Passion and the Art of Getting Lost

How far can our passion take us beyond the current condition of the world, beyond the current dominance of the western mindset and its self perpetuating fall-out – as Venus crosses the July 1st eclipse point, Mars trines up with Saturn and we approach the Capricorn Full Moon here are a few quotes and questions to challenge and invite beyond the known….wasteland or wilderness? Which would you choose…

“I have been part of a circle for many years. It is one of the most important connections of my life. One reason the circle is so powerful is that it is informed, in fact shaped by, the Grandmother Spirit. The spirit of impartiality, equality, equanimity. Of nurturing but also of fierceness. It has no use for heirarchy. Or patriarchy. Tolerates violence against itself for a while, but will sooner or later rise to defend itself. This is the spirit of the Earth itself.”
Alice Walker (1)

Where is the Earth not bucking, and have we seen her really rise to defend herself, yet – where is her spirit within you…..


Promise me,
Promise me this day,
Promise me now,
While the Sun is overhead
Exactly at its zenith,
Promise me.

Even as they
Strike you down
With the mountain of hatred and violence;
Even as they step on you and crush you
Like a worm,
Even as they dismember and disembowl you
Remember, brother,
Man is not your enemy.

The only thing worthy of you is compassion –
Invincible, limitless, unconditional.
Hatred will never let you face
The beast in man.

One day when you face this beast alone,
With your courage intact, your eyes kind,
(even as no one sees them)
Out of your smile
Will bloom a flower.
And those who you love
Will behold you
Across ten thousand worlds of birth and dying
Thich Nhat Hanh (2)

Do you have the courage, truly, and what gives you that courage – have you or are you facing the beast alone, truly, and can you do so ‘untroubled’…..

“Anyone who has laboured to release the Goddess from the darkness of centuries of abuse has returned from the excavation with a paradox. She who is dead is alive. All we have to do is open our eyes an extra sixteenth of an inch, and there she is, dancing in every apple blossom, in the song of every purple finch, as well as in the flames of passion that we call life.” Marion Woodman (3)

Is there a ‘fire in your head’, in your heart, and does it speak to you with the language of the world, of nature and spirit….can you ‘see’ life, and if so, what is this seeing telling you……


“Yeah, a river flows underneath this city
I’d like to go there with you now my pretty and follow it on
for miles and miles, below other people’s ordinary lives.
Occasionally catching a gimpse of the moon,
thru’ man-hole covers along the route.
Yeah, its sometimes dark but if you hold my hand,
I think I know the way.
Oh, this is as far as we got last time
But if we go just another mile we will surface surrounded
by grass & trees & and the fly-over that takes the cars to the cities.
Buds that explode at the slightest touch,
nettles that sting – but not too much,
I’ve never been past this point, what lies ahead
I really could not say.
I used to live just by the river, in a disused factory
just off the Wicker
The river flowed by day after day
“one day” I thought, “One day I will follow it”
but that day never came
I moved away & lost track but tonight I am thinking
about making my way back.
I may find you there & float on wherever the river may take me.
Wherever the river may take me.
Wherever the river may take us.
Wherever it wants us to go.
Wherever it wants us to go.”

Jarvis Cocker (4)

How many of us are deaf to the river? Does the roar of the log-jam, of the power-dam of the city drown you out? Can you find its voice within and has the river spoken to you, inviting you to return, to let it take you wherever…..

“To lose yourself: a voluptuous surrender, lost in your arms, lost to the world, utterly immersed in what is present so that its surroundings fade away… be lost is to be fully present, and to be fully present is to be capable of being in uncertainty and mystery. And one does not get lost but loses ones-self, with the implication that it is a conscious choice, a chosen surrender, a psychic state achievable [literally and metaphorically] through geography.
That thing the nature of which is totally unknown to you is usually what you need to find, and finding it is a matter of getting lost.”
Rebecca Solnit (5)

Freedom from the known, the ability to surrender, what have we surrendered in the name of choice… do you navigate the unknown…..

“In the Fifth World, Illumination will be the central theme. Spiritual awareness will be common. Illumination radiates from the center. The focus is on truth; all the knowledge in the world is useless without faith. We humans have to willing to take a chance. What is wisdom? It’s an inner knowing of truth, without a shadow of a doubt. But, it can’t stand alone – its tied to the other qualities on the Medicine Wheel. This life is not a game, but is based on the wisdom of the trees, the grass, the stones, and all of life. Wisdom is also having a dream. If you have no dream, you can’t tap into wisdom. If a person has an idea that flashes into their mind, thats the beginning of a dream, But, they must bring life into the idea and develop the dream, or it will pass on.
Nothing works without the focus on truth, wisdom and faith. If we don’t have faith in ourselves, nothings going to work. You can have all the wisdom in the world, but if you don’t have faith and aren’t willing to step out and do something about it, nothing is going to happen.
Illumination is coming in the Fifth World…..”
Grandmother Twylah Nitsch (6)

I once got lost in the city of Lisbon, at least momentarily, deliciously….coming down on foot from the Moorish castle on one of the seven hills next the Tagus, I entered a small square surrounded by tiled houses, old folk at the doorways, chatting, a fountain beneath the tree at its center, and was washed through by the enchanting sound of a zither playing the Harry Lime theme from Orson Welles ‘The Third Man’ – all time stood still and I forgot where I was, and yet, came fully home to that place, flooded with an eternal moment… long it was before the road beckoned me on I do not know…..

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Dharma Moon

At first sight this may appear a radically boisterous New Moon in tropical Taurus – the drive of the people looking for ways to ground the fiery power of a stellium of planets that have been channeling Aries qualities into the world this last month or more. And on a gross level we might well want to make this work, given the scale of events and the challenging dynamic now at work in the world….however, experience is transforming the radical element, and it is the increasing presence of the Goddess consciousness emerging at the heart of the world that is coming through this May New Moon.

She is both primal and supra-intelligent, and there is no place here for brute force or blinkered heads down confrontation in the use of those Aries values. So, while this is a ‘no-nonsense, get real’ Moon, it is fundamentally an opportunity to further embody Her within our daily lives. In this reading of the May New Moon we will be able to see just how powerfully articulate is her primal wisdom as it permeates our world and further prepares us with the creative tools needed to bring an end to the overbearing autocracies of a dieing paradigm….we need to be creative, aware and empowered and, as we shall see, our creativity within the realms of the sensuous, is the conscious vehicle through which the radical element can become grounded…..

Helping us to bring alive the deeper layers of consciousness within, Her divine energy is manifesting the multifacted Soul of the World through Ceres, Persephone, Juno, Pallas, Eris and the Liliths. Key to grounding them all within our hearts is Venus – and it is the medicines she brings, her sensitivity to the sensual nature of Life, that will help us balance the male archetypes now raising the tension we all feel. The field is stretched taut and filled with potential. This is an energy ready to be given expression and we can do so with creative beauty and power, funded by the divine feminine – lets explore the rising celestial wave…..

With Venus now in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra at the New Moon the value of our relationships is brought into sharp focus; just who we know in our hearts to be our most trusted friends and allies, how we relate to them on a one to one basis through fidelity, whether the individuality we each bring into the world is honoured within our partnerships, how we communicate this…..the quality of truth that we know from the feel right factor within our hearts. All these aspects of this opposition are brought out into broad daylight here with Venus close at 2 degrees from newly direct Mercury. The Sabian symbol for Venus’ degree has this keynote : “Projecting into everyday living the realization of wholeness and fulfillment.” Here is a central theme for the mundane application of these energies. This expresses the act of self realisation through the creative fulfilment of spiritualised desire. At 15 Aries Venus brings out the exquisite Sabian symbol of “AN INDIAN WEAVING A CEREMONIAL BLANKET” in full sensual beauty – there is a mediation within this that is profound and inspiring, as ‘the realised original self clothes itself in the universe’. In relation to Saturn it is a degree of realising what buddhists would call Dharma – the everyday as the path of natural law, and here is our first influx of the creative element in context. Our lives are the skene from which the patterns of our soul are woven within the fabric of the Universe. We should say Multi-verse as Venus also opens the possibility to transcend the forms we create and use them as gateways for spirit to enter the world. Again, with Saturn’s Libran structuring and eldership, it becomes possible to view our path as initiation through Life – intiation of both healing medicines through creative acts and as a restoration of rites of passage within the everyday, where every step is made both conscious and divine. For us all, if we care to take notice (and, although surely not all of us are, humanity is awakening to Earth awareness) the intensity of present events is showing us that we have entered the ‘no looking back’ phase of initiation into karmic reality…..we have gone beyond the threshold and the whole world has taken on the shape of the sacred ground within which we will become transformed through living experience – the here-and-now has become humanity’s ritual ground for initiation into adulthood.

So from the very start we are called to recognise the pragmatic side of a spiritualised life, lived creatively as prayer in practice that serves a larger process. The Sabian also refers to the state akin to that following a divination, where enquiry leads to awakened consciousness that becomes infused with ‘knowing’ of a divine order and seeks to find creative expression that carries forward the clear intent of the insights revealed…….we talked last time about the importance of divination, the role of the diviner as an ‘inner mentor’ – now, we can take a step further and become purposefully articulate as divining beings, and this role is asking to be fully activated and embodied with this new cycle. We can make our offerings based upon the insights within our active meditations. This is common practice for the diviner/healer – it is powerful and effective within the everyday, both for grounding our own divine nature through creativity and for giving form to the healing energies that are seeking to work with and through us. And the natural consequence of such is to translate knowledge into wisdom through action that serves the larger purpose….again the unfolding events and situations within the world give us our clear mandate, and this is a purpose that is clear to us all now; we only have to look around and percieve with our heart’s inner eyes to know where our prayers are most needed. It has become obvious, also, that we can equally become intoxicated with the divine; it is both zealousness and hubris that bring the imbalance – as both unconscious and unacknowledged symptoms of a deep collective soul wound, the spiritual void at the heart of ‘material culture’ that seeks to be filled with divine energy, this affects our world through its own narcolepsy….and here is where the reading begins to open out.

Simply embodying our divinity, realising our sacred nature, is creative and, under ‘healthy and balanced’ circumstances this may give rise to cultural expression that embodies the spiritual health of the people; we only have to look to the life-ways and creative beauty of the indigenous world for to see our heritage mirrored back to us. By contrast, our dominant cultural trend has brought us into a world that is stripped back to the mundane, where creativity is reduced to a feature of our human capacity for both survival, invention and decadence, and we are paying heavily for the latter – creativity needs to honour the divine to become balanced, for the divine and the manifest are symbiotically interwoven. Without this honouring we are constantly pursuing a path that leads towards what the Hopi call Koyaanisqatsi – a ‘world out of balance’. Following the blind objective dictates of ‘science in service to progress’ this desacralised and hubristic impulse has driven us to the edge of extinction, where ‘progress’ is the hunger that seeks to fill the void within with the false gods of materialism. Such is the halmark of the patriarchal paradigm, controlling the hunger and making us servants of its self-serving agendas. So, within the fallout of our patriarchal paradigm, its entropic meltdown, it is the function of Goddess awareness and energy to alert us to the realities of the imbalance, and to show us the path that we must now follow to restore it….for follow we must. And more than anything else it is the denied aspects of the Goddess that are returning, her innate presence within all things as well as the multiplicity of her conscious expression. We need look no further than the aspects to pick up the threads of the story……

Sextile the Sun and Moon we find Ceres, the sickle, wheat, poppy and snake bearing Mother, provider and pragmatic parent, wise to the ways of the underworld….opposite her is Juno, who demands the honouring of balanced individuality within partnership, or exposes the infidelities that betray the sacred trist! What brings the fine edge to this arrangement is Pallas square the Moon, and Pallas raises consciousness with Amazonian intensity in service to wisdom – so, there’s no question about whether this Moon is about consciously addressing the imbalances within the world in relation to the patriarchal paradigm and all its works. What we find in this configuration is a potentially emasculating yod between Venus sextile Pallas pointing towards Juno at the action point, with Ceres opposite at the reaction point, and she’s twitching her blade ready to express the combined energies of her sisters with decisive impact. How does this translate……?

Venus and Pallas bring the passionate heart and dis-passionately wise women’s knowing together and mutualy raise their values; Juno holds this up as the template for action that honours the sacred and Ceres makes sure that it is applied with decisive and unflinching effect – the Sabians again provide the symbol for the mundane context. Pallas’ degree has these lines within the text for the symbol : “…….the confrontation with superpersonal group or occult power…..In social life, as well as occultism, conflict is always to be expected; one must prepare for it……a deep-seated struggle is inevitable at least to some extent…..It can be a struggle against the ghosts of the unfulfilled past, the “unlived life,” or a confrontation with accumulated and often-eluded karma……One may have to rehearse the dangerous play…..Individual rashness cannot be tolerated……Even a deliberate sacrifice must play a well-conceived part — like the sacrifice of an important piece in a game of chess…..the process of integration of the individual into a social Whole, a community, an occult Brotherhood…….The concept of group-value dominates the entire scene.”

We are put on collective call to be aware, pre-cogniscent of the values and motivations behind our actions and to take this higher consciousness into embodiment, centered within the heart – a far cry from the scientism of the collapsing era. Juno’s energy is finely tuned to bring out the crimes that have been committed against us in the name of ‘over-Fathering’ our world. The Sabian for Juno’s degree offers the healing balance, saying “…the mystic Beloved hands him what she has woven for him out of spiritual threads.” This is the recognition of the devotee as the “the blossom that crowns a long series of incarnations” – it also offers the redemptive honouring of the masculine principle within service to the divine feminine. Once again, there is the creative element, the soul-weaving that echoes the Norns message from the last Moon cycle, and we cannot escape being aware of the fated nature of our predicament . Karma is at the heart of this – it requires owning and cleansing, the integral function of these combined goddess energies. And there is a further context for this, that Ceres delivers through fearless re-orientation to Earth consciousness and the seasonal cycles, as they express the endless round of Life and Death…..Ceres, although applying an underlying pressure with increasing effect now, is absolutely key here and we will come back to her. But, this is not all!

Both Ceres (in wide aspect to Saturn) and the Moon+Sun are quincunx Saturn, and they too are in an energising sextile – the message is doubled, and this time it is a blunt and imperative challenge to the Saturnian authority figure, a blunting of his masculinity; ’emasculation’ perhaps defeats the purpose, more likely the ‘little death’ after the ejaculation of patriarchal culture in climax provides a more useful reading! The structuring principle is being broken down in the world to allow for the inner light of Goddess consciousness to shine from within, and that means within every one of us, women and men alike – for it is the paradigm of masculine dominance and not the male sex that is being brought to justice here. So, here at least is a window of opportunity – if Saturn is at the action point of this second yod, Venus puts the redress into action, at the reaction point opposite Saturn. Ceres, being in waning aspect to Saturn, channels her energy through her initiate’s heart and values, and Venus holds this role – she is becoming empowered, which means it is at a heart level that we are being initiated – we can take courage and stand up to the oppressive regimes that embody Saturnian control and bring the masculine and feminine energies to a higher level.

The divine and the mundane intermix, but, the mundane application becomes more visible if we come back to the New Moon. Here Sun and Moon combine, and the Sabian symbol for their degree clealry expresses those values that are now being hi-lighted, which must be addressed : “He is the strong man, the man of ambition who has to take care of the inward-turned “woman” aspect of his consciousness, the aspect that seeks to grow a beautiful “garden” of individual selfhood…..the relationship of ego-man and society has taken the aspect of COMPULSION FOR GAIN.” The end symbol is glaringly obvious, especially in light of the above, but, the inner message makes us think as it can be read both ways…..the feminine has become reduced within the world to an inner ideal, in service to unconscious patriarchal greed and personal profit. We can see this everywhere…..we live in peril of destruction if we allow this to continue. While Ceres provides the underlying directive Venus is the linch-pin within this reading, her role is pivotal in realising that directive. Yes, we want the earth to be our ‘beautiful garden’, but, how can we possibly achieve this if we continue to supress that which Earth is the embodiment of and abuse Her body in the process. What we create around us reflects what is within us…..the goddesses are showing us that our inner work must continue with renewed dedication.

Being in the sign of Aries some astrologers would say Venus is here ruled by Mars, so, how does the warrior fit into this process? Mars, having just conjunct with Jupiter shortly before this new Moon, and still close by the great benefactor, it is now the closer attentions of Eris that is driving Jupiter to distraction and Mars must pay heed – this spells big trouble unless we bring about changes in our outlook, a re-energising of our fundamental philosophies. The warning is that unless we orient ourselves in the right direction and utilise power wisely, the world situation will esculate aggressively! There is hope – Jupiter can bring out the best in Mars, and we know that there is little room for gungho macho attitudes anymore. This too is a point that the goddesses are pushing home. Within the revolutionary movement that has been spreading throughout the North African and Middle-Eastern nations it is the voice of the women that is emerging as the articulate expression of grounded reason and motivation for real change – these are not simply movements for political freedom, they are also a demand for equality and truth. How can we achieve equality when the majority of governments are led by men who are driven by fear, greed and power-over and who continue to pursue their elite agenda’s through use of force in the name of ‘democracy’? How can we achieve real freedom within the patriarchal spewing of weaponry into the world, and this applies equally whether there are politicians with their fingers on the button, their pockets lined with the loot of clandestine arms sales that merely fuel further conflict, whether they are represented by State police, the enlisting of men as cannon fodder, or high-tech combat soldiers, providing the perfect cover for the covert pursuit of “COMPULSION FOR GAIN” – not only is Saturn being called to account. Mars energy can help us realise the role of Sacred Warrior and our goddess infused creativity is the channel for his energies as well, thus bringing him into service to Her……

Pallas, in Aquarius, knows that Uranus, closely shadowed by the Liliths, is out to bring Plutocracy to the dock – the two year square-off between Uranus and Pluto begins within months, we are feeling the tensions build through this as well – and Pallas higher knowing is visibly broadcast throughout the WWW. She knows that the Liliths will expose the dark side of the political power base, and while they entrain Uranus, may continue to do so with explosive and unpredictable power. So long as our collective intelligence is active as a global network, we can keep this impulse growing and channel it for the greater good, until the world we seek within our hearts, to manifest and pass on to our children, has become a reality….this is the central message of the goddesses at this New Moon. And it will happen, regardless, for the rising Goddess consciousness is as real as the ground we stand upon – our task is to bring the visionary power She funds us with into our human reality.

This is no fairytale – the authorities are constantly feeding us ‘less than the truth’, contradicting themselves, inducing both confusion, miasm and blind ignorance – these are the fingerprints of those who would be God, the hubrists who hold the seats of worldly power. To combat this the warrior archetype must now be taken to its higher vibration….and, this is where we find Mars role most strongly vindicated, as he trines the North Node. If ever we faced a time when we are asked to embody the Rainbow Warrior as fully conscious and initiated individuals, to come forth and champion our Earth in divinely inspired creative Unity, it is now… and women alike. Remember, Venus is telling us it is a sacred calling of the heart, but, we can channel that powerful Ceres energy through this role as well…..our voices are strong in the global network, as artists, writers, musicians, campaigners, communicators increasingly embodying extra-ordinary epoch making power. Creativity. Ceres is the Goddess of ‘experience’. The snakes she has at her side bring cthonic wisdom and electrifying kundalini energy – here is a reflection of how the religious dogmas of patriarchal divisiveness have subverted her role. It is through experience that knowledge within incarnation becomes manifestly conscious – the church fathers have re-written the story and called such experience ‘the Fall’.

There are deep resonances for the Earth Mother within this – in the Eleusinian Mysteries her initiatic wisdom became both enshrined and protected, initiates to the Mysteries being sworn to secrecy. In Demeter’s myth (and Ceres is the roman name for Demeter) the Earth ‘fell’ to barrenness after Hades (Pluto) snatched her daughter from the en-flowered fields of springtime, and Demeter sought her daughter the world over – only Hecate was awake to the crime! Here are two aspects of the story worth noting; first, Persephone, Demeter and Hecate are triple aspects of the Goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone – and what is most interesting in this is that while Persephone and Hecate are ‘personal’ names, Demeter is an ‘archetypal role’ name. This is reflected and developed within the story when Demeter, after fruitless searching, encounters Baubo at the house of King Celeus of Eleusis (where the Mysteries found their home). Baubo and Iambe, the king’s daughter, try to placate Demeters exhaustion with wine and food – Demeter refuses nourishment, and so Iambe and Baubo, attempt to raise Demeter’s spirits with lude and lascivious verses ( we get the Iambic metre in poetry from Iambe) – this too fails. Demeter will respond only to the archetypal, the personal does not touch her. So, it is Baubo’s great gift of womanhood that finally breaks through Demeter’s mourning as she raises her skirts and vagina – Demeter is awakened to the full impact of women’s power of regeneration, her Mysteries enshrined and embodied. Baubo is the Sheilanagig whose own body is the archetypal gateway of the sexual powers of regeneration and their inward turning, the deep Crone ‘kenning’ of matured and lived wisdom.

Ceres/Demeter carries the pervasive ‘field’ energy of the archetype and this helps us to understand how her influence is at work within this reading as well as throughout her astrological journey.

The second aspect of Demeter’s story we need to take notice of here brings us back to the current state of the world. After Pluto (Hades in the Greek version) kidnaps Persephone, the fertility of the Earth falls into crisis and the seasons ceased their cycle – some interpreters have attributed this catastrophy to Demeter’s own doing, others to the loss of the Kore, the maiden aspect of the Goddess. There are also echoes here of the massive global changes in climate that were unfolding through the last Ice Age – Ceres myth may well have arisen from this. We should remember that Hecate, the Crone, is wise to the crime. She is no stranger to the Death realms herself, having connection to the initiatic power of the menopause, the inward turning of the creative cycle at the end of ovulation, the final phase of the triple Moon Goddess. She petitions Zeus (through giving the Sky Father full knowledge of Hades crime and Persephone’s location) to persuade Hades to release Persephone (the now initiated Kore). This is a big wake-up call for us all – only through initaited knowledge of the full Life-Death-Life cycle can we reclaim our wholeness, our potential for balanced and fruitfull living – we can become wise within our world and all that is unfolding in our midst. Inspite of themselves the patriarchs are revealing our path. Our world, Mother Earth, Demeter, is initiating us all on this path – how we wake up to the true nature of the presence of Death within Life is the most fundamental of all initiatic challenges. Death can be seen as both the instrument of the mass crimes against our humanity that we are seeing perpetrated by the patriarchal powers and culture of our times, and also as the awakener to our hidden fertility, our creativity become wise. The stolen Goddess, denied her rightful place for too long, can be returned to us now, re-installed within the heart of our life-ways ans culture. Ceres’ poppies are the sacrament, the sacred entheogen that give us symbolic access to the archetypal realms – Hecate’s ‘kenning’ is the power of experience and knowing combined, reflected through our divining psychic eye, in our ‘seeing’ into the archetypal. Another aspect of the triple Lunar Goddess in her ‘dark’ knowing aspect points up the psychic and occult energy present here – Lilith has been at work with Uranus.

What we see in Liliths influence is the esoteric aspect of Uranus being brought out – his entry into tropical Aries saw Fukushima explode with devastating effect. Radiation continues to pour into our oceans and atmosphere – the full facts are being covered up. There may be justification in this – panic is to be avoided. But, this is yet another halmark of the ‘over-Fathering’ of the patriarchal approach. We are made vulnerable without the facts – Lilith is stealthy and eery in combination with Uranus and this becomes dangerous and subversive in the extreme if kept unconscious. This is also how radiation works at the biological and atmospheric level. The Father culture does not work in its controlling and protective capacity when this dis-empowers the individual – this is full-on politic at the personal level. With regards radiation we need to excercise our own power in other ways – careful research and informed networking can bring us the inside knowledge we need to counter the veil of un-truth we are being sold. Uranus with the Liliths can aid us in this, and here we can see the power of our communications across the WWW at work. Venus also tells us that Nature nas the medicines we need.

The Aquarian ideal was diseminated far and wide under Neptunes influence and now he is feeding spiritualised imaginative Piscean energy into the New Moon cycle via Venus. The Dharma Moon is supporting Venus’ role with exquisite compassion and creative imagination of the highest spiritual order – she is aided and abeted by Neptune in quintile to the New Moon. This most creative of aspects resonates with Venus through sacred geometry, the quintile aspect emphasising the fifth harmonic that Venus embodies in her cycles. Her esoteric qualities bring us back to the reclamation of knowledge from the Tree of Life and echo Ceres ‘fall’ in redemption – her dreaming is of the sacred marraige in all its sensual glory. Chiron close by Neptune brings shamanic consciousness to the root of this creative influx and emphasises the sensuous world… is only through the sensuous, and Venus is nothing but sensuality in action, that we can truly know the fullness of divinity. The shadow side of ‘puritanism’ in our world is exposed by the goddesses. Too long the abstract has dominated the spiritual – the shaman knows otherwise. Unflinching, the shaman undergoes the test, the initiatic process that sublimates the ego to the divine will, and so must we…..this is a visceral process, a path that leads to empowered return and the pragmatic presence of spirit in the world. Here again are resonances with Ceres story. It must be completed, for any remaining vestige of ego-oriented motive threatens to become a self serving power that manifests the dark side of the occult, and, remember, Ceres made sure that the inner knowledge of the Eleusinian mysteries was kept secret, known only to the initiates – the penalty for revealing them was death. Is it any wonder that in a death oriented culture the dark underbelly of the global elite is becoming exposed; and do they care, with such a powerful heirarchy of fear at their heart? Lilith, branded the ‘fallen’ bride, the ‘harlot’, the passionate Lunar Goddess of deep women’s knowing, is uncanny and watches Pluto with unblinking and penetrative eyes……as irradiated particles, carried on the wind, falling with the rain, settle on the land… Uranus ear she whispers eerily, and asks “did they get it yet, or shall we give them a vision to wake them up, a spell to break their chains, and for revolution, a powerful potion, a medicine of freedom through creativity…..?”

Take heart….our lives are blessed with divine knowing. In the Roman version of the Ceres myth Persephone is known as Proserpina – the celestial powers work in mysterious ways, for asteroid Proserpina is conjunct the Moon and Sun at this Dharma New Moon….

Deep power of the Goddess be with us all….



Over the last 5 Moons we have been following the energies at work within a building process of transformation. In the outer world the focus has been on the exposure and purging of despotic and parasitic political entities, and we are now beginning to see how this can manifest upon a massive scale as North African and Middle Eastern nations fire up the wave of change. With the potential of the February Full Moon showing a strong building effect that is creating a rising tension and instability in the region, this is sure to spread – and, as we have been suggesting, this is an ongoing process. At the fullness of this Moon a crucial juncture is reached that will ask the question further; where do you stand? And this Full Moon reflects back to us how ‘we the people’ are becoming ripe with this potential within the world. As above, so below….but, with Neptune in the mix, there is bound to be more than meets the eye to the situation; politicians are ever the opportunists when a smoke screen is in the offing……

The People have clearly shown us that collectively this is potential movement of revolutionary proportions. The energy is infectious and is global. How it is met by the incumbant State of any country will reveal the hidden wounds pertinent to the people as ‘subjects of the State’. The same is true for all of us. And these differences will prove crucial to the larger picture and the relationships between each nation; there is a point at which that which is re-volutionary must become evolutionary, or risk devolving – there are strong indicators around the FM that it can go either way and, here, devolvment means confrontation. The sacred cow of democracy must also come under the spotlight, along with the succubus of tyranny; the strongholds of the western political ideal will be trying to steer our attention away from their own shadow tactics and strategies – Venus squaring Saturn will challenge us to bring courageous diplomacy to bear. No doubt the politicians will try to smooth over the wrinkles at home and and play the field with broad but essentially meaningless brushstrokes on the public canvas. We have already heard some pretty tasty sound-bites to this effect from the heads and foreign policy makers – no one can blind us to the fact that sovereignty and its relation to the will of the people are now a key issue, and that includes the question of self determination on both personal and collective fronts. We will not be distracted so easily…..

There are long term processes at work here and this recent phase has been essentially initiatic, an awakening. After building over the last 6 months and finding increasingly clear expression through the Lunar cycles, looking back we can now see how real the ‘Energy of Change within Awareness’ can be. With 5 Moons progressively manifesting on the end degree of each successive sign in the tropical zodiac, starting with 29º Aries in October, we have now seen the process build within and this current Moon brings us back to the Fire signs again – this Moon is at 29ºLeo. The energies have moved from the personal consciousness to the inter-personal – we are seeing the dynamic reflected in each other and this confirms the vision of change that it carries – this is the Leo imperative manifesting collectively.

The beginning of this process saw Jupiter and Uranus conjuncting in the first degrees of Aries, announcing the advent of the initiatic energy, expansive, awakening and unpredictable within the world. With the September Full Moon exact on the point at which Uranus and Jupiter were conjunct in August last year, we saw the process disseminate their intitiatic energies within the populace, a proto consciousness that needed to gestate through each Moon, until it could become consciously manifest.Their conjunction was accompanied by Saturn and Venus meeting in the early degrees of Libra, emphasising new ways of relating, new frames of reference – collectively this focus is now tied into the Lunar process and assists in grounding it as Venus in Capricorn squares Saturn in Libra on this Full Moon; in mutual reception they express crystalisation of appreciation and value. In our times a challenging path, but, one with a heart, should we be able to remain centered, earthed and awake. This will be our biggest challenge through this time and the nature of this challenge is particularly highlighted on this Full Moon. Here we go…….

A string of 6 celestial beings is strung across 12º of seperation, from Ceres at 18º Aquarius through to Chiron at 0º Pisces, and this stellium stands opposed to the Moon – discernment is everything here, for the energies run one into the other. A micro process is clearly visible in this as well. Rounded off to the nearest half-degree, Ceres is waning conjunct Mercury by 5.5º, Mercury is waxing conjunct Mars by 2.5º, Mars is waxing conjunct Neptune by 2º, Neptune is conjunct the Sun by 1º, Sun is conjunct Chiron by 1º. Lets not forget that revolutions often express the radical process of resolving the tensions between extreme opposites – and this is the critical juncture here – polarised choice. So lets look at the contrasting high and low sides of this…..

Chiron has been infusing the Neptunian mists with medicines for positive change for some time; he has helped us become aware of our collective wounds and disfunctions; although painful, this is very empowering in the personal sphere and, collectively, when empowered people come together change is inevitable. As he has transited into tropical Pisces he is leaving us with awareness and connectivity as potent and radicalising catalysts for positive changes of state, and he will now accentuate this on a spiritual level. Now in Pisces, Chiron will be finding and opening up the old spiritual wounds, so that the process can become holistic. Every ‘holy’ war has left a shadow, has marked the collective psyche with PTSD, scorching our spirits with the blackening fire of fear – divine retribution, at the hands of God and HIS enemies, gains its power over us from this…..and we know this is a fear function that has been used to control us; can it still have a hold on us, can we allow it?

But, from this diviner’s perspective, the major difference that Chiron in Pisces will make here is in highlighting the suffering and oppression that has been meted out on women and the divine feminine through ‘holy’ misogyny. We will see women play an increasingly powerful and deterministic role within the world, increasingly so as we address the need for balancing out the low side of this evolutionary process with the healing potential of the high. There has been decades of talk about the return of the Goddess – and, no matter how we experience Her individually, whether as divine feminine spirituality or the emergence of consciousness within matter, She will now return….and we will be returning to Her in dedicated upcoming posts very soon!

Sun conjuncts Neptune hours before this Full Moon, opens a broad field of collective consciousness, brings the visionary potential to light, infuses it with compassion – its a vision of what we could be, as well as what we might once have been. While the Sun’s drive is akin to a flood of light through this transit, there is more energy coming that will raise it to an even higher level of intensity and ignite the field with potential. For light here also read information…..and we have already long gone beyond the point where any one person, organisation or nation can keep up with exponential incoming flow of info!

Neptune can also drug us into following blindly, numbed by the trauma, such that we seek refuge in the embalming chemicals of religion, in culture as opiate, disempowered and dissociated, blinded by the light – a wide cocktail is available – Sun’s transit can also open our consciousness to miasm and spiritual dis-ease. ‘Religion as psychosis’ as Chiron reminds us. Will we now let it drive us out of our homes, our comfort zones, or even deeper into them, with spiritual napalm and ‘fear of the unseen enemy’ (remember ‘Reds under the bed’?)….? For religion also read politics.

Within the Neptunian field Mars spreads an emotive call for action with decisive intent – he can bring great strength and determination to the people, which may encourage leadership to emerge of a new kind, a spiritual warriorship.Mars can also inflame the psychosis to psychotic proportions, once again, cutting across the religious divide – and flood with Neptunian wildfire our collective body – make howling Berserkers of us at this Full Moon conjunct the martial star Regulus. Where the demonstrations gather there could now be an ongoing release in blind fury of a wholy unholy nature in the name of the “Holy” – across the borderlands too, we will have to see whether the highside prevails.

Mercury will fine tune the revolutionary vision, each to our own understanding, so that we can become articulate and communicate through it, as well as recieve its inner messages – the loop can close in this, the circuit come alive and Ceres can ground it and protect it. Mercury can also propogate dogma, just as well as information, to further the cause, ramp up the tensions, shred our nerves and drive us over the edge….we could loose our minds amongst the carnage, Fool to our Lear……

We need to pay heed of Ceres for she is Earth, the original matrix within which all our visions are realised. She feeds us. If you can fully ground and follow this vision within yourself you will experience Earth coming alive, within your own body, her consciousness within! If we are able to sustain this as our focus, the potential energy of this vision, as it is released in time, is going to be the most spectacular eruption of human potential this planet has seen. And if we do not pay heed and honour Her in this? Ceres also has immense and deeply seated power – dark Goddess energy. Remember, not even Hades could stand up to Ceres; be assured, she will look after her own, but, don’t mess with this Mother! She will simply move on into a new cycle, regardless, removing ALL that is incapable of entraining with her mind – so that she may begin anew, as she has so many times before. Time to pick up the heartbeat of the planet and get with the rhythm… we saw in ‘Earth in Transit’. There is no room for one sided New Age obsessions with the Light here – we must have grounded and very real balance and be able to integrate both light and shadow within, as one – further denial of the shadow will be the end of us!

And we must be aware now of whats coming up very soon beyond the current Moon cycle. Ceres will conjunct Neptune at the next Full Moon in March – and that one will be dominated by squares and oppositions in the chart. She will not stand idle, she remembers everything – we have collectively abused her body, we do still, and she has the whip-hand, holding the sickle, the corrective in all its awesome power that will break our hold, cut us down and force us into submission to a higher order of sanity – she already taught Pluto this lesson……she knows the meaning of Life and Death. As does the shaman, the well grounded and experienced individual, the indigenous tribe in touch with Her still…..we come back to Chiron……

Globally we are shifting and it all seems so much bigger than any one of us – so, how do you and I work with this if the devolutionary energies begin to kick in as well?

The energy of Mars can have a strong unconscious element to it – it can be very head down, or inflamed with its own rush, and being in a waxing conjunct to Neptune so close to this FM the danger is in ‘inflation’ of these uncounscious drives – mass hysteria and rioting would show the low side of our collective movements manifesting, a danger enhanced by the opposing Moon on fixed star Regulus; ‘Anger-watch’ is the word.

Decisive cutting of the ties that bind us to our personal and collective dependancies and addictions would express the high side. Here is a strong reminder of the importance of our inner work; it would suggest a strong desire for cleaning up our act, engaging with the ‘individuation’ process and individual empowerment and, experienced collectively, this could prove too great a force for any government to supress. When the people join in re-claiming their power, only greater supression and denial can contain it – the Military State – peaceful revolution is the answer. When Murbarak resigned the world held its breath as the military took over government in Egypt and we all wait to see what this will lead to…..don’t forget to breathe, it helps energy transference and circulation, metabolising the emotions safely, enabling us to root.

Neptune conjunct the Sun can flood our consciousness with communications and ideas that are undifferentiated and unintelligable – we can get seriously spaced out. We need to be well grounded in our bodies, have strong integrity and be able to discern what really has relevance for us individually to be able to work with this energy – again Regulus influence on this Moon can bring a higher vibration to our awareness. Regulus has strong associations not only with martial energies, but, with astrology and the occult too. As you may know, an ongoing theme at ‘Owlmirror’ recently has been opening our inner sight and developing the ‘seer’ capacity that we all have, to enable exactly this power of discernment to develop. This can become a latent and empowering force for us in these times. Its about raising awareness of our connectivity. And, we know that our connectivity can be cut at any time in the physical….especially when it threatens the ‘State’…..our connectivity within brings us to our own root, our original self, where we can ground our awareness. Meditation and becoming the ‘hollow bone’.

So, also, externally, the emphasis here is on allowing our inner sight to penetrate the veil of worldly affairs and look for the underlying message – we do need to read it to work with it….. as within so without :
“…..newly established democracies have had to contend with a past record of abuses that were endemic to the entire political system…..without some form of public acknowledgement and restitution, all social relationships remain contaminated by the corrupt dynamics of denial and secrecy”. (1)

There is also within all this a deeper energy at work that will carry us forward regardless. The question is, in which direction? It will be to our advantage to work with the positive as it brings an excitation within innate goodness, raising the energy of our awareness. Here this is aided and abetted by Mars and Mercury following through, rather than a dumbing down of our conscious drives. Neptune can also raise an ocean of compassion within us……

On an individual level, whether we are a ‘sensitive’ of any kind, or have been paying attention to our inner workings or not, we may also experience dreams that are vivid while we are in them, but which are hard to recall on awakening. We may feel as if we have been downloading in a constant stream while we are sleeping, but, do not have any clear idea of what this new information and knowing we are now in possession of is……this may well be necessary for the upcoming times, especially when Uranus squares up to Pluto. At that time we may have sudden flashes of memory that seem to have come from another time and place, but which seem totally pertinent to our needs. We may find immediate access to hithertoo unknown energy within our body available when we most need it. Synchronicities, deja vu and temporal re-location of our consciousness, strong and decisively deep insights, seeing through the veil and perceiving spirits that seem strangely familiar – receiving messages from loved ones who have passed on – all are possible and likely expressions of how this energy can work and become integrated, if not now, then as the ‘triggers’ arise. Chirons role here is key. The shaman cannot function without the spirit worlds, no matter the healing modality or its application – but, this is good news for us as the emergent consciousness that we are experiencing is deeply connected with spirit and Chironic empowerment is all about this connection. With Venus squaring Saturn, an imperative for diplomacy if ever there was, and Saturn sesqu-quadrate (135º) to Chiron, the ‘spiritually enlightened’ could play a key role in brokering and maintaining peaceful transition where conflicts arise. We will find that the only way forward is through the power of compassion and embodying the essential goodness of our original being.

Our changes are impacting on all levels. Jupiter’s square to Pluto signals a groundswell of transformation – power at the root. Pluto’s theme here is ongoing – any change must be deep and lasting, pragmatic to the point of no return. At the bottom line we must not let ourselves become distracted by the insidious presence of political will – it is the way in which we use our own will that matters. With Jupiter feeding in, the imperative becomes magnified – there is no point of return, we must now go forward and expand our re-volution into all spheres. The path to achieving this is to simplify and unify – harmony is the key. At the last New Moon we saw the Vestals bringing our collective soul path into their inner sanctum, for the restoration of balance, Externally we see the reminder that all leaders are in service to the people – knowing that we are here to lead ourselves within balance our imperative becomes the right to be led, in balance, by those who remember that they are ‘in service, in power, through the power we invest in them’.

Jupiter’s influence upon our collective destiny became most visible when he squared the Moon’s nodal axis recently – for, the deeper underlying energy is coming from this powerful axis. Why is it so powerful? The nodes concern soul-work, and when we pay attention to the trajectory upon which this work takes us we strengthen ourselves, an absolute essential for any kind of striving, whether birth, growth or struggle. But, more importantly still, we are connected within this path with what Jungian psychoanalyst and Cantadora (hereditory keeper of the old stories) Clarissa Pinkola Estes describes as Numen – “…a greatness that rests at the center of the psyche and yet is greater than the whole of the psyche.” (2). Jupiter has enabled us to percieve our greatness as an expression of our collective soul path and expand it into the world – first Tunisia then Egypt responded through this transit. It goes on with Yemen, Burma, Thailand, Algeria, Bahrain – countries the world over demonstrating how this energy works….ultimately, within, it is our connection with the inner most aspect of ourselves, where we meet the universal, our original being.

Now, with Uranus approaching exact square to the nodal axis, a collective jump-starting and totally unpredictable element will bring this fully into the present (with startling results!) – and the nodal axis itself, perpetually in retrograde motion is heading for the tropical boundary of Capricorn and Sagittarius. The field is being charged for the upcoming, the nodal alignment with the Galactic Center followed by Uranus repeatedly squaring Pluto….but, we have enough to be thinking about, so, more on this soon. A reminder though that the Sun and Moon are themselves exact on the cusps of Pisces and Virgo respectively at this Full Moon – a spiritual progression into virgin territory awaits us.

And within this is a seed of knowing, that the world is coming alive, re-enchanted……we are being gifted the opportunity of coming into alignment with the intrinsic consciousness of ‘matter’, the Divine Feminine……..a small and easily overlooked aspect pattern is also present at this Full Moon that gives great hope for this – Juno sextile asteroid Gaea form a yod with Mars. Our actions in the world could be a great leap forward for our inner balance and relationship with Earth…….for now, deep blessings and powerful dreaming be with us!

(1) Judith Herman M.D. ‘Trauma and Recovery’, Basic Books, 1992
(2) Clarissa Pinkola Estes ‘Women Who Run With The Wolves”, Rider, 1992

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