MOONFIRE pt 1 : the Pragmatist

A great deal of attention has been paid recently to the constellation of Ophiuchus as a possible candidate for the 13th zodiacal sign – the media, as usual, has hyped it up, and the astro community is humming over it! 13 signs in the zodiac? Who ever heard of such a thing….well, there was a time, long long ago when….you know the story by now, but, WHAT a surprise that this should suddenly put the Lunar cat amongst the Solar pigeons – time to wake up guys…!!!

We have the technology to thoroughly revise our place in the cosmos, but technology alone will not do it – as the astrologers will no doubt discover. The power to envision beyond the known is also needed. Over preceeding lunations we have been framing it as a cosmic dance – “as above, so below”, as the saying goes – the field of the stellar matrix funding the process with energy and opportunity. A wonderous thing to behold, it is so easy to become enchanted by its magix…..and to loose the plot in the process! Now, more than ever, there is no room for any New Age airy faerieness on this, the cusp of the ‘Age of Aquarius’. Paradigm shift, conscious evolution, realisation of the divinity within, of spirit within matter, or of ‘Sacred Marraige’ – no matter what you call it and no matter how far out or inwards our spirits reach, the process is hitting us here on the ground – and, as that other time honoured saying goes, “if it don’t grow corn”………

So, our attention now turns fully to the Earth as the matrix – we must ground the inner cosmos of spirit, nothing new in that. But the stars never repeat themselves and our individual soul paths both reflect and are reflected within this matrix – “as within, so ‘without’ ”….we are being asked to bring the fruits of our inner work to bear and take up the role of participants within this cosmic dance, funding it with the energy of active intent, the response, the follow through – and this current Full Moon pitches us onto the cusp of pragmatic realisation in this evolutionary process – either way, its up to us, now is the time, and its time to get real!

And, before we explore what this means, it should be said that, while there is a watershed moment embodied here, the process itself does not stop with this Lunation – we must look beyond; so, this post will be continued in part 2 in the coming days, after we have looked at the template for action, the focus that this Moon is describing. The zone of speculative preparation is closing, the Earth is moving, the going is getting tough – time to get down to work.

Many key planets stand on zodiacal cusps, in the last degrees of the signs, so transition is symbolically emphasised. With the Moon and the Sun opposed at 29.27 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn respectively they point to the transition, into Leo and Aquarius. The movement of both are further energised by Mars who, having just entered Aquarius, is burning a pathway for Sun to follow in his wake – and Moon will oppose Mars 5 hours after the full Moon which, along with the Moon’s nodal axis, will create a pattern that Marina at Darkstar Astrology describes as the ‘Rack’. It is a soul stretching configuration that here asks, ‘how far can we go with the fighting and extremism, how much pain can we be stretched to bear before we either snap or say “peace”‘, and come together – this is just one mundane aspect of the upcoming that this Moon will highlight….but, theres someone else in this particular mix who’s busy preparing us all for the big paradigm shift – Chiron, the shaman astrologer and initiator, bridge builder between the inner and outer planets.

Chiron, also heading for the borders, between Aquarius and Pisces, is taking the radical initiatives of Aquarian thinking and relating into a spiritualised zone of realisation. Chiron is always the maverick who can find the path that works, and he encourages to do it our way from the empowered position of initiate and healed healer – its a ‘never mind what the political agenda tells us, I own my own truth’ position – he is semi-sextile to Mars, and in a loose sextile with Pluto that will tighten in the coming months, just to push the point home.

Chiron’s role goes further – he is in a tight waning conjunct with Neptune and stands at the midpoint between the Sun and Jupiter, who also stands on the cusp, this time of Pisces and Aries. In this Chiron will fund us with new awareness that is expansive, emphasising the spiritual initiatives we can bring to bear on our worldy actions. Being infused with Neptunian vision he will help us to bring compassion home as an intrinsic necessity within the human sphere. We will return to Chiron shortly after checking in with the other players in the field….

Uranus, the unpredictable harbinger of ‘eureka’ moments, is in late Pisces in a waning conjunction with Jupiter. This thunder and lightning combination has been straffing the fixed star Scheat, the upside of which is creative genius with field changing potential – as many astrologers have speculated, the downside is climatic and politico/economic stress. Ever the pragmatic mother, Earth is literally flooding us with challenges that ask us to pull together, find our courage and compassion in our hearts – the ground is literally shifting beneath us. And, being square to the Moons nodal axis, the dynamic  is asking the question of whether we have the inner resources to meet the outer demands that our daily lives are placing upon us – can we access our potential energy and idealogical initiative, can we make it work? When Uranus and Pluto square up through this year this will come to a head and we will all want to know what all the money, food and energy resources that have been invested in the political/industrial complex and fed into the ‘war machine’ has gotten us…..Earth has the power to slap us down and force us to shed our arrogance and wise up – watch this space!

Mercury has his head down and is spying on the complex as he races towards mid Capricorn, the heart of the citadel of power. He has his own mission and we will be hearing from him again when he stimulates our awareness during the upcoming conjunction with Mars, Neptune, Sun and Chiron on the February Full Moon – you think this Full Moon is a hot one?!

This overtly masculine energy field is being tested and called to accounts – Jupiter cannot escape Juno’s opposition for starters. As well as this she will sextile the Moon, trine the Sun and together they create a matrix that frames all of the above within the question of partnership, unity of opposites within co-operation. We must find the inner balance and be prepared to embody it, a theme that Saturn in mid Libra continues to emphasise and now brings to the inner workings of the heart. Its a re-assessment of our ideals and values in all our relationships – Saturn soon turns retrograde and forms a tightening sextile with Venus who is in mid Sagittarius being closely shadowed (62 minutes of arc at the FM) by none other than Aesculapius, asteroid 4581. Aesculapius is the great mortal healer, medicine man and healer of mortal wounds who, taught by Chiron, is embroiled in the Ophiuchus myth!! Here is a link to a great article by Marina on this constellation. Ophiuchus/Aesculapius brandishes serpent power, the electric highway of kundalini and caduceus wand of the awakened healer…..we will explore this more in Moonfire part 2!

The themes of inner balance and outer re-volution are on hand – and there are two key aspects, unspoken of as yet, that reveal how they can, and will, be grounded….

There are two yods forming around this Full Moon that will ignite the Sun Moon opposition with an intensity that must manifest. Yods create a needs/must aspect when two luminaries in sextile have the midpoint of their energising interaction opposed by a third party, creating an arrow-head pattern – the third point, being at the sharp end of the aspect, acts as the energy point through which the combined energies of the sextiling planets is compelled to find expression. It usually takes the form of an event…..

Here, in the first yod, we find the Moon in sextile with Juno feeding into Chiron at the manifestation/action point. We will surely feel this, healing our partnership issues, feeling them deeply, demanding that all the idealisation of womanhood and its patriarchal usery, be healed. We can now take back our power, Juno exposing Jupiter’s infidelities through opposition and empowering our conscious drive for realism through trine to the sun in the process…..and Chiron has the payback, the trump card…..

He is in waxing sextile with the North Node, with the Moon at the manifestation/action point in the second yod! Becoming who we were always meant to be, embodying the healed emotional body and jetisoning all that does not serve the process we are ready to manifest our true collective inheritance – and we know we must. Our old affiliations, our traditions, our rightful claim to choose our own paths must now be cleared of the miasm of cultural indoctrination, political and economic manipulation, devisive dualism and suppression – we can claim back our potential and realise it!

Chiron knows…..without the spirits the shaman cannot shamanise; the old myths and stories, our very histories, tell us over and over again how our connection with the inner worlds and the creative power of our symbiotic relationship with the divine, within nature, with our Earth, has been usurped through both covert and overt control – the world is shot through with ‘power issues’ that highlight the need to reclaim and re-envision this relationship. We need to clean up our act…..Aesculapius had a daughter, Hygeia, herself a pythia, medicine woman of the snake – she maintains health through hygene and sanitation and helps us to remain in balance, clean. We will be needing her…..

We are not seperate, we have the power of choice, we can be discerning and we can bring this to bear…..the New Age paradigm has touted us as co-creators, spiritual warriors – ideas and idealogies; just what this means on the ground is now the question.

HOWLING MOON : the Gateway Opens

With impeccable timing our friend Carlisle Bergquist at 10 Billion Beats has once again put out the call for a Global Wave of drumming right on this Eclipsed Full Moon – this one will be a howler so lets look at the energies we will be riding….

The eclipsed Moon will auger a field change for the coming year arriving just fifteen hours before the Solstice on 21st December (Winter for the northern hemisphere, Summer for the southern) and prepares the ground for the New Moon Solar eclipse that follows just two weeks later on January 4th – it is essential that we take this opportunity (eclipse) to make the karmic window (Lunar Eclipse) count as the world is poised to come alive with deeply sourced cosmic intelligence and inspiration streaming in from the Galactic Center. The eclipse is just 3 degrees from the GCenter, but, Mercury will be exact conjunct with it at 26 Sagittarius – Mercury is retrograde until the 30th Dec so this inward streaming is a download of immense potential for evolution and reclamation of our collective and individual power…..only, this will be like nothing we have ever known before – we are EVOLVING from within, and with the power of the collective drumming through 10 billion drums creating the great wave, we will have the power to see that change become manifest. So, whats at stake!!??

We are no longer seperated by distance – not that we ever were, however, the unfolding power of connectivity that our technologies have brought us means that we are increasingly tapping into the unified consciousness of our Humanity – we can move as one and, as Barbara Hand Clow suggests, are able to work with the same kind of integral intelligence as the great flocks of birds – we are constantly becoming conscious of the great web of life again through our collective movements, flowing with tidal force and energy – with the Galactic Center alignment on this eclipse this conciousness will become seeded with new potential and all we need is to be awake! There are in the world forces that would have it otherwise……

We do not have to look far to see how those forces are resisting change……the previous New Moon revealed deception at the heart of the Global powerbase – and you cannot remove such realisations once they are out in the open, but, those same ‘powers’ will try everything to alter our minds and fool us into wrong thinking and illusion – with Pluto still hovering near the North Node in early Capricorn this eclipse will bring the objectives of such maneuvering into sharp contrast with our inner knowing – while the politic says one thing the people know another – and this spells the possibility of conflict. Nobody in their right mind wants this…and, on another level, this is also the uterine moment, the hiatus before the birth – a moment in which we can transit from one state to another, and begin to nurture our renewed selves.

Mars squares Saturn from mid Capricorn – the image is one of containment vying with force – Saturn’s Libran energy for re-structuring in partnership is being pushed by the vested interests of those who currently hold the power of political leadership to maintain the status quo. Venus has something to say about this – on exactly the same point of her previous meeting with Mars, the exact same degree of the November New Moon (Moth Moon), the balance of male and female energies is once again being highlighted by Venus’ sextile to Mars – and, to push the parameters,  the Mars square to Saturn is also waxing towards exact on 29th December, just as Mercury goes direct once again. The power of women will be charged and there will be no place for patriarchal suppressors and abusers to hide. This is crucial and will prepare the field for the upcoming Solar Eclipse in two weeks time. To initiate our preparations, before the January eclipse, the 10 Billion Beats crew have put out the call – our singing drums will call out to the Galactic Center – “we are ready”….

Just for a moment take a step back and listen with your heart – this Moon on 29.21 Gemini has a message – it is the sound of our own higher knowing that is telling us from the critical degree that change is about to come. As this eclipse is taking place just before the Solstice we need to remember what the solstice point around 0 degrees Cancer brings in the yearly cycle. It is a point at which the masculine Solar power gives way to the feminine Earth and Lunar power as the latter reaches its peak – we are reminded of this with the Sabian symbol for this degree and its message is uncanny:
……in the run up to the solstice “The dominant Yang force allows the Yin force to begin its six-month long rise to power. The “collective” will gradually overcomes the “individual”…NOW, HOWEVER, the individual person enjoys her/his most glorious hour; s/he exults in the ability to make a “free decision”- i.e. to act as an individual who selects their life goal and their allegiance.”
This truly is our time for formulating our clear intent and setting the energy of this on an outward spiral of evolving karmic release – we can drum up the courage we will need with this eclipse…..and take this towards the Solar eclipse on Jan 4th as we move collectively towards the balance point of the equinox. Cancerian energy is nesting, mothering and protective…..

Once the solstice hour arrives the Moon will have moved forward to oppose Mars from 8 Cancer. We will be searching for the justice that Saturn demands in the face of martial blindness. With Cancerian desires for nurturing and allegiance at work amongst ‘the people’, no longer will the howling sound of our suffering at the hands of the ‘elite’ be suppressed – and the breakdown of barriers and restoration of our ability to heal ourselves, aid each other in the process and bring a new pathway for realising our future here on our Earth will be lit up with Neptune conjunct Chiron’s Aquarian vision – Chiron is now preparing to move into the zodiacal field of Piscean spirituality – this vision is streaming in to this solstice by the constant flowing energy of their trine to the Moon and their awakening sextile to the Sun.

And the stars are with us – during Howling Moon the Sun is conjunct Polaris, the ‘Pole Star’ – she is the great steadying influence, helping us to navigate our new path, as she has many a traveller over the millenia. She has innate knowing of the highest kind to give us in the moment of Lunar darkness and she will ramp up the contrast with the Moon that is conjunct Betelguese.

This star is a massive collapsing red supergiant in the Orion constellation – its time is fading and it will implode under its own gravity – being conjunct the Moon in late Gemini this failing influence spells the end for the high minded political idealism that has driven us to the brink of destruction – nothing can reverse this and this karmic moment is ours for the taking – once the North Node enters Sagittarius our common goals and spiritual aspirations will once more become the driving force for our collective evolution as we release from the grip of the old body politic. But, we need to be awake as this happens….Polaris will help us, finding our way in the dark, elevated high in the northern sky

…..the sting is with Arachne, the spider-woman and original weaver of the web, whose name is carried by the asteroid opposing Venus – which brings us back to the ancient story of Sleeping Beauty…..  

In very ancient versions of this story Beauty was a lunar goddess/daughter whose cycles were unwittingly usurped by the Solar King’s 12 fold division of time – the 13th fairy, the ‘evil’ one who subverted Beauty’s coming of age by cursing her to eternal sleep, was the shadow power that arose, projected from the Sun King’s own unconscious – he forgot to invite her to the blessing, the celebration of menarch. Had he done so the marraige of lunar and solar time would have been complete and our world would be a different place. It cannot now be complete without the integration of shadow. And this is the underlying theme of this Moon.

Arachne herself was overshadowed by the power of the gods when Minerva (Athene) changed her to a spider following a weaving contest between herself and the great weaver – Arachne chose in the contest to portray the loves and transgressions of the gods, which she did with winning skill that outshone the Goddess’ own self aggrandising effort – the myth has it that Arachne had been unwilling to accept that her abilities were entirely  ‘god-given’ – Athene, motherless daughter of Zeus, had been unable to accept the weaver’s apparent egocentricity and hubris – once again the ‘powers that be’ had to have their way, only the result was that Arachne became forever stripped of her humanity and was condemed to hang, hairless and naked, from a single thread, weaving her web for survival. This exile from her humanity is an underlying theme for our times…but, it is not without resolution

The resonances with the story of Sleeping beauty are strong, the more so for the subversion of women’s power and the attempted elimination of Lunar wisdom from the world – across time the Sleeping Beauty story took shape through the ongoing eclipsing of the old matriarchal ways by the male Solar lineages of power – just as organised religion re-wrote the history books and set new calendars the once common wisdom contained in the old stories of the medicine people were relegated to myth and pushed out of the exacting light of consciousness into the liminal realms. The time has come for the old wisdom to re-awaken, renewed. Sleeping Beauty represents this re-awakening, as does her sister story, Snow White, which we will come to in upcoming posts…….

And yet, the sting is in the moment – we are becoming aware of the cycle of sleep ending and the poisons, of seperation from our inner partners, are wearing off…..with the Mars sextile Venus aspect we also have Juno in late Virgo opposite Jupiter conjunct Uranus in late Pisces. Our transformation awaits us and will expand into renewed unity that will take us there. The exquistely poised beauty of this moment should give us cause for celebration and the 10 Billion Beats of our human hearts resounding with the Galactic Wisdom coming in will awaken us to the new world that is our home within the Cosmos. As ever, the future is ours for the taking….

These energies are not imaginary, and this is no fairytale….look at the world around you and it is plain how everything is becoming charged, enfolded by a powerful movement within change – we can make this count through purposeful engagement and consciousness changes everything – our actions following make it so

So, where-ever you are in the world, take up the heartbeat of the drum on this Eclipse and raise a great wave of empowered and knowing energy that will carry us into wholeness and true creative freedom!

A Zen Slap from the Awakener

Look out………!!! Before we know it all the lights are going to go out and something is going to happen in the darkness that will change everything…..will we be ready?! That impeous mischiever and master of the cosmic joke Mercury is going to make sure of it!

Yes, Mercury has turned retrograde and is going into super quick time as he runs the gauntlet of Pluto, the Dragon’s Head, Pallas, the Capricorn cusp, the Sun and the Galactic Center before skidding to a halt, spinning on his heals and re-reprising in fast forward….his current phase is the fastest that he travels in retro and while we may feel the usual characteristic challenges to our communications, activities and thinking that this brings, the emphasis this time is on his heyokah medicine…he wants us to stop taking notes and take notice!

….and heres a clue : before we know it, he will be sitting right on top of that astral corridor of deep illumination, the GC, with perfect timing as the Sun flicks the off switch on us all – LUNAR ECLIPSE

Ok….so what on earth does that have to do with us…..?

Well, its panto season and this years big production is SLEEPING BEAUTY – um, ok, and redefining our reality according to the degree to which we are awake. And the big news is that Mercury is preparing us for a special appearance – and we don’t miss that do we – ‘oh yes we do’ – oh, no WE DON’T! Because its US…

Now, if you are a regular reader at ‘owlmirror’ you will know that there are occasions when the rhetoric gets a little weird, but, rest assured, there is method in this madness and over the coming few weeks the lunacy will reveal the strategy, literally….FIRST, look around…..

The recent New Moon brought out smoking mirror medicine and the view is fascinating, hypnotic even – so, quick lets snap out of it while the world is obsessing with Wikileaks, exposure of government deceptions, ongoing revelations of the wholesale buying off of peoples assets to fund wars, fear mongering and the manipulation of our well-being to keep the ‘big guys’ on top, and this while the rich minority turn their backs on the starving majority (would you like a GM candy dear?) – are we not being asked to ‘wake-up and ‘take-up’? Do we need anymore incentives to picking up the beat??

The chrysalis has cracked wide open and no amount of hasty heavy-weight tarring and feathering is going to cover over the cracks, hide the fact that the old shell is de-funkt or make the ugly truth look beautiful to our blinking eyes.

We had the ‘dreaming in the cocoon’ phase of the October New Moon in which the energy to become lucid within the dream became available…..moth medicine’s magic dust….

This was preceded by the shaking of the World Tree throwing the health of our internal balance into perspective – our need for integration, female/male, right/left hemispheres, east/west…..we are whole and free to go forward, or we are asleep and trapped in the karmic dross.

Those Ten Billion Drums are still reverberating and gave an almighty surge to the global wake-up call that Jupiter and Uranus in conjunction swept into our midst (which also provided the fuel for the launch of this blog) – its all been building and getting set for whats about to happen next…..

…..which brings us back to Mercury.

Pluto in Capricorn will continue to test the power base of our world with deeply transformative forces in ways that are now becoming apparent for all to see – Mercury transiting Pluto will further wake us up to our own perceptions of this (have you noticed how the ‘web’ is tightening – will the lights go out on those who ‘serve’ us?)

And, none are exempt – the more vested power, the greater the exposure and pressure to change – if you are in a position of power, you have a choice :
1. love it,    2. use it, or    3. lose it
For the ‘power-over’ merchants the use of power will be most under the spotlight; for the rest it means personal empowerment to bring radical change – ‘power’ itself is being shaken loose and 1 and 3 are the way 2 will be defined, either way. This will be an ongoing story, and how we experience it will depend on how awake we are… our purpose.

The Moon’s North Node is the place of our great collective challenge to become what we always knew we came here to be. When Pluto sat on this karmic point we were given notice of the need to re-evaluate our personal paths in depth, according to how much our past achievements and alliegances aid or restrict us from entering the uncharted territory of our soul making destinies – and, to put this in perspective – Mercury transiting Pluto retro will offer us the chance for a stock take – love it, use it or lose it….and make the necessary adjustments as he skims the Dragons Head. He also wants us to get ready for the border issues at the heart of the story….we will need to be light and fleet of foot!

The Capricorn cusp is the demarcation point between being led by the light of our ideals and leading through grounding them as workable strategies in the world – Merc flies backwards over this zone with a wink to the wise for he knows that the thorny issues this raises are due to neglect and slumber – they are all surmountable with a sharpened sword of awareness and a trusty steed of instinctive and truthfull knowing – we can all see the brambles surrounding ‘the Castle’; we need to be honest to overcome them – even then, will justice be done?

Well, first he will meet with the wise gatekeeper, Pallas, who stands true to her station guarding the collective wisdom that is promised to us all – that wink to the wise will catch the owl’s eye for sure (in divination the ‘owls eye’ is our clairvoyance!). In her we trust.

And will he stop to bow at the Sun…….more likely steal some of his fire and shower sparks into the great beam of cosmic knowledge with which our Solar system is now aligning, the Galactic Center…..and then we will have that moment of pure magic, the Lunar Eclipse, but, more on that in the next post…its enough just to keep up with the guy – don’t forget, he’s got winged feet…..

(and what of Mars – we’ will bring him into the picture in the next post too)

In the meantime, here’s a small taster from Merc’s view in the saddle, of what will be going down on that Solstice Moon; he will be reminding us that in our consciousness we are riding the Centaur of Sagittarius – ready, aim….; to open our inner sight even more and take us to a higher level he will be calling on Pegasus in whose constellation Jupiter and Uranus will be exact conjunct, waiting for the final flashing drive; to further alert us to the task in hand he will be sounding the clarion to call to ‘the people’ that announces the returning inner light, as the Moon is eclipsed in his homeland of Gemini; and he will be sending the rolling thunder and flashing sword of enlightenment across the void to Juno in late Virgo – she will bring the field alive with her powerful ‘song of attraction’, to our inner selves and our selves in others – the words to her song are simple, ‘In Lakech’

Thats a grand old square dance of a kind that will throw a brilliant light upon the old order and its ivory towers, enough for us to decide, once and for all…..

And on he will charge until, on December 30th, after a brief pause, Mercury begins his return run up to join in the royal awakening of the Solar eclipse on January 4th….in the Castle of Capricorn! The smoke effects in the auditorium will be lifting by then, the safety curtains will draw back and…..

Sound like a pantomime?? Dim the lights, shhhh…………look out, he’s behind you!!


Deepening our Life Purpose and emptying the Cauldron……the challenge of the current transit of Pluto to the Moon’s North Node.

The choices we make now are pivotal – on both individual and collective levels; we either move forward and consciously evolve or we become more and more deeply embedded in the karmic residue of the past – the former will open as an unchartered land before us in which collectively and individually ‘creating the path will be the path’; the latter will see us held at the crossroads, bound to the signpost, until we are released from subservience to being directed, the prison of our unsustainable old ways

Pluto can offer us the gift of total renewal – only, it is an offer we cannot refuse – change will come, our real choice is whether we align ourselves with the energy of change or not. And if we do the hidden wealth of Pluto will be expressed though the vision of our new soul purpose. Pluto the nourisher can also be the Great Mother……Hades was no Hell, it was the time out of time, the holding ground for rebirth.

The Cauldron, the symbol of culture here, will be upturned, but, neither is this about throwing out all that is good – the old indigenous ways, our closeness to the Earth, our mother planet, will all become more relevant than they have ever been – but, they must be grounded within and hold the new vision, be held with respect, for their roots and their keepers, be of now and capable of sustaining us on our collective journey. And we must be strong enough to recieve the Uranic blasts of inspiration that will be following as Uranus squares with Pluto through the following year…..

So many other astrological factors feed in to this radical change : Jupiter, soon to go direct, will lead the way with expansive pioneering energy through re-entering and transiting Aries; Neptune and Chiron, both now direct, will move slowly through to the radical borderlands of late Aquarian energy that promise a transition into Piscean holism; eclipses pepper the karmic field with gateways for revision and release – yet, for now, let us focus on Pluto and the Dragon’s Head…..

We have been here before. Perhaps as an example of the kind of upheaval we could expect…….

……..the last time Pluto was in Capricorn (1762-79) the American nation birthed itself through independance from the control of the British Monarchy – out of this struggle were born the Declaration of Independance, the Bill of Rights and Articles of the Constitution. The American War of independance lasted 8years from 1775 – that it spilled over 4 years into Pluto’s transit into Aquarius is worth remembering. 10 years later we saw the French Revolution begin. And now we have come full circle…..

This spilling over of the thrust for change is to be expected when Plutocratic structures are involved – Pluto will challenge us to take the journey out of Hades before we can claim our true freedom. The next time Pluto enters Aquarius will be in 2023, and echoing that 4 year carry over, Pluto conjuncts the Moon’s north node exact in Aquarius at 4d57’ in November 2027. The Sabian symbol for this degree is worth noting  (my italics) :


KEYNOTE: The Root foundation of past performances which power and sustain whatever decision is made in a crisis by an individual.

The whole past of mankind stands behind any individual effort, especially in times of critical decisions. Every individual is far more dependent upon the strength of their ancestors’ achievements — or oppressed by their failures and lack of vision — than they usually believe. This can mean a hidden foundation of individual strength, or the inertia of a tradition unable to transcend its limited origins.

This is the last symbol in the sixty-first five-fold sequence. It suggests that in many situations RELIANCE UPON PRECEDENTS will enable the aspirant to greatness to tap the power of their deepest roots. “  

We must learn from our past, mistakes and all – and in this we will find our empowerment, we are all leaders.

Contrast this with the unknown qualities hinted at in the degree of Pluto’s current conjunction with the N Node in Capricorn :


KEYNOTE: The ability to use natural resources and basic skills in order to achieve a group-purpose.

……….the start of a journey undertaken by a cohesive group of people, who perhaps together have built this large canoe. Thus we see here a common enterprise which may be an answer to the need for a change of locality. A social group more strongly than ever reveals its homogeneity and common will when it decides to move away from its familiar habitat. The zodiacal sign Capricorn brings this common will to a focus in concrete actions. It does so in terms of socio-political expediency and under a definite type of executive direction, even though the decisions are arrived at by common consent.

As this is the fourth symbol in the fifty-fifth five-fold sequence, we find in it a hint of how to do something concrete. The “canoe” may also have a special technical meaning, as it uses water in order to move. A common feeling-response to a specific situation may be implied. The main emphasis is nevertheless on GROUP-ACTIVITY in circumstances implying a need for change. “

The Sabian for the following degree has some of the people in the canoe rowing, the others doing a war dance…….energetic means towards a common goal maybe, even if we must take up arms?

Once again the Dalai Lama shows us the way, and shows that the heart of the Buddhist vision carries the promise – the ‘simple monk’ has gifted us a clear example of the highside of the meeting between the Hadean Lord of rebirth and the soul potential of humanity… the last few days the Dalai Lama has been in Hiroshima attending the gathering of Nobel Lauriates – he gave a speech in which he expressed in clear and unequivocal terms the desire and prerogative for a world free of conflict, the instruments of conflict and the nuclear bomb in particular – he was giving shape to the gift of vision within Pluto on the Moon’s north node.

As I write Aung San Suu Kyi has been released by the Burmese Military Government – it is symbolic of this energy of change not only that this great and inspiring leader is now free within her own land, but, also that the question remains “can the Military be trusted to allow her to act upon her freedom?” She is, like the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela, to whom she has been rightfully compared, a wise and indefatigable spirit who desires a peaceful revolution (by which she means non-violent “radical change”).

A peaceful revolution, maybe, but a deep cleansing of karma, certainly……..will we be burning off the aggregates as we head for rebirth?

The dance with the Moon’s nodal axis is itself no quick transit – we are in its midst and it will now flavour our decisions with sustained compelling intensity. With this long transitory process Pluto enforces by necessity searching inner journey’s – these may feel like life missions – crucial and determined, guided by ancient forces, challenging us in the extreme to be in the present, yet fundamental to the very core….at either end of the nodal axis we have Capricorn and Cancer.

Fundamentalism and ruthless exploitation are the downside, collective and individual responsibility for birthing a new Earth the upside. We ‘the people’ are being challenged on our ability to manage change and, in doing so, to demonstrate once and for all that we are capable of doing so free of being subjected to power-over.

Within this, we are challenged to transform the Cancerian ties of family, tribe and ancestral tradition into meaningful alliances. The alternative is a deepening of division, with its inherent threat of escalating conflict, and the rise of extreme polarities of governance, and we are not lacking in examples from history to illuminate our karmic truths – such conflict and political extremism may yet embody denial of our mistakes. Yet, within the ravaging effects of such a denial all that stands in the way of admittence will be highlighted and, of course that includes all the corporate and regulatory powers that are currently holding the old paradigm in place.

Capricorn will be Pluto’s home until the restructuring of our political, trade, economic, environmental and power based actions in the world are transformed – our very relationship to power is being called into question, and through it our understanding of our existance. Following this impulse will also be our challenge and brings with it the question of realising our manifest consciousness – we can no longer descry our brutality while employing brutality, no longer support and rest upon those structures that enforce difference while shirking responsibility for the dualistic world we have created. The fruited seed of dualism is conscious unity. Pluto can also lead us to the Phoenix…..

It is no accident or coincidence that the Mayan calender entered its last Tun at the exact time of this conjunction – this Tun will bring us to the end of the evolutionary process in collective consciousness that the calendar describes – this process is fully set when the calendar culminates on October 28th 2011. The media fed hype around 21st Dec 2012 has created an apocalyptic vision that feeds our fear….and yet, the question must be asked : if we choose to see this as the end of the cycle we may have left things too late – why??!!……..

Many respected astrologers have been saying the period of change within which we can begin to ground our vision and lay the real foundations of a new Earth will culminate in 2020. The year following the culmination date in late 2011 will be the testing ground in which we will have full consciousness of our responsibilities towards realising the evolutionary vision. We will be challenged to match our means to our vision – in a pragmatic sense this will bring the tension and pressure on old and outmoded systems of governance and exchange to an hightened state – if the old ways and structures persist, so will the vision, until it is realised – such polarisation can only go so far. Change is inevitable. So is the necessity of striking deals and establishing workable and lasting relationships. Having been within minutes of arc from Scorpio in the first half of the year Saturn will finally enter Scorpio on October 5th 2012. By end 2012 we will be fully cogniscent of the truth – only, our ability to act upon it, whether the choice still remains, will have become the overriding question, and by then, the world may already be providing us with the answer. Compassion will be the key…….

Moth Moon Rising

A Dark Moon is rising on the wings of change……Moth Moon will shake off the dust of ages

……as we venture to break out of the cocoon of the ‘old world’ and unfold the wings of our collective future Pluto is transiting the NNode in Capricorn and squeezing the soul juice out of our old attachments, fertilising the ground of our becoming – soul and soil, a syllable apart, U and I
– can we throw off the husk and ?

On the very degree that Mars and Venus were joined on the previous New Moon, deep in Scorpio the Sabians say this Solar Lunar implosion challenges to manifest communion after seperation – the bed is still warm in the secret bridal chamber, and yet, the Champion and his Amor are going their seperate ways….Mars, unaspected, out in the world, Sagittarius warrior, floods the field with courage (power of the heart)……Venus, looking inward, retraces her steps, pregnant with the healing vision of Love (trine Chiron with Neptune), poised to force the expansive change (quincinx Jupiter and Uranus) in rebirth that will reveal hidden new strategies to shake down the old balance (Scorpio into Libra) with the laws of the heart

Moth Moon will brook no compromise (semi-sextile Saturn in Libra) – the old ways of communion will not hold – the old talk is over – a new language of the spirit earthed within the heart is our only choice, for, without communion there can be no communication….

…..and what of Mercury! The sting in the tail (Mercury in late Scorpio) – we walk our talk, or perish……

……and whom, by what means?

The people are wise and will rise in renewing our ancient bonds of knowing, ‘cunning with magic’ (NM sextile Juno in Virgo, trine Lilith in Pisces) – handfasted through spiritual sexuality

The power hungry are trapped in their phallic ivory towers, doomed by their own lustful attachments to fall on the swords of their own hubris (Saturn quincunx Lilith, Pluto on the N Node, Saturn semi-sextile Pallas) – the renewed collective contract (Saturn at the NMoon Juno midpoint) will bring them down by their own design, their own dis-owned shadow…..

And what of the talk we must walk……

Our spirits within our hearts are our guides as we enter the unknown – we all carry the flaming sword – we will explore all the energies of this inner collective cosmos on our journey, as this Moth Moon flies towards the November Full Moon

……we will begin to speak our sacred truths anew that we may know each others heart as she transits Mercury – we will take up the flaming sword and begin to wield the power of our ideals as she transits Mars – we will begin to know our deepest purpose as she transits Pluto on the North Node and we will begin to ground our vision in balance as she transits Ceres, fresh from teaching Pluto a lesson in parity and the cyclical ways of feminine wisdom – we will become initiates, knowingly wearing our wounds as a cloak of attainment, woven of the spiritual power of our visions as she transits Chiron and Neptune – we will enter the coven of the crones and taste the amniotic elixir of Life, of Love, as she enters the Lilith corridor and transits Jupiter and Uranus, quincunxes Venus – we will challenge the guardians of the old Laws to release the new feminine consciousness within as she opposes Saturn, as Venus turns direct – we will dream of our beloved as she opposes Venus – and we will awaken from our dream pregnant with the vision seeded in our psyches, feeling the spiritual embryo turn within as she stands before the Sun

……we will sing the body electric when the old patterns have been broken – and they will begin to tumble, when Jupiter strikes out into Aries and Uranus follows, returning to challenge Pluto, cracking open the chrysalis – only those who cling to the shards of the old will perish in the flame – and, even then, empowered, visionary, ensouled, we will be stepping into the unknown……

October New Moon – a dreamt astrological reading

Sagittal Fibres : Thomas Schultz

I awoke this morning with a complete astrological reading of this October New Moon fresh in my mind – it was given in a dream. Here it is, as it happened, hot off the dream -press :       

there was no physical chart only floating images that were touch sensative – certain key elements are very ‘live’ – nothing is touched physically in the dream and yet when a certain feature is highlighted with conscious focus it becomes activated, like a link on a web screen, and the information is streamed into the dream space  – there is no sound, no voice describing anything, just instant knowing – the dream was very bright and colourful as if illuminated from within – the dream also had an expanded realtime quality that compressed upon awakening as consciousness shifted into awakeness – the demarcation zone between dream and wakened consciousness was very clear – this was not a thought that had occured immediately upon awakening – this was the dream content being carried over…….I have dreamt of divining before but this was the first time it had taken the form of an astrological reading – more on this at the close ; what follows is the essential information as it came through, in a timeline, within the dream, with back-up info from the Sabian Symbols that I referenced upon awakening – I decided not to include a chart in the end as the images remain more luminous within the mind, nearer the quality they had in the dream – the image to the left is an astonishing amalgamation of the two main symbols for the circle of the New Moon chart : 

the chart itself is oriented so that the Moons Nodes are forming a vertical axis, South at the root, North at the crown.

There are two images that appear simultaneously for the circle – in the first, the circle represents a human brain with axis of the Moon’s Nodes forming the top of our spinal column, so dividing the chart circle into right and left hemispheres, with the South Node at the brain stem….
in the second, the circle is a tree, with the roots at the South Node etc, you can imagine the rest:

The brain circle has Jupiter conjunct Uranus + Neptune conjunct Chiron in the right hemisphere;
in the left hemisphere are Mercury conjunct Saturn + Sun conjunct Moon + Mars conjunct Venus;
at the crown Pluto is just in the left hemisphere, and,in the dream, an emphasis is put on the fact that it is in this hemisphere and not exact conjunct the node

In the tree circle the pairing planets are nesting birds that are bedding down and tending to their nests; ( there was no emphasis on the seasons – the nests are both homes for the new laid eggs and shelter for dreaming – remember this symbol for what comes later)

In both circles all the planets and luminaries are in the top or upper half of the circle – the South node, while squared by the Saturn Mercury conjunction, is otherwise isolated, cut off – in the dream the south node was saying that we are being asked to address the fact that we are “dead from the neck down” – that we have lost touch with our roots and that we are in the dangerous position of forgetting where we have come from and, therefore, what we are here to become – Mercury and Saturn together are challenging us to remember our purpose, collectively, but, they also provide the means of doing this, the channel

The dream emphasised that the New Moon and Sun stand at a sensitive point in the chart at 15 Libra – I looked up the Sabian symbol for this point – it has ‘circular paths’ and the keywords are ‘Boredom or Transpersonal Peace’, in other words we have a choice – they are semi-sextile Mars and Venus which is creating a tension in which the deep sexuality of this pairing is at odds with the Moon Sun – they are not seeing each other, not working together – the mind is not seeing, integrating, the sex drive, the mating urge is entirely instinctive – their message within the dream is that we need to take this to higher ground and be conscious of our dual nature and sexual energies – the dream had it that we will become infertile otherwise – the difference in qualities is in the comparision between Boredom (seperation – especially from our animal selves and instincts) and Transpersonal Peace as possible outcomes – which do we choose (or most commonly end up with)?

In the tree circle Pluto is threatening to bring down the tree – he is pulling through the left brain and his gravity is being fed by our thinking, here emphasised by Saturn Mercury – the next New Moon in November will signal the shift, when, days later, Pluto slips past the crown point, the North Node, and into the right hemisphere (brain circle) – not only that, but, the November New Moon is exact on the point that Venus and Mars ar conjunct on now, so, this New Moon is all about priming the change – if we want to make the healing corrective shift, we can dream and think on it now and realise it in a months time – this is crucial timing!!

And what of the healing – in the brain circle the right hemisphere provides the answer – here is the Sabian message for the Neptune Chiron point : “the dependence of the purest feelings of natural living upon the traditions within which they find their most adequate and effective setting.” Anything that Chiron touches must be healed – it becomes ‘chirotic’, to borrow Barbara Hand Clow’s term, and remains so until the healing brings transformation, change – within the dream there is transpersonal and transdimensional energy available to bring this about – so, once again Saturn and Pluto can be brought in to help us ground while channeling this energy into our envisioning, planning and processes for healing – we will all have the personal take on this, so, look inside, be reflective on this Moon and let the truth become apparent

And what of that change – at 27 and 28 degrees Pisces Jupiter and Uranus are dancing the blue electric field of change – “Consumation” is the Jupiter Sabian and “Abundance” the Uranus symbol – at the heart of consumation is ‘Sharing’ and expansive consumation means taking the harvest in and sharing it widely, sowing the seeds of a new cycle that we will all benefit by, and this comes directly from the sabian text too – within the dream, in the right hemisphere these happen through creative and intuitive, receptive and innovative modes – traditions are updated and renewed (North Node), contemporised, brought into the now, released of their dogma (South Node) – Uranus surprises us with wildly unexpected acts of kindness and giving – he also has many tricks up his sleeve too, so, watch out – keep your feet on the ground and stay sharp, look for opportunities that will benefit all – no room for selfish motivation as these will backfire now, and that is part of the past we are trying to remember in order to release

I have written this straight, just got up from sleep, and gone on-line, published – over the next 24 hrs I will try and refine this post, perhaps add a chart, image – so forgive any typos!! – for now, hope you get something out of this – all blessings, happy dream seeding!

Now that a good twelve hours have elapsed from writing the above here are a few reflections on this – I felt a little vulnerable putting this out there, assuming it has any relevance beyond my own consciousness, I could easily be accused of all manner of egotistical and hubristic failings – but, no matter that it was a dream, the planetary positions remain the same and the information passed on from the dream in relation to this stands on its own merits – make of it what you will, it is offered in good faith……


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Being Indigenous – an open letter

Dear Reader,

“We are all indigenous, equal in essence, the sons and daughters of the Earth and yet, for some, many infact, to be Indigenous means to suffer at the hands of our brothers and sisters, to be persecuted, to be stigmatised as less than equal – until balance is restored the suffering will continue; the world will remain out of balance until this is put right.”

There are many in the world who are already doing everything they can to support the struggle of indigenous people to become equal and free citizens, within the world, on their own lands, within the contexts of independant Nation States – if you are such a person, THANK-YOU – please continue to shine your light in the world, to let it shine brighter, to be the example, the exceptional individuals who make the difference – and, may we join you……and, of course, lets remember, indigenous ‘issues’ in the world do not only apply to human-kind……

Re-balancing can happen – it is happening as we speak – and yet, the suffering continues. The message is that we need to ‘up the energy’, sustain our focus for ‘positive change’ and be ready to change our POV as the view changes. Let us examine, under the powerful lense of this Equinoxial Full Moon, some of the ways in which this imbalance persists in the world today, the better to navigate a way forward, a way of healing and bringing an end to the suffering………but, first, lets set the astrological scene :

It is Equinox, the time of the year when we adjust to the changing rhythms of day and night, darkness and light, in fluid equilibrium – it is the fulcrum point at which questions of balance can be brought into focus, given a new appraisal and a healing time prepared from what we find.

There is also a very potent Full Moon the day after the equinox, filling out this theme with passion and emotive energy – opposite the Moon, the Sun re-figures Saturn’s recent entry into the Libran influence of Justice, balance – the weighing of our soul’s path-work on Earth against our love for Humanity. Under these influences our focus becomes intensified, grounded with passion and deeply pragmatic meaning.

Uranus and Jupiter are conjunct within the equinoxial zone of this Moon and the FM itself falls exact on their previous meeting point (June 8th 2010) at the first degree of Aries – time for expansive change, emotive re-evaluation and charging up our heart-felt potential for radical healing.

Full Moons can also cause us to loose our heads, turn us into gibbering lunatics and, with the energies of Jupiter amplifying and Uranus electrifying the Full Moon, we need to be-aware of rash and over the top impulses – Neptune and Chiron continue to challenge us to work for the higher good while also letting go even though our hearts may still be in the right place –  even as we allow the power to flow through through us – its as well to be in safe and sacred space if we are working intentionally with these energies as there is an unpredictability in the mix and the possibility of becoming ungrounded.

Put all these energies together and you can see that it creates a great wave, of soul focused healing, and the dynamic re-balancing that releases us from the shackles of the past – riding it will help us to grieve old wounds, even ancient ones embedded in our DNA, clearing the way for a clearer connection with each other and the cosmos – we can bring about the change that we percieve is most sorely needed, so, it is a good time to ‘ask the question’, of what is closest to our hearts.

Applying these energies to persistant and deep wounds will bring about equally deep and lasting change – and, Human Rights is amongst the most pressing and pertinant issues that we face, day after day, in our time – what happens when the world moves WITH the cosmos in consciousness on these issues – lets find out…..

Returning to the focus of Indigenous People’s Rights in the world and, at the risk of inciting you to duck behind the sofa or run for the nearest fire hydrant, let us ask an emotive and difficult question , in keeping with this Full Moon :

"Grief" : copyright Rob Purday

‘Are the conquered and divided, missionised, dispossesed, raped, murdered, stigmatised, ethnically cleansed, dishonoured, disrespected, criminalised, Indigenous victims of genocide, enforced enculturalisation, enslavement, marginalisation, imported disease, non-indigenous values, illegal invasion, ‘legal’ subjugation, deportation, starvation and corporate greed expected to say :

          “yeh, OK, you’re right, we’re wrong – go ahead, do as you will, destroy us, control us, our land, our culture, our way of life, our communities and families – make of us a diaspora, an example of undesirability, less than worthy members of the ‘Free World’ – disregard our rights to, by your own Laws, Free Speech, self determination, equality, liberty and the basic fundamental rights of human existance, on and within the land that we, our parents, grandparents and ancestors, who so desire the nourishment of our grief shed tears, call our Home, going back longer than you can, in all likelihood, possibly remember, and would willingly shed yourselves, were YOU also vitaly in touch with your deepest roots, with the land that has given you and your kin their roots, meaning, culture and very bodies, has fed and envigorated your spirits and given you the unalienable right to say “I AM INDIGENOUS”?’


Indigenous peoples the world over continue to this day, in our time, to suffer exploitation, oppression and the abuse of their inalienable Human Rights – and this, despite the best efforts of the UN, the ILO, national governments and their representatives, countless dedicated organisations, lobbying, pressure, support and resource groups, campaigns, communities and inspired individuals to bring balance and equality into the world on behalf of and as representatives of Indigenous Peoples worldwide. This raises many questions – such a state of affairs is itself a persistant and pertinent question waiting to be fully answered.

Pertinent questions can be powerful motivators – they persist and remain active until resolved……..for example :

The United States and Canada are the two most prominent countries not, to this date, to have fully endorsed the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – Canada, at the time of writing, is still moving towards ratification – at the time of initial adoption eleven other countries abstained – WHY?

The ILO Convention C169 that gives Indigenous Human Rights a global legal condition of recognition, as well as giving Indigenous Law a valuable degree of parity with National Law, is, to date, ratified by ONLY 22 nations worldwide, despite having been in existance for more than 30 years, and in force for 29 years – notable absentees from ratification include the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, the UK; infact every single European country except Holland, Spain, Norway, and Denmark has so far refused to ratify this noble and crucial convention – WHY?

France’s government is in the process of expelling Roma peoples; Germany’s government is heading in the same direction, with their sights on even greater numbers of expulsions than France, including large numbers of children – WHY?

Then, please consider the fact that, even when they do ratify Articles and Conventions that protect the equality of First Nations within Nation States, giving them legal rights that protect their Human Rights, Nation States the world over continue to demonstrate a liability to show harsh disregard for the same fundamental rights of aboriginal, indigenous peoples, when it comes to issues of State policy, land rights, legal rights, education and health, the abolition of poverty and particularly the Humanitarian rights of peoples whose very existance is under threat from Corporate Development of their homelands – WHY?

Given that, inspite of all the advances and immense efforts that have been initiated, embedded and enacted on behalf of and in support of the indigenous peoples of this world, that they continue to suffer, are we then to stand back and do nothing? Are we to remain passive observers of the horrors faced by indigenous peoples, day after day, the world over?

If you find that the answer is NO please take time to think on this, make a pledge to yourself, renew your old ones, to, at least one time in your life, but, better still, once a year, a month, even everyday, do at least one small thing that will help change this totally unacceptable state of affairs within our present world. And, if you find that the answer is YES……..then, thank-you for making it this far, and, having done so, just allow yourself to go one step further……

The smallest thing can make all the difference – a gift, message, prayer, dedication – even just ‘thank-you’ in some form adds more substance, more energy to the wave of change that we can and are generating in support of the indigenous and oppressed First Nations of our world – Our World…..think on it….there is so much more we can choose to do

Whatever your choices the following organisations and articles will help you make your choice an informed one – illuminations and blessings of this Equinox Full Moon be with us :

ILO C169

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