underlying dynamics of this shadow are allowed to accumulate over time they can call up the vengeful power of the Furies. Old wounds underly our wars and through these the Furies seek blood payments. When we lose respect and balance our emotions can fuel their wrath; when we restore these important qualities and make it possible to acknowledge the wounds without being sucked into their energy we can also consciously acknowledge their presence. The sense of self and compassion that arises with this are essential here, but, so is the honouring of the Furies….but, our work here is with Venus and her essential grounding, so more on the Furies in the next post.

Once we have renewed ourconnections within with our ancestral roots we can also ask for guidance and support from them – its a mutual relationship, profound and meaningful when centered in the heart, problematic and disruptive when we loose ourselves from our center and allow the power to rush to our heads. Balance. Integration. Partnership. Co-operation. Generousity. Respect. Compassion. These are all human qualities that this work can engender, that spring from the heart and that fund us with the ability to enter and face the challenges of the unknown with courage, the power of the heart…..they too bring dignity to our personal dance.

The health of our integration with those ancestral powers is a big issue on both a collective and personal level. The current upheavals/tensions in the world and our ancestral connections are intimately related, a relationship we feel collectively, know instinctively. Those connections have suffered immensly at the hands of ‘progress’, ‘modernism’ and the imbalances of personal power that are rife in the world. There is a mutual feedback loop in this – the call is to break the bonds of the negative loop and restore the bonds of the positive. With the emphasis at this Moon on our emotive power, understanding how our feelings reflect and feed into the health of this fundamental relationship is important – when we are wise to the energies of our emotional body we can walk in balance. This too reflects our personal rootedness, is key to working with this Moons energies. So, make your personal space conducive to quiet focus, free of distraction, a natural and beautiful container for this work. If you have a circle or communal space in which this healing work can take place now is the time to bring this together. Make it a sacred communion. Through this, together we can create something of immense value that is much greater than the sum of its parts. There is an imprint of the last Solar eclipse at work in this too, tapping into archetypal energies – the key to working with those energies is to create a strong enough container for them to flow through us into life without entirely loosing our sense of self, so the power of community is also supported here by traditional forms and practices belonging to those communities…..this too can connect us more deeply with our origins.

And this is where Venus comes in……Our origins are beginning to speak to us now through ever deepening rememberance, guiding us into ever more tangible embodiment of our true essence. The reality that we are star beings incarnate through the body of the Earth Mother is a leitmotiv that we are beginning to recover from our past, but, this is not an invitation to escape into fantasy. The eclipses have opened archetypal portals in space-time and ‘the lid is off’. The archetypes fund us with this realisation, but, they also bring very tangible challenges if we have our spirits in the stars while ignoring our physical grounding. Integration is so important. As the Taoists (and Sistertongue) remind us we must honour the Yang but stick with the Yin. Venus in the 14th degree of Cancer gives us the sensual connection. And she is given a powerful incentive to crystalise our connections in balanced relationship as she is squaring Saturn in Libra, but, it is the Sabian symbol attached to this degree that reveals the deeper link.


KEYNOTE: Fulfillment in transcending and changeless wisdom.

This symbol describes the Wise Elder, an archetypal figure found in all systems of symbolism. In occult terminology the northeast is the direction from which spiritual-cosmic forces enter the Earth-sphere. This is probably because the polar axis of the Earth is inclined by some 23 degrees away from the exact perpendicular to the plane of its orbit. Thus the actual pole of our globe not only differs from the permanent pole of the Earth’s orbit, but constantly changes its direction, successively pointing to several large “circumpolar” stars during the so-called processional cycle (or “tropical year,” or Great Polar Cycle), which lasts somewhat less than 26,000 years. Because of this inclination of the polar axis, we have the phenomenon of seasonal change. Supposedly during the early Golden Age no such change occurred; a “perpetual spring” reigned. This is the (traditionally) spiritual state. The Wise Elder faces the Changeless Reality, the true North —- which for us is located in a northeast direction. S/he faces the great Void, that apparent Darkness which is an intense Light invisible to our senses.

As this is a fourth stage symbol in the five-fold sequence, there is as usual a hint of technique. Implied is that by consistently and for a long time meditating on the changeless and spiritual reality at the very core of all experiences one can attain the supreme and age-old wisdom. We see in the symbol a way beyond appearances and toward PERMANENCE IN TRUTH.

The North-East is also the direction through which spirit enters the Medicine Wheel in many traditions, before becoming manifest in the East – on the outer rim it is where the ancestor’s road crosses our personal path, and it calls us to consciously choose the best path for our energy to follow. With the empowerment of a centered and self-knowing soul, deeply rooted and connected with the Source, we become the truely empowered, co-creative ‘self-leader’ that our ancestral heritage has endorsed us to become on our journey into Life. It is the place of the pre-dawn light, and Venus as the Morning Star is its herald. She is rising in this form now……

The exquisit beauty of the planetary dance at this time is further aided by aligning our soul paths with their energetic matrix. The planetary matrix contains all the patterns they have made and will make as we spiral around our home star, spiralling around the galactic center – tapping into that timeless memory is an important esoteric function of astrology, made more poigniant now through the culmination of the Mayan Calendar and Earths axial alignment with the Galactic Center; the strength arising from this now is at the heart of and manifest in the very power of the spirit dance. The sacred circle dance opens the human circle to spirit and facilitates the ancestral healing that augers the mending of the Sacred Hoop, the Wheel of Life restored. Not for the first time……

……the vision that Northern Paiute Wovoka recieved on the 1st January Solar Eclipse of 1889 held a calling for the resurgence of the spirit dance amongst the indigenous folk of North America, and his vision carried a profoundly pertinent message for our times. The dance he was giving call to has since become erroneously named the ‘Ghost Dance’, more a reflection of the limited understanding of his detractors than of the spirit of his vision – the story and events that preceded and followed this important event in Native American culture is deeply tragic, but, the vision that Wovoka beheld was equally deep and inspiring. Wovoka advocated ‘clean living’, non-violent peaceful cross-cultural co-operation and an end through this to the destructive hegemony of the white-man. This Full Moon conjuncts the position of the Moon’s nodes at the exact time of the 1889 eclipse…….perhaps the ancestors are calling us now to take up the soul path of this vision…….Mercury conjuncts the 1889 eclipse Saturn, so our voices can be shaped by this vision……it is our calling too.

6 Replies to “Deep Moon”

  1. Thank you, Rob. This has really helped to clarify the purpose and meaning behind the emotional release that I’ve been experiencing in the last few days. Last night, the Ancestors came to me in a dream, in a way as to give me encouragement and support. Now I wake to find this helpful guidance. Wonderful!

    Blessings on your work,


    1. well thats good timing on your part and sounds like youv’e got a helpful bunch looking after you Ishtar… it when it all works together, thanks and blessed be – R

  2. Great article. There is, indeed, a powerful and covered-over narrative deep in our individual and collective unconscious that is very much trying to surface in all of us. We have all so been steered into limiting our view to the left brain that it really has taken over as a syndrome of imbalanced perception of the world. I feel our need is to re-consecrate the vast wisdom of our right brain capacities for visioning, dreaming and bringing into fruition the power of our imaginations. Imagination is a divine gift, so long buried. This other way of knowing, once given full sway at the forefront, can regroup and renew its once sacred marriage with the left brain in order to form a more truly perfect union within us.
    Lovely writing.

  3. Oh, yes, thanks for your mention of my website in your last post’s comments section. Demeter’s Love: Part II is now up and wandering around in cyberspace . . . . 🙂

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