Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon of 2012 casts a clear blue light into the inner sanctuary of our thoughts and dreams. This is an opportunity to reflect upon the areas of our lives where the dreams we have for our future are at odds with the patterns and habits we have developed from the experiences of the past. All the outer planets are retrograde so the channels that connect us with the larger cosmos are open within and we can ask for guidance from the higher planes as we bathe in the light of this moon. The power we have to undertake changes as a result of our reflections is amplified and where our minds may wander in the process the visceral reality of the actions necessary to bring those changes about will become increasingly grounded and manifest as the lunation unfolds towards New Moon – so, this time of inner communication should be capitalised upon as there is much creative potential at work here too.

This will be a great Moon for creative work…..get artistic and let the inner processing have its way through art, music and, if you are so inclined, making celebration befitting the harvest. For those more inclined to working things out in the mind this may be a challenge, but, it is a challenge worth taking as the matrix of energies here also provide a powerful river of inspiration.

This is a very good moon for allowing the energies of Life to flow through us, for letting spirit speak – the qualites of togetherness and fruitful kindness will prevail if allowed and the means are here to remove obstacles to this happening. It is an important time and one that can bring great rewards! Blockages and old mental habits can be released if the river is allowed to flow – logical thinking may take on a left field quality and the parameters of our limitations become permeable enough to change our minds. An open minded attitude will work well for people so long as the energies that surround are positive and the company good.

Behind all this the struggle to break free of our collective restrictions, our birthing of a new way of living on our home planet is working underground and will continue to be present with us in the world. This movement and process will be focused, if that is the appropriate word, on the inner workings of power in collective bodies and organisations – we could see the sleeze behind the rot and the depth of deceptions that the powers that be continue to spin further exposed, and with two yods tieing into to both Sun and Moon, there could be some shocks and scandals – the media will have a field day, but, we expect this now, so don’t be distracted. The place to be is where your intuition tells you to be – follow the energies that excite you and if possible get out in the land; Nature will heal and inspire in equal measure. And this is perhaps the core message of this Harvest Moon – our Earth gives us beauty and good health beyond measure if we approach her with a good heart and an open mind. All we need is right here and our creativity, fueled by her inspiration, can take us well beyond the horizons of our knowing.

In closing this brief reflection on the Harvest Moon let us remember that exactly one year ago the world was seeing massive movements of the people, a collective voice ringing out the call for truth and an end to usury. Wall St. and Occupy took flight, riding upon this emergent energy for change and, a year on, this has become more widely, and perhaps more deeply, disseminated within our thinking. This moon brings the perfect opportunity to re-assess where this energy and the year has taken us – if the energy of that time were to express itself through us now, what powerful changes would it bring into manifestation……what powerful and wonderous things could we achieve……

6 Replies to “Harvest Moon”

  1. Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring words here , I am lucky in the place I live and its closeness to the elements , and the magic I sense and feel but I am so troubled by what I see and learn is happening to the natural world , there is a war going on environmentally . I just watched the second film about chem trails , why on earth are they spraying, I would recommend its viewing . How do we combat its effects , the question is huge I know , its so difficult not to feel totally overwhelmed by the dark energies poured into the probable future..

    1. aye, M…..there is no easy answer, only the forebearance of a strong heart and connection with the force that flows through it…..

      thankyou for visiting and following – loved your dance with pen and brush for some time now

      1. you have ? that’s kind of you to say so I am very flattered , I love your carvings and other works. I have a heavy heart tonight as I have to cut down a tree my Mother planted its way to big and close to a dividing wall and there has been complaints that its moving said wall. its a lovely tree, I feel so badly , but I cant afford the other expensive options which may not work anyway . I was thinking to take some of it and keep and then maybe get some thing carved from a small part ?

      2. this is not an unfamiliar story, sadly, yet, as your thoughts seem to be conveying, is not without redemption, or purpose, even…..everything that comes to such a crossing point can become reconciled with the journey…….and, if there is an invitation to birth something anew, there can be little doubt it would certainly be welcomed…..and, if you are drawn to continue this thread, which would also be most welcome, may I suggest we do so via
        in peace, R

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