Liar’s Moon

This May the Full Moon in Scorpio is bringing the energies of the Dharma Moon cycle to a radical level of realisation. The ongoing influence of Neptune’s energies, currently direct in spiritual Pisces, is being intensified towards a point of maximisation and emotional intensity with this Moon – we should expect the unexpected to be revealed and we will need to keep our ears to the ground, more particularly for the sound of Truth – deception is afoot, but, there-in lies a tale waiting to be told! The Sun’s position on the fixed star Algol will feed a serious edge directly into this Full Moon and beyond – it is an influence that demands a certain approach! With careful exploration we can begin to bring out its full import; how we do so on the personal plane will complete the picture……first, we must begin with Time and the planetary movements.

The importance of the Moon cycles continues to grow, highlighting the rhythms of the cosmos and how we can dovetail our personal work into this natural pulse. Whatever we set in motion now, or develop further, will be expanded and sustained through the next Moon phase as Jupiter will be on the cusp of Taurus at the next New Moon – at that time, Jupiter will be sextiling Neptune, which furthers our spiritual work through the Neptunian vibration. This gives a much needed grounding and disseminating impulse that will push the work we do now out into the wider world and help us to spread the compassionate and imaginative aspects of Piscean spirituality into the world with beneficial effect. The re-emergent presence of the Goddess within consciousness is pulsing through these cycles, pushing the masculine principle to the extreme, an inevitable culmination of the ‘Yang’ side of the process before it gives way to the ‘Yin’. So, already we have a sense of the ongoing process influenced through Neptune that will find a Natural expression and, with Algol influencing the Sun, the earthing influence of Taurus becomes crucial. The planets are pushing Earth issues to the top of the agenda….

Venus conjunct Mercury is following Mars into the Taurean fields, and these planets are sextiling Neptune and Chiron while trining Pluto – at the high end here we have extra energy for communicating from the heart, engaging with the sensuously spiritual in Nature and communicating it outwards. As the world shifts further into dis-order on the physical plane, in anticipation of breakthrough, an energy available for finding strong ways of bringing this to bear in the world is essential at this time. The trine to Pluto provides us with such an energy, one that takes  the transformative power of our voices to much deeper levels – this not a time for superficiality, but, for words and deeds of real courage. And we will surely need this, as Algol will clearly demonstrate. Pluto in sextile with Neptune brings this out with widening effect in the collective and Chiron continues to bring the ‘wounded’ aspects that underly the breakdown of order into the process. Daily we are seeing the push for exposure and truthfullness being highlighted – particularly within the fields of politics, economics and power. Fukushima is a potent symbol that carries all three and, with exquisite if brutal honesty, Algol brings the reality of this process to an emphatic and extreme point – nowhere is this more pertinent than at Fukushima! With Scorpionic intensity this could be dangerous. But, we need to continue within our time-frame……timing is everything.

In the collective we can also look to another system for measuring time, and here the time-line of western astrology is in perfect synch with Mayan calendrics through this phase. Time acceleration has become a key to understanding the way that our earth-experience is playing out and Carl Calleman has given us the most grounded and demonstrably accurate view of the Mayan end cycle, so we will refer to his interpretation that has this cycle end on 28th October this year…..(weve touched upon the relationship of this date to the popularised 2012-12-21 date in previous Moon posts).

According to Calleman, in the Mayan calendar we are now also coming to the end of Night 2 of the 9th wave in the Mayan/Gregorian calendar cycle, the final stage of the longer 26 thousand year process. Night 2 itself will culminate on 20th May, a few days after this FM, and the incoming energies of Day 3 will peak just as the next New Moon in Gemini is priming – just one day after that New Moon Neptune goes retrograde (with Chiron following suit 6 days later). There, in short, is the parameter for this phase of spiritual activation to become fully realised – by the 2nd of June our intent should be clearly working and spiritually speaking this can be most successfully achieved through sound and entrainment with the vibrations within silence, attuning to primordial sound. There is powerful opportunity for making ‘good medicine’ here…..

Why sound and vibration in particular? Under strong Neptunian influence within its tropical home sign we would be naturally drawn to pay attention to how Neptune operates within the field – infact, Neptunian energy is ‘field’ energy, nebulous and pervasive. Sound is the natural medium for us to work with in the field at this time as it connects quintessence and manifestation. A simple answer then might be that Venus conjunct Mercury and sextile Neptune is emphasising vocalisation from the heart across on a collective level. Surprisingly, it is Algol that brings this to the fore here – this fixed star is associated with the thyroid and the 5th chakra (amongst other more challenging qualities, as we shall see). 5th chakra medicine works through vibration and vocalisation. With the Sun conjunct Algol high consciousness and clear intent can bring this energy out in its higher vibration – its lower vibration demands that we do so or pay the cost! The lower scale of Algol seperates the head from the body and threatens to petrifiy with fear – Algol is also associated with Medusa, the snaky haired goddess who will turn all who face her eye to eye to stone! She is the Gorgon, the Terrible Mother, an aspect of the Dark Goddess, fearsome in the extreme, and protector of Wisdom as innate fundamental truth.

Algol has gained a ‘bad’ reputation, being connected with Medusa – violent ends, particularly with injury to the head, or, more to the point, loosing ones head, quite literally! If we pick up on this, the most common Medusa association, it is fairly obvious that we need to approach any conjunction with Algol with caution – Perseus cut off the Medusa’s head using a shield that Athena had given him as a mirror, so that he could direct the swing of his sword without looking the terrible face of the gorgon directly in the eye. And so, over time, through observations made by the ancient astrologers, Algol’s influence was seen to be born out through attrocities and violent events, some affecting individuals in precisely this manner – in both violent reprisals, meting out of judgements, the loss of leadership in radical ways and accidents that have resulted in decapitation amongst others. This aspect of extreme nature does need to be born in mind on the political front for this period and we could see polarised confrontation escalate to an extreme level – the ‘Arab Spring’ may yet falter unless we persist with and bolster the right vibration collectively. All the more reason for us to further our inner work and to stay focused.

If we come back to the thyroid, the lower vibration of Algol’s influence takes on an even more sinister quality – one of the functions of the thyroid is to assimilate Iodine into the body (as well as enabling us through hormone regulation to resource and metabolise energy) – with irradiated Iodine entering the atmosphere from the meltdown of Fukushima the ‘heads-up’ here is to take care of our Iodine absorbtion levels with Kelp or Potassium Iodide suppliments – these will help fill the thyroid to the point where it will no longer absorb irradiated Iodine; a very effective ‘shield’ that is good for adults and children alike (please follow recommended daily intake levels)! Iodine is of course important to marine life, so the water connection of this Full Moon is also highlighted.

Water is the natural element associated with both Neptune and Pisces (and Scorpio, which we will come back to), symbolising the emotions and the spirit realms, carrying sound over great distance, being very sensitive to vibration and the qualities it carries – it also represents the mutability of matter, its state between solid and gas. Ideally we engage with this vibratory and fluid nature through entrainment with the ‘field’, going with the flow, and this has been our precise focus in invoking the Flower of Life as a symbol of how all Life is connected across all levels of existance – water also connects all life on Earth. When water is subjected to vibration it can manifest patterns, called cymatics, that are remarkably similar to the Flower of Life, depending on the pitch of the vibration. Once again Medusa has connections here with water – she was the daughter of Phorcys, a primordeal sea-god, and was one of three sisters, another manifestation of the triple goddess in her dark aspect. Infact Medusa was considered of extreme beauty, another emphasis on extremes we must take note of. Her damned form was the result of Athena’s wrath after Medusa was found coupling with Poseidon within the inner precincts of Athena’s temple…..Poseidon, the ‘earth-skaker’, was Lord partner of the Earth-Mother….

…..why would Medusa be punished? Here we have the shadow of oppression projected through both Athena and Medusa – it would appear that not only did Athena’s high ideals make her blind to the truth, but, if we move inside the story and explore its hidden precincts, we will find that Athena too has suffered at the hands of the patriarchy and that those ideals were foisted upon her! Not only this, but, Athena herself has her origins as a representative of the Dark Goddess….although Medusa is presented by some scholars as a rival to Athena, in essence Athena is a sister to Medusa within the mysteries, having first made her appearance within Minoan-Mycenean culture in the form of a snake (1). She was originally a chthonic goddess, connected with the earth energies…..her downfall came as a result of Zeus’ fear of his own offspring (Athena) claiming his power – a family trait that shows the patriarchal line’s need to maintain sovereignty (Kronos, Zeus own father, consumed his own children to prevent them usurping him). We might find this surprisingly being played out in current politics……

A prophecy informed Zeus that this fate would befall him, so, he swallowed Metis, Athena’s mother, in an attempt to contain the emergent threat. Hephiastos, also a chthonic divinity, a smith-god, smote Zeus head (here is Algol again) and out sprang Athena! The process described here reflects the re-figuring of the goddess as a product of the division of supra-consciousness (Zeus), and the birth of self reflecting awareness in the form of ‘wisdom’ – but, for Medusa’s story to make sense within this it should be remembered that Athena had become stripped of her chthonic power, this now becoming idealised and intellectualised – here too is the birth of the moral and ethical philosophical basis upon which the Athenian State became established and out of which was born the politic of ‘democracy’. When Medusa enters the inner sanctum of Athena the plot thickens….

Athena’s most famous temple is the Parthenon – Athena remained a virgin, Parthenos means ‘virgin’, and her ‘wisdom’, now denying its chthonic roots in carnal knowledge, embodies the celebate idealisation of union with spirit in the higher mind – here too we see the basis for Christian idealisation of spirituality in seperation from the body – Heaven is split from Earth. It is this oppressive regimentation of the inner spiritual light of consciousness and its seperation from the body, effectively an exile to the head, that was challenged by Medusa’s copulation within the temple. Infact, Medusa was bringing the roots of Athena’s own innate wisdom home, and we will see how the story of Perseus reveals this. And, in case you think we are straying from the current Full Moon, read on…..!!

Remember that Medusa was copulating with Poseidon in Athena’s temple (feminist theory has her being raped)…. well, she was one of three daughters to Phorcys and Ceto (also a primordial sea-goddess) – the three were known as the Gorgons, the other two being immortal, all bearing wings of gold, having tusks (or horns) and most famously having the skin and fangs of the snake. The fact is, these traditional tellings of the story hide deeper meanings that reveal the threat that Athena’s action against Medusa was playing out – Medusa, like Athena, is a protector of wisdoms, and in this Full Moon it is the uncovering of the falacy that overlays the true nature of this wisdom that we are now coming very close to revealing……..we need to look at the older version of the Perseus myth in relation to Medusa to find the necessary clues.

Perseus, the ‘destroyer’, personified the breaking of the Triple Goddess power through his myth, a theme that occurs over and again throughout European mythologies. He is seen in the pursuit of Medusa wearing sandals with wings, which connects him with Mercury and Hermes, and in turn embues him with poetic language and insight… is said that he could not begin his mythical task until he had visited the Graeae, three older sisters of the Gorgons. The Graeae are synonymous with the Norns (remember them from our previous Moon cycle?!) and it was from them that he learned how to find the three Nymphs from whom he recieved the means to slay the only mortal Gorgon, Medusa. The Nymphs gave Perseus the sandals, a helmet of invisibility and, most significantly, a bag to put the head of Medusa into. Hermes himself gave him a sickle, honouring the Lunar Goddess (and Demeter), with which to carry out the gruesome task. Infact, in the classical myth Zeus is attributed with the gifting of the adamantine sword used for this purpose, but, there-in is yet another later distortion at the hands of the Olympians. But here is the crucial evidence – the Graeae were older than any mortal time could relate and were keepers of the mysteries connected with ‘seeing’ and divination; the Nymphs and Hermes, bringing this power into a more contemporary form, provided Perseus with the means to enter the inner sanctum of the Gorgons and the bag, being an appropriate container, also belongs to this ‘seeing’ tradition. Why an ‘appropriate’ container? Within this tradition we find the ‘Crane Bag’ which holds the sacred instruments (connected with the first alphabet) used in divination – divination connects us with the primal language that unites the divine with the mortal, and here is the underlying deception – the Gorgons were protectors of this primal language, the means of exposing ‘fundamental truths’! (2)

The ‘modernised’ myth has Athena punishing Medusa for her desicration of the inner sanctum by giving serpents for hair and the petrifying gaze – this is Olympian spin on the truth. Athena, stripped of her chthonic connections now embodies wisdom seen ‘through’ the higher mind, seperated from the earthy kenning ways of the old Goddess – she has become virginised, imbued with masculine qualities and is as herself cut off from her feminine knowing. The carnal act of Medusa bringing the oceanic and chthonic knowledge into this puritanical zone of spirituality is an attempt to reverse the process – Athena herself might have understood this had she not been ‘brainwashed’ of the connection. Instead it is the patriarchal shadow, projected through her and the classical role of Perseus, that casts Medusa as the demon and condemns her to her fate at the hands of the patriarchal divine.

At least that is what the propoganda would have us believe – in giving the mirror to Perseus, with which he could slay Medusa, Athena herself gave him an instrument of ‘seeing’ – in giving the head of Medusa to Athena, which she subsequently wore on her breastplate, and in Athena also putting this on Zeus’ shield (that she carried), the deception is made complete and absorbtion of the now divided Triple Goddess into the patriarchal pantheon of divinity is sealed. It is with this Moon that the exposure of the roots of this deception are now being exposed…….

Algol’s bad press is the story of the stripping of the Goddess of her innate powers, the seperation of spirit and matter, and the projection of deep shadow as a psychism of denial into our consciousness. The myth reveals to us the root of Fear.  The re-emergent and denied powers of the Goddess bring their original energies to bear with chaotic and tectonic effect – Uranium and Plutonium carry its signature in its most dishonoured form through meltdown. The rape of the Earth is a crime that carries a heavy penalty……the cover-up, now over 5 thousand years in the making, is so deeply embedded in our western constructs of politics and power that only full engagement with the Plutonic energies of total transformation that enables re-birth can rectify the crime. Life will continue, as the Earth is far greater a being than our sciences would have us believe. Algol fuels the Sun with consciousness of the need for retribution and the Moon mirrors this back to us through the Scorpionic field of transformation, healing and empowerment. Scorpio fills our personal and collective psyches with enduring, fearless and deeply emotional energy through this Moon – it is a warning that we may loose our heads if we choose to confront the shadow side of Sun on Algol, but, it is also a sign that we ‘in the zone’ to take back the raw power that resides within our deeper selves, our own chthonic wisdom, and use this for the restoration of the Feminine Divine. This could be seen as a deeply pagan Moon – and with the Norns, the Nyphms and the ‘divining’ tools restored to us we can claim our own ‘Crane Bag’ and bring balance, healing and pragmatic wisdom of the medicine ways of the ‘seers’ into the world again.

Deception about radiation levels, political agendas, weather manipulation, economic usury, media conditioning – the list goes on, and we are becoming more aware by the day. ‘Seeing’ is entering our way of being and were we see suffering, inevitably now we will also find the raw truth exposed within the wound – there is an indigenous knowing within this. What is wounded affects the whole. Equally, what is healing heals all – every single one of us and all that we do through our personal medicines count here.

Our timing is perfected in this – the 2nd Night of the 9th cycle of the Mayan calendar is the phase of darkness in which’the seedlings fight for space in the crowded fields – a time when polarised factions may come to blows’ – in this we have conflict, and yet also, beneath this is an energy that seeks to find our true place in which to root, to make our connection with the Earth… is an energy that prepares us for Day 3, in which we engage with ‘the development of a root system and send out the second set of leaves that will become the permanent outer manifestation of the plant’, our means of harnessing the energies of heaven and earth within the one body. As Carl Calleman tells us, this is the phase in which ‘the new consciousness becomes viable’ (3).

There is a poigniant twist at work through Athena and Medusa here as well – as Black Athena she is believed to have originated in North Africa, born not from Zeus head, but from Lake Triton in Lybia – amongst the ancient Greeks the Lybian Triple Goddess Neith was known as Lamia, from which Lybia takes its name – can we see her re-emergent energy at work in this stricken country right now?! Here we have the governing patriarchs fighting it out with their deceptions and vested interests exposed for all to see for sure….. and Medusa never was stricken with a head of snakes – the protectors of the chthonic powers of sacred law wore masks adorned with serpents, a powerful deterant to any usurper of the true knowledge of the Earth Mother, but, never a deterant to those true of heart, a heart empowered with courage and the deep knowing of the initiate!

May our voices be strong and our hearts be protected with the awesome power of the Great Goddess………

(1) ‘Sophia – Goddess of Wisdom’ : Caitlin Matthews, Aquarian Press, 1992

(2) ‘The White Goddess’ : Robert Graves, Faber and Faber, 1988

(3) Carl Calleman : Maya Portal 

Diviner’s Moon – handling Neptune

The time around this Aries Full Moon is ripe for divination, a time for activating our carefully tended inner fires and illuminating the past, present and future. The New Moon’s calling for quiet and careful nurturing of our luminousity now matures and comes to fruition – a process that is being further aided by Neptune’s vision enhancing energies. And, while the outer dynamic of this Moon continues to push with primal force for radical change through direct Aries expression, the ‘inner’ becomes more pervasive and spiritualised – Neptune is omni-directional, the ‘field’ as opposed to the ‘force’. Since Neptune operates across the matrix our vision can be far-seeing. So, learning how to handle Neptunian energies is crucial at this time. What at first sight may seem disparate, diffuse and entropic can, paradoxically, be unifying and lead to great things – the crucial factor is to stay grounded and centered, essential for such an esoteric influence, especially while under increasing tension.

Under the auspices of Neptune in Pisces the everyday takes on the shape and dynamic of dreams; there is subtle tension within this, and yet, there is also a purposefulness behind it; anything can happen and events seem ever more significant – we are surely feeling this increasingly now.

The planets have a primal feel in Aries and are bringing primary experience as the seeding ground for change – this is purposeful energy, but , it requires a deeper wisdom to prevent it becoming an unconscious drive. And, at this Full Moon, Aries is packed! Occupied by Sun, Eris, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Lilith and Uranus, these planetary bodies are all emphasising and bringing their own nuances to the Fire element. And they are soon to be joined by Venus, but, we will come back to her as she has a surprise for us. Saturn, opposing in Libra, Venus, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn anchor the signature of Air, Water and Earth. With a preponderance of Fire this is a balance within the medicine wheel of the sky that is dynamic, impels rather than resides…..

Containment and expansion continue to play out across the field between Saturn, retrograde in tropical Libra, and the accumulating influences within tropical Aries. In the highest expression, the emergent force can raise the vibration of the field while the ‘containing’ emphasises integrity. …we need strong roots and this influence can help us develop them; the deeper we go, the higher we can reach! And these are far from being abstract ideas….

Our rooting must also come in the form of truthfullness – and Neptune has also been associated with deception. Well, this is no time for deception, if employed it will backfire, big time! Of which Neptune is already highlighting as we see the slow admittance by ‘the authorities’ of just how serious our global situation is – the fact is, we are not being given the facts straight. The accounts of world events are being glossed over and filled with contradictory and differing figures and ‘facts’, and, on top of this, the governments can no longer balance the books – we will increasingly see default as the ‘default setting’ – typical low Neptune! So, for us, the call in the face of confusing information and economic devolution is to, once again, get centered and ‘see’. Remember the call brought out by the New Moon, to adopt the attitude of centered and unassuming presences within the world, protecting our inner light – the timing and the poigniancy of this is doubled now at the fulling of the Moon and on through its waning phase…..and we can now prepare to activate our inner fire and become active agents within the world, an en masse wave generator of inner sight and knowing. While the outer world devolves, the inner evolves. This too is why we must find our center. It is from within that unity will emerge. Great clouds gather promising rain….an electric field of potential is beginning to grow.

This cycle is also marked with a strong and unpredictable influx of ecstatic Dark Goddess energy from Uranus conjunct Lilith – this is further highlighted by Mars now opposing Saturn. When Mars and Saturn are thrown into having to relate and find a meaningfull relationship a powerful assertion of our boundaries becomes a key issue. True, we cannot afford to bottle up our rage at the unfolding injustices, as we risk our own health – a creative path must be sought. If left unresolved this influence can manifest subversive territorial conflicts, and with Uranus conjunct Lilith in Aries slowly squaring up to Pluto, their sudden eruption can bring catastrophic results if we do not overcome our puritanical ideals and dependencies on the old structures – this will further reveal the dark underbelly of the global politic.

If Mars and Saturn find a way to combine, their energies become a power that can give new shape to reality; it is creative power that is very real and, if applied in conflict resolution, demands that all the ‘players’ put their cards on the table. Neptune’s high side will assist in uncovering deceptions. However, the chances are that Earth will channel these energies and continue to amp up the agenda as this configuration is also akin to an earth-mover. Earth tremors are now being felt worldwide, daily, in increasing numbers – the long term predictions are for this trend to continue… this moment, we have a crucial window of opportunity to make the difference.

The difficult expansive influence of the Jupiter Saturn standoff was seeded shortly after the Equinox. We flagged this up in linking it to tectonic movements and this will continue through swarming energy while Mercury is retro/stationed over this point in the chart. And, prolonging and intensifying the Japanese nuclear crisis, we will see further quakes ringing daily around the Japanese archipelago and the Ring of Fire. We can now say with clarity that this nuclear disaster will increasingly spread its effect to the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. And, in respect of this, Uranus with Lilith also brings the eery spectre of radiation by stealth. Another of their manifestations is revealed through the Northern and Southern Lights. Solar flares pinwheeling around the Sun with strong Solar winds are contributing to unusual patterning in the earth’s magneto-sphere, further influencing Earths EM field – while telecomms are threatened worldwide, the Auroras have been amazing this year, and both will continue to be! Challenging us to transcend fear, there is a raw beauty at work in the world as the Dark Goddess awakens within. She is present within our inner fire and is helping us to ground within her wisdom.

Being grounded means being in the world, and while current events are excerting an intensity that is testing our resolve to do so, the effect is actually helping us to see where we need to focus the Earth Medicines that are intrinsic to our global healing and transformation – it is our emotions and vulnerability to aquired conditioning that need careful management, so, we are taking this in stages, timing is everything, and this requires sustained focus and is essential to getting and staying ‘real’. It is fairly obvious that we can no longer sustain the level of blind and reckless disregard for the future of our planet and our species that the industrial scientific complex has been driving. How we deal with this now is crucial because we can seed the future with real potency at this time (as we will see!) and, while we do need to think ‘long term’, it all begins in the present with each one of us…..

The challenge is that things are moving fast and the ‘big turn-around’ we are seeking is slow. It comes down to us all at the individual level to embody the change that we want to see in the world, to paraphrase Gandhi. This is doubled up in the reading from the Oracle of Changes that accompanies this time. ‘Holding to our center, small things matter, as accumulation of the small leads to the great….staying with the inner work, nurturing the inner light, water particles accumulate and form clouds – light within clouds, promising rain………the ground awaits nourishment…..divination is favourable……’(1)

So, under increasing pressure, how we react in the current circumstances is a part of our grounding. If we do react that is, for, instinctive and conditioned mentalities can lead us to both ignore the dangers, to ‘act out’, bringing destabilising emotional upsurges, and can also provoke an accompanying escapist impulse, the desire or reflex to ‘get out’, a reaction of the soul that percieves danger. This latter is a natural mechanism, one the shaman is familiar and articulate with. The danger actually lies where the involuntary impulse overtakes us and when the inner boundaries are opening this makes us more receptive to the archetypal powers. As diviners we can, however, be articulate with these powers. It is essential that we do so from within sacred space, clearly defined and firmly established – medicine wheel work, found the world over in many different forms and a part of our collective human heritage, is ideal for this. More on this next time.

It is natural that in times of increasing challenge and danger we seek to protect ourselves, but, in the face of trauma, at a soul level this can mean fragmentation. Soul loss is both a karmic issue and an increasingly fundamental focus for our healing and prayers – if you work with spirit medicine you may be increasingly called to healing soul wounds in your world work. Neptunian influence can increase the efficacy of this work, but, it may also enhance the pull and potency of those fantasies that we may seek refuge in, so our divining can help us to see how to use our visions with intent, rather than being overwhelmed by them, avoiding possession by the archetypal powers. We are seeing the unfolding of karmic debt in the world, and much of this is owed to Nature! However, Nature does not judge as humans do, natural Law is allied with the divine, is sacred and will always favour healing – there is also a natural method at hand…..

Neptune can also bring us into closer relationship with the matrix of Life manifesting through Nature. Being with and within Nature aids the process. With so much destructive energy at work in the world, so much of it focused upon Nature, we can bring our healing to bear here too. There is profound mutual benefit in this. The best thing we can do for Nature on a personal level at this stage is learn from Her, listen to Her, make our peace with Her……this is the gateway to the wisdom of the mind and spirit of Nature, and, if we work from the heart, to Her heart as well. In this way we will remember that we to are a part of Her, that we were never seperate. The spirits within Nature are and always have been here to help us remember this and guide us in working in unity……..look to the animal guides, honour their guidance, the gifts they bring…… with so many species disappearing it is not too late for this, infact it is time! We should consider this carefully in the light of this Moon…….by being in community and inner communication with the myriad creatures we can turn the tide!

Divining, we are becoming luminous as we tend to the inner fire. Earthing within, crystalising the energised matrix through the Flower of Life – in divination we know, the symbol is alive! In the midst of dramatic change inner and outer are in accord – our natural state of balance. At the center stillness is dynamic, filled with energy. Divination is a path of development, knowledge and inspired action – it is available to us all, and in our next post we will take a special look at some of its forms and the ways in which we can further develop it as a skill. Saturn will aid us in this and show us the high side of the divinatory process, help us focus it into form. However, the best way to bring ourselves into alignment with this process and staying earthed is to make medicine in Nature, medicine wheel work, creating sacred space, sharing this with others and networking, sending out strengthening prayers for integrity to be restored – in this way Saturnian energy can help us in creating positive forms that support the healing by bringing us into right relationship with our planet. What is shaping those outer experiences, either way, will push on our boundaries as we do so, action and counter reaction, so, don’t be distracted, hold to the center – its where the greatest and most reliable source of energy and awareness is found……..just being in Nature is enough to put us in touch with this…….She will lead us….

There is something hidden amongst all this, a subtlety that we might otherwise overlook! We may get distracted by the outer world, but, the entire cycle of this Moon will point up the luminousity of the dark goddess connection all the way down to the roots of the World Tree….and it is here that we need to look…….an amazing pattern is being spun by the Sun, Moon, Moon’s nodes and three very significant asteroids, Urda, Erda and Skuld.

Urda, Verdandi and Skuld are the three Norns of Nordic tradition – the Norns spin the web within which the fate and destiny of our souls journey is woven, Urda being the ‘past’, Verdandi the ‘present’ and ‘Skuld’ the future, simply put. There is no asteroid yet named for Verdandi, however, Erda, being the old Germanic word for Earth, being the grounding, the present and connecting us with the Old North, we can bring her in here – the name Erda being contained within V-Erda-ndi this may seem contrived, but, this is far from being arbitrary as asteroid Erda is conjunct the Full Moon!!

I am indebted to Marina at Darkstar for bringing Urda’s presence at this Moon to our attention; you will find the link to her article is at the foot of the page (2) – through following this thread the connections began to emerge…..and when they did the magic began to light up the field with uncanny energies….first, here are the points at which this energetic configuration of the Wyrd is anchored, and can you guess what pattern they make?! :

With Sun and Moon at 27º44’ of Aries and Libra respectively we also find the Moon’s nodes at 25º01’ Sagittarius (NN) and Gemini (SN) and to complete the picture Urda at 22º21’ Aquarius, Skuld at 26º28’ Leo with Erda conjunct the Moon on 27º53’ Libra – in other words a pair of Grand Trines forming a ‘Star of David’.


The presence of the Norns tells us that this is a time for activating the inner light, through divination and inner contemplation of our purpose. Being in a combination of Air and Fire signs tells us that as we do so we will be bringing the primal energy of creation together with the energy of mind. Manifesting within the Star of David reflects the process emerging within the entire fractal scale, the balanced dynamic of the Flower of Life. Here again is our growing luminous nature, the emergent consciousness of the dark goddess, our own spiritual embryo filling us with light in complete confirmation from within the starry realms.

Involving the Moon and Sun in balance, the nodal pathway of the soul and the wise women of fate, incarnation and destiny this influence will be with us up to the beginning of the next Moon cycle – any changes we make in this time and their effects will last much longer – we can make good use of it, both individually and collectively, to alter the trajectory of our fate, activate the inner qualities they have funded us with within ourselves and bring them to an higher order and vibration of manifestation – when we do this our destiny changes. And then, theres Venus…..

Well, the beautiful one is poised to deliver, just waiting to pass over or aspect our personal planets in the last degrees of Pisces – check your charts! She is tied into the ‘Star of David’ by yod at this Fulling Moon – through quincunx to the sextile between the Moon+Erda and Skuld. She is saying that our collective ensoulment and manifestation of ancient Earth’s destiny can be expressed as the matured spiritual vision of Beauty that will auger in the new times of Goddess consciousness and energy, and Venus is ready to release this through your own inner light……make good use of this opportunity…..

………our fate is cardinal, initiatic in quality, our grounding fixed, in the eternal present, and the future, our destiny, mutable – choice, chance and the wisdom of the Goddess will be revealed through divination….use this time well!

(1) The hexagrams underlying this reading are :

9 ‘Small Accumulating’ : “Wind moving above Heaven. Small Accumulating. A Chün Tzu (diviner) uses highlighting the pattern to actualise the Tao”,

…with changing line 3 giving rise to :

61 ‘Centering, Connecting’ : “Centering and Connection to the Spirits, hogfish (Dolphins) auspicious. Advantageous to step into the Great River (to enter the stream of Life with purpose). Harvesting. Following Advantageous Trails (divination).”

Extracts from – ‘I Ching’, Stephen Karcher, Vega 2002.

(2) here is the link to Marina’s reading at Darkstar – ‘Full Moon April – Unchained Mind’, Darkstar Astrology.



Over the last 5 Moons we have been following the energies at work within a building process of transformation. In the outer world the focus has been on the exposure and purging of despotic and parasitic political entities, and we are now beginning to see how this can manifest upon a massive scale as North African and Middle Eastern nations fire up the wave of change. With the potential of the February Full Moon showing a strong building effect that is creating a rising tension and instability in the region, this is sure to spread – and, as we have been suggesting, this is an ongoing process. At the fullness of this Moon a crucial juncture is reached that will ask the question further; where do you stand? And this Full Moon reflects back to us how ‘we the people’ are becoming ripe with this potential within the world. As above, so below….but, with Neptune in the mix, there is bound to be more than meets the eye to the situation; politicians are ever the opportunists when a smoke screen is in the offing……

The People have clearly shown us that collectively this is potential movement of revolutionary proportions. The energy is infectious and is global. How it is met by the incumbant State of any country will reveal the hidden wounds pertinent to the people as ‘subjects of the State’. The same is true for all of us. And these differences will prove crucial to the larger picture and the relationships between each nation; there is a point at which that which is re-volutionary must become evolutionary, or risk devolving – there are strong indicators around the FM that it can go either way and, here, devolvment means confrontation. The sacred cow of democracy must also come under the spotlight, along with the succubus of tyranny; the strongholds of the western political ideal will be trying to steer our attention away from their own shadow tactics and strategies – Venus squaring Saturn will challenge us to bring courageous diplomacy to bear. No doubt the politicians will try to smooth over the wrinkles at home and and play the field with broad but essentially meaningless brushstrokes on the public canvas. We have already heard some pretty tasty sound-bites to this effect from the heads and foreign policy makers – no one can blind us to the fact that sovereignty and its relation to the will of the people are now a key issue, and that includes the question of self determination on both personal and collective fronts. We will not be distracted so easily…..

There are long term processes at work here and this recent phase has been essentially initiatic, an awakening. After building over the last 6 months and finding increasingly clear expression through the Lunar cycles, looking back we can now see how real the ‘Energy of Change within Awareness’ can be. With 5 Moons progressively manifesting on the end degree of each successive sign in the tropical zodiac, starting with 29º Aries in October, we have now seen the process build within and this current Moon brings us back to the Fire signs again – this Moon is at 29ºLeo. The energies have moved from the personal consciousness to the inter-personal – we are seeing the dynamic reflected in each other and this confirms the vision of change that it carries – this is the Leo imperative manifesting collectively.

The beginning of this process saw Jupiter and Uranus conjuncting in the first degrees of Aries, announcing the advent of the initiatic energy, expansive, awakening and unpredictable within the world. With the September Full Moon exact on the point at which Uranus and Jupiter were conjunct in August last year, we saw the process disseminate their intitiatic energies within the populace, a proto consciousness that needed to gestate through each Moon, until it could become consciously manifest.Their conjunction was accompanied by Saturn and Venus meeting in the early degrees of Libra, emphasising new ways of relating, new frames of reference – collectively this focus is now tied into the Lunar process and assists in grounding it as Venus in Capricorn squares Saturn in Libra on this Full Moon; in mutual reception they express crystalisation of appreciation and value. In our times a challenging path, but, one with a heart, should we be able to remain centered, earthed and awake. This will be our biggest challenge through this time and the nature of this challenge is particularly highlighted on this Full Moon. Here we go…….

A string of 6 celestial beings is strung across 12º of seperation, from Ceres at 18º Aquarius through to Chiron at 0º Pisces, and this stellium stands opposed to the Moon – discernment is everything here, for the energies run one into the other. A micro process is clearly visible in this as well. Rounded off to the nearest half-degree, Ceres is waning conjunct Mercury by 5.5º, Mercury is waxing conjunct Mars by 2.5º, Mars is waxing conjunct Neptune by 2º, Neptune is conjunct the Sun by 1º, Sun is conjunct Chiron by 1º. Lets not forget that revolutions often express the radical process of resolving the tensions between extreme opposites – and this is the critical juncture here – polarised choice. So lets look at the contrasting high and low sides of this…..

Chiron has been infusing the Neptunian mists with medicines for positive change for some time; he has helped us become aware of our collective wounds and disfunctions; although painful, this is very empowering in the personal sphere and, collectively, when empowered people come together change is inevitable. As he has transited into tropical Pisces he is leaving us with awareness and connectivity as potent and radicalising catalysts for positive changes of state, and he will now accentuate this on a spiritual level. Now in Pisces, Chiron will be finding and opening up the old spiritual wounds, so that the process can become holistic. Every ‘holy’ war has left a shadow, has marked the collective psyche with PTSD, scorching our spirits with the blackening fire of fear – divine retribution, at the hands of God and HIS enemies, gains its power over us from this…..and we know this is a fear function that has been used to control us; can it still have a hold on us, can we allow it?

But, from this diviner’s perspective, the major difference that Chiron in Pisces will make here is in highlighting the suffering and oppression that has been meted out on women and the divine feminine through ‘holy’ misogyny. We will see women play an increasingly powerful and deterministic role within the world, increasingly so as we address the need for balancing out the low side of this evolutionary process with the healing potential of the high. There has been decades of talk about the return of the Goddess – and, no matter how we experience Her individually, whether as divine feminine spirituality or the emergence of consciousness within matter, She will now return….and we will be returning to Her in dedicated upcoming posts very soon!

Sun conjuncts Neptune hours before this Full Moon, opens a broad field of collective consciousness, brings the visionary potential to light, infuses it with compassion – its a vision of what we could be, as well as what we might once have been. While the Sun’s drive is akin to a flood of light through this transit, there is more energy coming that will raise it to an even higher level of intensity and ignite the field with potential. For light here also read information…..and we have already long gone beyond the point where any one person, organisation or nation can keep up with exponential incoming flow of info!

Neptune can also drug us into following blindly, numbed by the trauma, such that we seek refuge in the embalming chemicals of religion, in culture as opiate, disempowered and dissociated, blinded by the light – a wide cocktail is available – Sun’s transit can also open our consciousness to miasm and spiritual dis-ease. ‘Religion as psychosis’ as Chiron reminds us. Will we now let it drive us out of our homes, our comfort zones, or even deeper into them, with spiritual napalm and ‘fear of the unseen enemy’ (remember ‘Reds under the bed’?)….? For religion also read politics.

Within the Neptunian field Mars spreads an emotive call for action with decisive intent – he can bring great strength and determination to the people, which may encourage leadership to emerge of a new kind, a spiritual warriorship.Mars can also inflame the psychosis to psychotic proportions, once again, cutting across the religious divide – and flood with Neptunian wildfire our collective body – make howling Berserkers of us at this Full Moon conjunct the martial star Regulus. Where the demonstrations gather there could now be an ongoing release in blind fury of a wholy unholy nature in the name of the “Holy” – across the borderlands too, we will have to see whether the highside prevails.

Mercury will fine tune the revolutionary vision, each to our own understanding, so that we can become articulate and communicate through it, as well as recieve its inner messages – the loop can close in this, the circuit come alive and Ceres can ground it and protect it. Mercury can also propogate dogma, just as well as information, to further the cause, ramp up the tensions, shred our nerves and drive us over the edge….we could loose our minds amongst the carnage, Fool to our Lear……

We need to pay heed of Ceres for she is Earth, the original matrix within which all our visions are realised. She feeds us. If you can fully ground and follow this vision within yourself you will experience Earth coming alive, within your own body, her consciousness within! If we are able to sustain this as our focus, the potential energy of this vision, as it is released in time, is going to be the most spectacular eruption of human potential this planet has seen. And if we do not pay heed and honour Her in this? Ceres also has immense and deeply seated power – dark Goddess energy. Remember, not even Hades could stand up to Ceres; be assured, she will look after her own, but, don’t mess with this Mother! She will simply move on into a new cycle, regardless, removing ALL that is incapable of entraining with her mind – so that she may begin anew, as she has so many times before. Time to pick up the heartbeat of the planet and get with the rhythm… we saw in ‘Earth in Transit’. There is no room for one sided New Age obsessions with the Light here – we must have grounded and very real balance and be able to integrate both light and shadow within, as one – further denial of the shadow will be the end of us!

And we must be aware now of whats coming up very soon beyond the current Moon cycle. Ceres will conjunct Neptune at the next Full Moon in March – and that one will be dominated by squares and oppositions in the chart. She will not stand idle, she remembers everything – we have collectively abused her body, we do still, and she has the whip-hand, holding the sickle, the corrective in all its awesome power that will break our hold, cut us down and force us into submission to a higher order of sanity – she already taught Pluto this lesson……she knows the meaning of Life and Death. As does the shaman, the well grounded and experienced individual, the indigenous tribe in touch with Her still…..we come back to Chiron……

Globally we are shifting and it all seems so much bigger than any one of us – so, how do you and I work with this if the devolutionary energies begin to kick in as well?

The energy of Mars can have a strong unconscious element to it – it can be very head down, or inflamed with its own rush, and being in a waxing conjunct to Neptune so close to this FM the danger is in ‘inflation’ of these uncounscious drives – mass hysteria and rioting would show the low side of our collective movements manifesting, a danger enhanced by the opposing Moon on fixed star Regulus; ‘Anger-watch’ is the word.

Decisive cutting of the ties that bind us to our personal and collective dependancies and addictions would express the high side. Here is a strong reminder of the importance of our inner work; it would suggest a strong desire for cleaning up our act, engaging with the ‘individuation’ process and individual empowerment and, experienced collectively, this could prove too great a force for any government to supress. When the people join in re-claiming their power, only greater supression and denial can contain it – the Military State – peaceful revolution is the answer. When Murbarak resigned the world held its breath as the military took over government in Egypt and we all wait to see what this will lead to…..don’t forget to breathe, it helps energy transference and circulation, metabolising the emotions safely, enabling us to root.

Neptune conjunct the Sun can flood our consciousness with communications and ideas that are undifferentiated and unintelligable – we can get seriously spaced out. We need to be well grounded in our bodies, have strong integrity and be able to discern what really has relevance for us individually to be able to work with this energy – again Regulus influence on this Moon can bring a higher vibration to our awareness. Regulus has strong associations not only with martial energies, but, with astrology and the occult too. As you may know, an ongoing theme at ‘Owlmirror’ recently has been opening our inner sight and developing the ‘seer’ capacity that we all have, to enable exactly this power of discernment to develop. This can become a latent and empowering force for us in these times. Its about raising awareness of our connectivity. And, we know that our connectivity can be cut at any time in the physical….especially when it threatens the ‘State’…..our connectivity within brings us to our own root, our original self, where we can ground our awareness. Meditation and becoming the ‘hollow bone’.

So, also, externally, the emphasis here is on allowing our inner sight to penetrate the veil of worldly affairs and look for the underlying message – we do need to read it to work with it….. as within so without :
“…..newly established democracies have had to contend with a past record of abuses that were endemic to the entire political system…..without some form of public acknowledgement and restitution, all social relationships remain contaminated by the corrupt dynamics of denial and secrecy”. (1)

There is also within all this a deeper energy at work that will carry us forward regardless. The question is, in which direction? It will be to our advantage to work with the positive as it brings an excitation within innate goodness, raising the energy of our awareness. Here this is aided and abetted by Mars and Mercury following through, rather than a dumbing down of our conscious drives. Neptune can also raise an ocean of compassion within us……

On an individual level, whether we are a ‘sensitive’ of any kind, or have been paying attention to our inner workings or not, we may also experience dreams that are vivid while we are in them, but which are hard to recall on awakening. We may feel as if we have been downloading in a constant stream while we are sleeping, but, do not have any clear idea of what this new information and knowing we are now in possession of is……this may well be necessary for the upcoming times, especially when Uranus squares up to Pluto. At that time we may have sudden flashes of memory that seem to have come from another time and place, but which seem totally pertinent to our needs. We may find immediate access to hithertoo unknown energy within our body available when we most need it. Synchronicities, deja vu and temporal re-location of our consciousness, strong and decisively deep insights, seeing through the veil and perceiving spirits that seem strangely familiar – receiving messages from loved ones who have passed on – all are possible and likely expressions of how this energy can work and become integrated, if not now, then as the ‘triggers’ arise. Chirons role here is key. The shaman cannot function without the spirit worlds, no matter the healing modality or its application – but, this is good news for us as the emergent consciousness that we are experiencing is deeply connected with spirit and Chironic empowerment is all about this connection. With Venus squaring Saturn, an imperative for diplomacy if ever there was, and Saturn sesqu-quadrate (135º) to Chiron, the ‘spiritually enlightened’ could play a key role in brokering and maintaining peaceful transition where conflicts arise. We will find that the only way forward is through the power of compassion and embodying the essential goodness of our original being.

Our changes are impacting on all levels. Jupiter’s square to Pluto signals a groundswell of transformation – power at the root. Pluto’s theme here is ongoing – any change must be deep and lasting, pragmatic to the point of no return. At the bottom line we must not let ourselves become distracted by the insidious presence of political will – it is the way in which we use our own will that matters. With Jupiter feeding in, the imperative becomes magnified – there is no point of return, we must now go forward and expand our re-volution into all spheres. The path to achieving this is to simplify and unify – harmony is the key. At the last New Moon we saw the Vestals bringing our collective soul path into their inner sanctum, for the restoration of balance, Externally we see the reminder that all leaders are in service to the people – knowing that we are here to lead ourselves within balance our imperative becomes the right to be led, in balance, by those who remember that they are ‘in service, in power, through the power we invest in them’.

Jupiter’s influence upon our collective destiny became most visible when he squared the Moon’s nodal axis recently – for, the deeper underlying energy is coming from this powerful axis. Why is it so powerful? The nodes concern soul-work, and when we pay attention to the trajectory upon which this work takes us we strengthen ourselves, an absolute essential for any kind of striving, whether birth, growth or struggle. But, more importantly still, we are connected within this path with what Jungian psychoanalyst and Cantadora (hereditory keeper of the old stories) Clarissa Pinkola Estes describes as Numen – “…a greatness that rests at the center of the psyche and yet is greater than the whole of the psyche.” (2). Jupiter has enabled us to percieve our greatness as an expression of our collective soul path and expand it into the world – first Tunisia then Egypt responded through this transit. It goes on with Yemen, Burma, Thailand, Algeria, Bahrain – countries the world over demonstrating how this energy works….ultimately, within, it is our connection with the inner most aspect of ourselves, where we meet the universal, our original being.

Now, with Uranus approaching exact square to the nodal axis, a collective jump-starting and totally unpredictable element will bring this fully into the present (with startling results!) – and the nodal axis itself, perpetually in retrograde motion is heading for the tropical boundary of Capricorn and Sagittarius. The field is being charged for the upcoming, the nodal alignment with the Galactic Center followed by Uranus repeatedly squaring Pluto….but, we have enough to be thinking about, so, more on this soon. A reminder though that the Sun and Moon are themselves exact on the cusps of Pisces and Virgo respectively at this Full Moon – a spiritual progression into virgin territory awaits us.

And within this is a seed of knowing, that the world is coming alive, re-enchanted……we are being gifted the opportunity of coming into alignment with the intrinsic consciousness of ‘matter’, the Divine Feminine……..a small and easily overlooked aspect pattern is also present at this Full Moon that gives great hope for this – Juno sextile asteroid Gaea form a yod with Mars. Our actions in the world could be a great leap forward for our inner balance and relationship with Earth…….for now, deep blessings and powerful dreaming be with us!

(1) Judith Herman M.D. ‘Trauma and Recovery’, Basic Books, 1992
(2) Clarissa Pinkola Estes ‘Women Who Run With The Wolves”, Rider, 1992



I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said:—Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shatter’d visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamp’d on these lifeless things,
The hand that mock’d them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”
Nothing beside remains: round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

‘Ozymandias’ : Percy Bysshe Shelly 1818

Whether we are the traveller or the poet the message is the same – take heed, for we are on a journey in which, for all those who cling to power, the essence of Shelley’s great poem will emerge as the prophetic utterance of one who ‘saw’….’your time is past and you cannot take it with you’………meanwhile, back at the oasis……

From the sublime to the ridiculous?…..with almost hysterical cool and sardonic wit, ever a knowing trickster, David Byrne once famously sang “heaven is a place where nothing ever happens” – well, sung like one who knows, the goad, the hidden punchline, is that when you seperate heaven from earth, heaven simply ceases to exist. The world’s most predominant religions would have us believe otherwise of course. They would have us ‘see the light’ and be blinded in the process…not any more….we stand at the crossroads, our pockets full of silver!

The New Moon on Imbolc, that we have named Moonfire, is living up to its expectations – Ozymandias seems fitting, for the warning, but, like the traveller from the ancient land, lets keep an eye on the skies, our feet on the ground and be on the look out for that soul path. For, with Mars gunning the accelerator peddle in the Sun-mobile and Jupiter getting ready to blitz Saturn’s iron-stone watchpost (yes, its straight out of the Tarot – major arcana XVI, The Tower), with Uranus cranking up the plasma generator, ready to attach the electrodes to the foundations of Castle Capricorn where Pluto is at work laying the depth charges, while our new-born eyes are funded with laser like visions of a world we never expected to see, there is a really mind numbing Full Moon just over the horizon…..more on this later.

And, while the polititcans scramble for the higher moral ground (the words ‘rats’ and ‘sinking ship’ come to mind) cloaking their intentions in fine rhetoric and Saturnine wisdoms, holding onto the vestiges of an idealism that has already expired, goaded into realisation, this is exactly what we must now do, ‘believe otherwise’…..and that means left field, right brain thinking, each on our own understanding, for the Earth herself is going to teach us, whether we are ready or not….and embracing ‘the Wisdom of Insecurity’, to quote another great visionary, Alan Watts, is where our lessons must begin….its all about how to break the bonds of ‘fate’.

Lets take stock of a few signposts out here beneath the ‘Sheltering Sky’…..

Earths magnetic pole has always been in motion – now, however, it is shifting with a tenfold increase in speed towards the equatorial regions. The acceleration was first noticed a decade ago and the data has been building to confirm this – and, as it happens, we have seen a decade of increasing planetary adjustment. The signs have been there for all to see, the astrologers and diviners have been relating back to us the cosmology that is reflected in its effects and the truth is now plain for all to see – we are now seeing shifts in global structure and planetary consciousness in ever wider manifestation. In the electric universe the center of infinity is everywhere…we have already arrived, as T.S.Eliot fore-saw, back at the beginning, seeing it all as if for the first time, endless paths of possibility before us. Which way do you choose…

There is more – the Earth’s wobble has ceased. Called ‘nutation’, this gyration about the mean axis of rotation gives us further reason to pause for expanded thought – we do not yet know if this is a temporary phenomenon, but, we do know that we are being carried in a vector of new knowing, flooding us with a torrent of uncanny data at a rate of knots… stop, the rapids or the open sea?

And the change is endemic – this is super-galactic consciousness at work and we can now see the Solar system in a new light…..all the planets are undergoing transformation – all experiencing magnetic polar shifts. Our scientific sensors are revealing the inner workings of the field and show it to be in flux…..

Our place within the cosmos is changing with these localised shifts – however, the real change is not of location, but, of state…….through the revelations of new astronomy the old physics is giving way to a new understanding of the fundamental principles upon which our universe is built. The gravitational model, with its emphasis on heavy influences, is giving way to the electric in which, at the bottom line, nothing has mass. Gravity is a weak force – the electro-magnetic field describes the universal fundamental presence of a force ten trillion trillion trillion times (quite a lot) greater and it pervades all, from beyond the frontiers of our sub-atomic particle nature to the largest ‘structures’ in the universe. It also provides the interface between the material and the immaterial, particle and wave, and leads us into a frame of reference beyond time and space, in which inter-dimensional consciousness, mind, is the prima materia. This is also a world inhabited by tricky entities, bi-locational, existing only in the state defined by the observer, moving across all co-ordinates, travelling forwards and backwards in time, in which time itself takes on new dimensions – it is the realm of spirit, beyond time…….and if the observer effects the state of the observed, doesn’t that suggest we’d better be careful with our thoughts? Its time to choose….

Now is the time of the trickster – that inseminator of crazy wisdom and creative upheaval. Look around you – we are seeing an unprecedented and building wave of change at work in the world and the great heyokah Uranus stands ready in the wings to make his grand re-entry into Aries, center stage in our Earth Myth – and when he does, everything we have known, that anchors our security and gives us the structural blinkers to live under the illusion of permenance, is going to be shaken until it either shows that its true integrity is sustainable, or it crumbles like Ozymandius’ statue, into the dust – Earth is in transit!

The governments seem like Black Holes – yet, in the Uranic vision, such monstrous entities simply do not exist. Aquarian cosmogeny applies ‘the field’ as the model – awareness is what connects us. Condensed mass is the effect of ‘dead matter thinking’ – at the heart of our galaxy is a mass-less node of pure electric potential – where-as the old model sucks (pun intended), this one connects.

And, the old model and way of thinking throws up another effect that diviners know all too well – fate and destiny, more heavy duty. How many of our old stories would have us believe that we must be heroes, just for one day…..or sink into the backwaters of oblivion, unfulfilled, never having made the difference, rescued the princess and gotten to live happily ever after. How many tell us we must overcome ‘evil’ so that ‘good’ prevails. How many would have us suffer the poisoned apple, bound by the spell of the wicked witch, cut off the dragons head and save the land from its terrible fire….heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy….projections of a dominant fear based culture that would have us bound to earth (the captured maiden), dreaming of release into the arms of heaven (Sleeping beauty and the Prince), defeating the serpentine tyranny of demonic power (oh yes, he had to be a hero, old St. George – never mind the fact that he was Syrian, a military Christian martyr who refused to make sacrifices to the pagan divinites, and never set foot in England’s ‘hallowed fields’), the same fear that demonised the wise woman, split her into white and black forces (divide and conquer) and had HER wield the apple, symbol of Venus, the earthly garden, poison it for her own ends (yeh, really), to kill off the beauty that threatened her power (Snow White)…..and these are just some the ‘popular’ tales…..

At each casting of the chart, the cowries and the runes, we encounter this dilema – how do we face up against fate? The truth is ‘fate’ is a wise teacher, the lay/ley of the land, its songlines, its medicines, not an immutable doom merchant who rules us with a dread iron fist. And the element of fun that unravels the weave that ‘fate’ would have us believe is our certain future – you guessed it, its the trickster, chance, heyokah clown and wise fool….without this one we would be bound to the fate that the gods decided for us – gadzooks!….this old exclamation of surprise says it all; it means “Gods-hooks”, a reference to the nails that pinned the ’Saviour’ to the cross……no such luck, Zeus….no wonder the pagans were persecuted!

Every divination is an intersection, a crossroads between fate and chance, and you will always find the tricky one waiting at the crossroads, knowing outside of knowing……careful which way you choose; no, not the literal path, but, the manner of your choosing…..don’t throw coins at her and expect her to cough up – make an agreement with respect, that if she tells you something that you need to know, that will help you on your way, that you will honour her and her wisdom and follow it. If you cross the good lady’s palms with silver, the coinage of spirit, she will guide you – it will tell her that you are a friend of spirit, that you respect the divine and choose to ‘honour’ rather than ‘pay’. Offerings are the point of respect that St. George missed – why do we honour such martyrdom?. In our materialistic world we only know payment. Payment means debt, bondage, slavery and suddenly our freedom is locked up, bound by ‘The Law”……

So much of our world is dominated by ideas based on commodified understanding, divisive and creating an imbalance, of the haves and have nots – it spawns ‘this for that’, ‘tit-fer-tat’, ‘an eye for an eye’ thinking – heaven is a place removed from earth. Are we really born in debt, sinners? Must we pay penance? Listen to your heart… Earth-life experience we know, in our deepest center, our hearts, that in the spiritual realms there is no this and that, all is one. We engage with the field when we seek divine guidance – it is a place of respect and heart. But, wait a minute, what about that trickster…where did the cheeky fellow disappear to? Well, we’ve demonised him too, made him into the outcast, the despised one, outlaw….funny that! Think for a moment, and find a democracy in which freedom is not defined within the context of ‘rule of law’ – soon it becomes obvious that ‘rule of law’ is immutable, and mutability is one of the main forces of evolution.

The message is clear from the shining eye of the storm – the ‘powers-that-be’ in our mundane world can cut us off with the flick of a switch, no more internet, tweets, or any kind of physical technology based interconnectivity. BUT….big ‘but’ this….you cannot have YOUR connections severed. We are all equipped to live within the ‘field’, open our divining eyes and ‘see’….and the only thing we need to do is make sure that we are clear of the fogging effects of prejudice and dualistic mentality.

Once again, our inner work is the process of cleaning up our personal garbage, all the ‘stuff’ that does not belong to us, as well as all the ‘stuff’ that has grown over the old wounds that centuries of indoctrination and cultural, socio-economic disempowerment have marked our souls with. The coming Full Moon will reveal to us where our personal divining mirror is hidden, buried in the accumulated bedrock of millenia of pressurised sediment. It is ours to reclaim and polish, the luminous lens of our inner knowing, so that the inner light, the knowing that streams through our consciousness, that is inherent within the ‘field’, may illuminate our path, the world around us and bring us into alignment with the Great Mystery that issues forth from the heart of creation. Phew….simple really.

And the first test of our ability to pull this off? Next Full Moon is going to see Sun, Neptune, Mars and Chiron come together in a united front that will feel as if we are being flooded with every channel from every dimension simultaneously…Uranus will be squaring up to the Moons nodes, jump starting our personal visions of who we might be with the power of who we once were…there will be ghostly apparitions mixed in with future visions, so discernment will be key….and who’s that racing up behind the fearless four to make sure we CAN be discerning? Mercury, that other cheeky fellow, arch factualiser and tricksy spy of the liminal realms, friend to all diviners!

Amongst the shamanic societies the concept of the ‘hollow bone’, the clear channel, is the sine-qua-non of divination – it is time. And there will be powerful help at hand. When Uranus and Pluto get to work through the next 3 years – the stultifying effects of centuries of oppressive subjugation will be swept aside, and our channels will open with it. There will be resistance, there will be rubble, it will be explosive – but, from the chaos new patterns will emerge that reveal the intrinsic beauty of a world in which all is truly connected. If ‘The Center’ will not hold, then hold to your center. And look out for the ancestors! They’ll be rooting for us, and we will have our circle, dance our Ghost Dance, to welcome their wisdom home……..

Climate Change, the Megaliths and the Stars : an introduction

image by Paul Taylor
“The more we know the more we realise how much we don’t know.”

In a recent article at Funkastrology titled ‘Zodiac Signs, Fixed Stars and Precession’ Jamie Partridge presents a strong case for overhauling popularised practices within astrology that are based on outmoded and misleading astronomical and astrological concepts. The article exposes the imperative need for revision and realism. Without it, divinatory practices, such as astrology, that rely on precision in establishing relationships, measure and values cannot offer full resonance, and therefore, real meaning in their readings. We need to return to the fundaments through our current knowing while moving forward, and the Funks (Jamie and his partner, co-author and astrologer Marina) are certainly going there! Follow the link and take a look at the article for a clear view of the facts and issues involved, as well as their excellent website.

As a diviner, reading Jamie’s article woke up something of an old memory, a reminder that such challenges as we are now facing had raised an absolute necessity for radical change in ancestral times, perhaps even more so than at present and certainly not only for divinatory purposes. The post sparked off a train of thought that has developed into this article – the following comments are where it all began :

“I am with you on astrology and astronomy being one in our past. Navigating by the fixed stars has an instinctive electric ring to it that feels different from the vagaries of the planets. The scientists have been telling us for years that cosmic rays from the stars affects our DNA!

Am also pulled by the idea that adaptation and survival needs brought out the hunter gatherer to agri-culture shifts – in the face of post glacial rapid climate change (theres hard evidence for a fifty year window in which that climate change happened – that’s freaky fast and uncomfortably familiar) – the shamans were there already and I’m sure their roles changed within those shifts………

Heres a goofy idea….

How would it be if EVERYTHING changed back then? Theres plenty of evidence to support the otherwise wacky idea that those rapid changes were set off by an axial shift of this planet – the skies orientation/motion would have changed with it and necessitated upgrading the astrology and cosmology [to something more like that which] we recognise now in the process.

Wouldn’t this have complicated and diversified the already existent astrological arts and call forth the need for a different kind of precision. Is it in that context that fixing everything became more of an issue (including precession – Earth began to wobble)? Next thing you know you’ve got the ancestors of science telling us how it is. (Can anyone explain why Uranus rotates on an ‘horizontal’ axis?).”

So much in our times reflects the experience of such a global shift; our concerns in the face of global warming and climate change bring up old fears deeply embedded in our collective memory – increasing earth movements, volcanic activity, tsunamis, flooding, massive damage to our biosphere through ecological disasters and environmental mis-management, wars and political tensions, not even to mention economic meltdown, overpopulation, massively unbalanced distribution of wealth and resources; the list goes on and puts it beyond doubt that this a traumatic and tough time to be alive in – we KNOW we need to change – and so, if our ancestors have survived and thrived through such immense challenges, what can their story and their legacy tell us that will help us traverse these challenges in our times:

First, let us consider a contraversial but persuasive argument – that the post axial-shift culture shock and subsequent changes actually precipitated the development of the megalithic culture as a way of re-envisioning the as-above-so-below thingum – this is supported by indigenous wisdom and collective memory. Megalithic culture reaches back to these times, roughly 13K years, and is a global cultural phenomenon. Post glacial melt has hidden a part of our past and, although in some parts of the globe the land lifted as the weight of the ice diminished, over the first 6k years of this period the sea level rose by over 100 m. Although much is now submerged of the predominantly coastal settlements from the late paleolithic, many sites from the subsequent Holocene period are now found on stable higher ground. Archeo-astronomy shows clearly the astronomical connections of site after site around the world – by the time sites like the Avebury complex and Stonehenge were being constructed this culture would have developed a grounded and in-depth understanding of the new cosmology as well as the technology to embed it – the sites are teleological. Heres a thing, for example……

Avebury Henge

 Avebury is interesting in this respect and demonstrates a profound understanding of cosmological relationships – (call it coincidence if you like, but…) the angle formed by the north south entrances to the circle are aligned at 23 degrees to the true north – this just happens to be the angle of the Earths axial tilt – the inner circles are aligned to each other at a similarly close angle. Infact the whole site displays stone placements that relate to ancient units of global measurement and proportion. On top of this the Avebury site has distinctive acoustic properties as well, and although in our times these only become apparent in the quiet of night, the original configuration of the large stones and the surrounding bank would have enhanced these apsects. This would have added heightened resonance to the space and amplified subtle nuances in the energy field of the inner space, both physical and metaphysical. There are many ways in which the henge would have been used which are no longer obviously visible to us, including astronomical divination. However, without even going into the metaphysical and spiritual attributes of Avebury (we will look more closely at this at a later date) this megalithic site alone gives much food for thought.

Whatever your persuasions……Many researchers have assembled countless pages of data and information relating to megalithic sites that support views, theories and postulations across a wide spectrum of disciplines and interests. Even though many are contradictory and at odds with each other there can be no doubt that collectively they confirm one thing – that the amount of data and skills embedded in these two megalithic centres alone is immense. They were, and still are, obviously open to being used as places of learning, cosmological and terran, and it would be my contention that the mode of learning would have been initiatic as well as technological – we will begin to explore this more in pt 2. They represent a huge investment in the people and their culture – they also represent a living legacy of our indigenous selves.

Let’s take a brief look at this investment for a moment. The effort involved in building these sites must have been immense – it has been calculated, that the shaping alone of the Stonehenge sarsons (and these are big stones weighing up to 50 tonnes or more) would have required 20,000,000 hours of work – that’s five hundred people working for 10 years – and, yes, there are wide variables that could decrease or increase this figure. Some of the stones at Avebury are twice as weighty, and even if not obviously worked, this provides endless speculation and experimentation in just how the stones were transported and located. There are astonishingly accurate measurements and alignments involved in their placements. We are talking here about setting up ‘resonance’, an immensely important function in divination, astrology, metaphysics and establishing an harmonic physical correspondence between the earth and the Cosmos. Resonance here becomes the active state of a gateway to mystery……

And what of the legacy? The building of Silbury Hill, a 130 ft high human made conical mound at Avebury henge also remains a mystery. Many visitors, however, will testify that, with an open heart and mind the place speaks volumes. Avebury can affect us profoundly; just being there can be an elevating and emotional experience, can highten our sensitivities and expand our awareness. In such states astronomical observations naturally transpose into astrological divination. Mayan diviners are famous for setting the precident. And so, it was with great good fortune I found myself joining a small party of people who met up with Hunbatz Men, a Mayan Daykeeper (calendrically divining shaman) when he visited the UK in 1993/4.

He came to Avebury and confirmed that it was a part of the global pyramidal network in which his indigenous Central American culture figures so prominently. He also ‘read’ at least one crop circle while he was there – his conclusion was startling – his understanding told him through the glyph that the Earth was out of position! We will come back to this……

Equinox serpent at Kukulcan
Equinox serpent at Kukulcan

Now, this is going to seem a little more tangential, but, imagine what we could build in our times with the amount of time, energy and insight invested in building Stonehenge – a hadron collider – clean energy technology – or perhaps we already waste that amount of time end energy many many times over on destroying each other and our planet?! If you factor in the global connectivity of our times the latent people-power becomes exponentially world changing. It is no wonder the powers-that-be in our materialistic era have so much vested interest – so long as it is controlled, people-power is the fuel for realising the governing agendas – unleash that power, and this means a radical internal shift, a shift in how we experience empowerment, and what could we achieve – a different world, and just perhaps, a lasting peace…..was this one of the prime movers for our ancestors astronomical efforts?  If they were suffering post-traumatic shock, ‘catastrophobia’ as some have called it, wouldn’t they also want to find equally radical ways of healing  it……

There is some irony in this, as the very nature of the changes that helped develop the megalithic culture to its heights also enabled the transference of power into rationalised structures within communities – so called ‘matriarchial’ societies became, gradually, subjected to ‘patriarchal’ control.

I have wondered many times, after Hunbatz left, if he was simply reflecting on the evidence and feeling of the prevelant culture in the UK – we are unashamedly materialistic. I knew that his journey carried personal significance to him at the age of 52. It is his people’s tradition that in their fifty second year the male elders make their ‘final’ journey out of the village, before they become rooted in the communal role of Elder. I knew he was looking to drum up support for the return of his people’s spiritual practices to their sacred sites, practices outlawed by the governmnent if carried out by Mayans. His ruse was to invite westerners to take the Mayan’s place, offering initiations on the key equinoxial dates, to reactivate the sites. My partner at the time went to the ceremony that re-activated Chichen Itza. I spent three very fresh and remarkable nights on top of Silbury and at Avebury complex connecting in with her – joining the two sites at the calendrical point of balance.

We had exchanged sacred artifacts, and on her return, exchanged them back in a small ceremony on the point where the obelisk had stood within Avebury circle. Now, Chichen Itza’s key structure is the Temple of Kukulcan, a 90 ft high pyramid which itself is cosmologicaly encyclopedic. The active symbol at the equinox is the shadow of the feathered rainbow serpent Quetzalcoatl – it is formed perfectly, on the equinoxial day only, zigzaging down the steps on the northern side of the pyramid to join with a carved feathered snake’s head. Just as we completed our re-union ceremony at Avebury a line of people came weaving in a dancing line between the stones around us – we did not know them, but, they brought the energy of Quetzalcoatl right home to us and Avebury. They were zigzaging a snake dance amongst the stones…..spirit will always show a way for those open to it. And, it is true that for us to find a path of reconciliation with our planet, small confirmations of this kind are made to look somewhat insignificant – indigenous wisdom, however, will tell us that they all count. We need them to count on a vast scale – with our connectivity it is just possible that we may find the crucial homeopathic dose….

I have little doubt that what Hunbatz had seen in the crop circle was a wake-up call and confirmation. I also have little doubt that he subsequently did everything he could to divine and heal this displacement, not least of all as it is the diviner’s prerogative to identify the corrective and the shaman’s to aid its realisation. In respect of this he also knew the meaning of people-power and even had a minimum number he needed to re-activate the sacred places. There is so much that we may think we have lost, and yet, it is all right here if we choose to see it. And is re-activation of our sacred places on the agenda? Will we listen to our diviners and astrologers?

avebury_aerial[2]The legacy, the investment and the corrective are converging in our times at a nexus point of necessity. We are now facing similar threats, on a global scale, to the rapid climate change experienced by our ancestors. We also know that we need a global culture shift that will correct and release us from the shadow of our past traumas and mistakes. Our shamans are still among us. They will no doubt echo back to us the displacement of spirit that our material culture has imposed upon the world and help us transit this time of radical healing – to Hunbatz, as to virtually every shaman I have ever met, to speak of the Earth is to speak of the whole living totality of Life here – and that reaches well beyond the visceral tangibility of our mundane senses. I feel that he was addressing the inner healing of spirit and matter that permeates our culture as a pathological necessity. More people visit our ancient megalithic sites now than ever did so at the time of their building – it is not without reason.

In a perfect way the megalithic cultures, as well as the astro-cultures that we have divided, into -ology and -onomy, are brought back together again in these ancient sites in a surprisingly pertinant way. This is not to voice some atavistic urge – it is to recognise our heritage, our indigenous intuitive and instinctive knowing. Just so long as we are open to recieving, we will also find healing there.

To be continued…….

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