URANUS! BASHO & THE FLOWER OF LIFE : the essential balance

A prayer from the heart, a method for healing from the center in troubled times and a way for keeping the essential balance when the dynamics are building……

The Earth is awakening, pulsed from within and across the cosmos…..now, we are called to bring our inner work to its intended purpose. I started writing this post a few days ago with a strong imperative, the need further our inner work, to ground and activate our centering within consciousness in balance, given the accelerating energies now at work – it felt somehow crucial to do so……..with current events in Japan bringing the reality of this home I decided to keep to the original impulse and, subsequently, I have not altered the post as I feel it still holds true in value and pertinence…the more so now perhaps than before. Given the context I am somewhat shocked by the latter, which you may understand given the cultural source with which the post begins. Here it is…..


A prayer from a great mind :


“There is nothing you can see that is not a flower;
There is nothing you can think that is not the moon.” (2)

Will the circle become complete? Will dichotomy evolve into unity, become involved….can we hold to our center, the center – can we bring the clarity we need into our vision and center it in our selves?…..Basho’s tender vision re-calls us to our heart and offers us the depth we need

With Uranus now re-entering tropical Aries and re-activating the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction point of nine months ago here is an opportunity for us to recall our place and experiences in time and space from that time, to travel back into our involvements during the high season of last summer and evolve them further. Make a sacred space for yourself…..call in your guidance and set an intent to work with those situations you were experiencing, to heal them if they need healing, to adjust them if they need re-orienting, to acknowledge, integrate and enhance them if they are serving you well now – we can learn from all that has transpired since, gain clarity from this around how our process is working.

Uranic energy catalyses, infuses us with an electric impulse of awareness that helps our consciousness evolve – he’s the planet of the Zen Slap!…..the key is in grounding the energy, so, finding the still point within….calm the inner eye. Dwell upon the Flower of Life as it will assist us in working with the dynamics present within the diversity of the unified field, and diversity is strongly emphasised now as the world wakes up……

This is a fractal of a much larger image, so pay good attention to what comes up as you meditate.

In a world that is seeing polarisation in dynamic interaction, where revolution brings confrontation and the energies of striving push on the energies of containment, just as Jupiter is coming into opposition with Saturn, Uranus can cut across the field with primal creative stimulation, dissolve the opposites….the opposites are equally present. What will help us find the creative, how do we avoid further polarisation, the better to deal with experiences of the destructive side of this impulse?

First steps to integration and finding the positive creative dynamic are stepping back from polarised views and being willing to see what the opposite is speaking to us of. When we are able to step into the other’s place, with our heart centered awareness, we have a better chance of understanding, seeing the world from the ‘other’s’ point of view – but, it does take a clear and balanced approach – we could say this is intrinsic to embodying compassion, through the practice of what Buddhists call Tonglen. It does employ energy, in consciousness, and Uranus can assist us here, illuminate our experience with eurika insight, and this will be more fully available to us on the upcoming Full Moon. At that time the Sun will be within a degree of newly ingressed Uranus, so take the time between now and then to work for this through re-visioning and centering the inner eye, meditation and involve the dance around our center…the positive energies are all there for us to work with – the cosmos wants us to get involved in evolving, to evolve through involutionary processes. This is intent at work on a great scale.

If we, on the other hand, lose sight of the center, place our attention on the external at the expense of the internal, we will be susceptable to the outer dynamic and our awareness will be magnetised by this….remembering that the principle of ‘energy flows where attention goes’ is always at work, our own energies will become more involved in the outer process. Actually, this too is necessary, but, we need both, to embody the flower as it is not a simple fixed structure – like every Mandala it is energy manifest and the Flower of Life contains the essential dynamics of the creative impulse, which are infinite in scope…..

At the still point we are connected with all. This is the point of maximal potential and is dynamic in this – the whirling dance, spiralling and activating. Primal creative energy resides there…..our most developed physics are now showing that the dynamic present within everything from the creation of particles through to the creation of stars, galaxies and beyond, the creation of universes, ties in exactly with the geometry of the Flower of Life – this is quite extra-ordinary in its implications.

The Flower of Life. On the one hand we have the electric radiance, its infinite expression of energy within the Flower of Life growing within the soil of incarnation, manifesting its sacred geometry. On the other we have the point of singularity, the infinite condensation of the fractal implicit within the geometry, within the flower, reaching source – within the flower is energised balance in active manifestation – the EM field in balance with the gravitational.

Across the geocentric field from Uranus and the Sun at Full Moon is our collective mirror of consciousness, the Moon – we emote, activate within the 4D, though the lunar dynamic – emotions fulfilling the Virgoan energies. Virgo can give us a clarified and inclusive picture, help us ground diversity with great detail and precision, develope the crystaline qualities of consciousness, the inner structures implicit within our awareness. We can embody the lens. Being inclusive in great detail enables us to enter the relating energies of Libra with informed clarity…..this is good news if we are working with our inner process, but, they do say that the devil is in the detail, so…..

Emotive reaction is the doorway for the chaotic – lower levels of consciousness, when the crowd mentality prevails for example, will pull the emotions into its field…..hysteria is its extreme manifestation. If we are to name the devil present within the detail, stop for a moment and draw an inbreath, assess the dynamic we are feeling, we will not only be able to re-center, but, be also able to discern, that is raise our consciousness to its inner focal point, independant yet connected with the collective. This is imperative for negotiators, diplomats and leaders alike – we are seeing this imperative being called forth and, when the people see that it is being ignored, we can now let the leaders know – our collective emotive energies can mirror this back…..here again the planetary matrix is assisting us.

We will look at the Full Moon in more detail closer to the time, bring in some of the other key planetary influences, but, for now, in this section, there is one more influence that is coming to the fore – the Moon’s nodal axis.

The North Node is currently coming into conjunction with the Galactic Center – the Full Moon will square this axis quite closely. Being in Sagittarius the North Node is shifting the qualities of our collective soul path into the spiritual and philosophical realms. We can take advantage of this as a conscious intent to strive for deeper meaning within our actions – we know that the Plutonic upheavals at work in the world are turning the political cauldron upside down, and we know that the time is now for us to make the big difference to how this process pans out. Sagittarius helps us to humanise our aspirations, so the influence is highly beneficial.

It is also funded by Neptune – the visionary scope for our global renewal and re-birth is being energised with this – and Neptune too is on the point of ingress, into tropical Pisces. This is home ground for Neptune. Being in the last degree of Aquarius at Full Moon Neptune is helping Earth culminate of our connectivity and Uranic awareness in preparation for spiritual infusion – the WWW is a great tool for us to work with in the world, but, we are all connected within as it is – this is the spiritual angle coming in. When we can balance the two we have another manifestation of the Flower of Life – the beauty of the planetary dance is extra-ordinary!! And, being an energising influence on our connection with the Galactic Center means that we can extend our collective vision, balanced and spiritualised, out to the larger community within the cosmos…..

Again, if we are working with the balanced point of view, monitoring and using our emotive energies wisely, rather than being decentered and swept un-consciously along by them, connecting through the 4D archetypal realms into the higher dimensions, the universal consciousness that flows through and from the Galactic center will be available to us. Again, this time before the FM is great for preparation and centering – the Flower of Life is a Lotus of Cosmic Consciousness, the quintescent mandalic structure that crystallises the dynamic of the primary creative impulse within creation…..bringing this impulse into our personal consciousness enables us to work with this creative energy, and we have much work to do….this is our inner work within the world, ‘swimming in the dragon’s pool’……


pearls in the dark pond – who swims amongst the stars – a phantasm, this crescent Moon

We come to the South Node, the roots of our soul journey, our incarnate powers. Squaring the nodes the Full Moon with the Sun and Uranus will bring a great realising impulse into consciously remembering of our inherent gifts – we can claim our power with strong mental clarity as this node is entering Gemini. Our inner awareness and ability to self reflect can be widened to embrace these gifts and we can extend back to connect with our deeper ancestry as we do. We are here to fulfill their potential within our own.

Neptune facilitates archetypal manifestation in the 4th dimension, so we will benefit from centering and meditation to both balance our emotions and open the roots of our inner World Tree to deep spiritual resonance within the mind. We may have strong and enhanced visionary capabilities, and if you work with shamanic awareness in your practice, you will benefit greatly – our connections with the spirit worlds and the teachings and guidance of our personal guides can help us to envision how can work with those deep gifts of the soul that we have brought with us into this life.

We can also work with this energy, which is ongoing, to develop our relationships with those guides – we will come back to this around the Full Moon. The great spiritual traditions are replete with such guidance, but, ours is the dance – our enlightenment is Earth’s. We can dance their creative fire of illumination around our World Tree and stimulate the alignment with the Galactic Center along the axis of our central nervous system. Whatever your orientation, take the time before the FM to work your way into this, with inner guidance, as it will transform not only your life, but, resonate through our actions our into the manifest world – this is planetary healing on a cosmological scale. This is to ‘plant lotuses in the fire’ and is our worldy work……

The Flowers of Life are a powerful aid to our work and we will return to these and other extraordinary symbolic manifestations of the primal creative energy at a special Equinox post….

Ponder a while on the manifestations of these empowering enigmatic energies – the potential they enshrine will lift the spirit. This is an echo from our ancestry, and it contains a spark of beauty – take this into your heart as you meditate…..the power of the primal creative impulse will open the Lotus within. It is then ours to plant in the world and with this, global healing will become transformational….we are coming to the headwaters of change, the unfolding events around us are calling for a stronger engagement with balancing energies, for, if the center will not hold we must hold to our own centers…..”

(1) ‘Swimming in the Dragon’s Pool’ is a Taoist expression from within the esoteric teachings of Taoism that focuses on spiritual alchemy – the Dragon’s Pool is “the symbol of the World, in the sense that enlightenment is to be developed in the midst of the world, partly through dealing with the problems of life within the world.”
‘The Taoist I Ching’ – translated by Thomas Cleary, Shambhala Publications, 1986

(2) Poem by Basho, itinerant Zen poet, Japan, C17

(3) ‘Planting Lotuses in the Fire’ in the Taoist teachings on spiritual alchemy means “being in the world and acting efficiently in the world without being coerced by the influences of the world”
‘Taoist I Ching’ – see (1)


Had this post been written after current events around the Pacific Rim the tone may well have been different – the call to bring the essential balance into focus would remain…..the next post will look at the equinox reading of the planetary influences; this will provide us with a chance to focus more fully on the Dragon’s Pool itself……be of good heart, every small thing counts within the greater whole……

hidden mirror moon

“What an exciting life we live”, thought Moomintroll. “Everything could be turned upside down in a moment – for no apparent reason whatsoever”……(1) Amongst the adventures that Tove Jansson’s lovable Moomins lived through were the Great Flood and the coming of a fiery Comet to Moomin Valley…..her stories are a wonderful mirror, and, who knows, she could well have been telling us something! Here are a few more provocative thoughts to consider….

Observations are showing us that our Solar system is now entering an area of space within the outer reaches of the galaxy that has physical and energetic quaities that no human has ever witnessed in our planetary system’s locality before. We are also percieving utterly immense new energy forms above the poles of the galactic hub that do not obey the laws of physics according to the gravitational/black hole model. The gravitational model upon which we base our most entrenched astro-physics paradigms is being radically challenged by the emergent ‘electric’ model. Highlighted by the nature of the increasing influence of solar and galactic energies upon our Earth, this is a model that speaks of simultaneity, interconnectedness and provides the basis for a new cosmology of consciousness. It is also providing explanations for the missing dark matter and energy that permeates our universe, throwing light on the continuous interdependant nature of life across time and space. The Sun’s prolonged dormancy has been broken by a spectacular display of plasma plumes, with increasing sun-spot , solar flare and Coronal Mass Ejection activity – and the solar maximum has not yet peaked; NASA is sending out warnings of complete disruption to communications and power systems on earth. The Earths magnetic poles are shifting with speed, the North faster than the South, and its electro-magnetic field is weakening, as is the Sun’s – we can see the same effect at work across the unified field of the solar system. A very large ‘planetary’ object has been observed within the Ort Cloud at the edge of our solar system; some believe it to be a Brown Dwarf, an unrealised star with not enough mass to ignite, now with a solid center – others hold that it is a super massive gas giant like Jupiter, only, at least twice the diameter – such an object will have a strong influence on the planetary field – we will feel the effects. Plasma bursts that have a degree of power normally associated with stellar phenomenon are being observed issuing from above thunderstorms. Spiral aurora, cloud patterns unlike any previously recorded are being observed globally. It gets more bizarre….sink holes, some immense within polar ice and others unusualy sheer sided within the earth’s surface, are appearing, apparently randomly. Luminous entities are being captured on film that reveal intelligent behaviour and internal organic structure, signs of ‘other-dimensional’ life co-existant with our earth plane. All these have been known of for some time – yet, their presence has been supressed for many years….until now.

We will soon see how the electric model, as it becomes more fully grounded for us to work consciously with, opens our eyes to the presence of intersecting dimensions of reality – dimensional entities that inhabit further dimensions beyond the 3D world, some of which affect and feed off of our emotional bodies, others which aid and abet our evolution, are entering our consciousness and will force us to review our habitual ideas of just what is ‘real’ – these are however facts long known to indigenous, healing and esoteric communities. Our insistance upon hard empirical evidence has kept this a reality at arms length…this too is now changing with increasing pace. We live in ‘interesting times’…..

So, lets see what the stars are saying to us at the onset of the March lunation in Pisces.

With our readings focusing primarily on the lunation cycles over the last seven months the role of the Moon’s nodes is seen to be of high importance – we have witnessed a season of eclipses, particularly framed within the characteristics of and with reference to a most significant transit, Pluto transiting the North Node of the Moon – see ‘Pluto Rides the Dragon’s Head’. This transit is epoch making in its scope and prefigures the current upheavals and struggles to birth ourselves anew.

As we have been exploring at ‘Owlmirror’, the ongoing process described within these lunations has given us a template for action to work with and, as we do, the outer events that we see unfolding show us clearly where the stress falls…our inner work is in direct relation to the qualities we perceive within our experiences. The current March lunation brings the emphasis back to the process in a more subtle way this time, but, later in the year we will see the outer stresses of this process step-up as Pluto and Uranus square up through a prolonged period, and this too will change our perspectives on all that we are experiencing now. But, more of this later…..

First lets look at the planetary alignments now in process. The March lunation will take us through the equinoxial Full Moon, the Equinox itself and beyond – for, while this Moon has a presence of its own, it is its unfoldment through the complete lunation that reveals its meanings more fully – within this time frame are a number of key astrological events, not least of all the transit of the ‘awakener’ Uranus into tropical Aries.

The planets are presently strung out across the three final signs of the tropical zodiac, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces – only Saturn and Jupiter hang in the balance outside of this ‘freight-train’ stellium in the culminating quarter of the zodiac. In mid Libra and early Aries respectively we find the gravitational form-giving influence of Saturn at work on the collective, and Jupiter stimulating our individual involvement with a counter expansive energy – there is an inner tension that is working both ways in this, igniting and expanding our passions and drive while our attention is being pulled towards how the processes of change are crystalising. This is pushing from within on old structures. And this is a global influence….

…..If we view the solar system from above, as in a heliocentric chart, we see that Saturn and Jupiter are currently on opposite sides of the Sun. Saturn and Jupiter’s opposition across the Solar field is a powerful trigger for tectonic upheaval – this is a well known phenomenon, and we can expect this influence to prevail at least until mid to late April – at that time they will also come into opposition fully in the tropical zodiac. This in turn will bring their tectonic effects into the human realms. Collectively we can expect increasingly intense focus upon our global ‘body-politic’. We will be compelled to re-evalute our over-reaching lifestyles and face the facts. Let alone the geo-physical challenges, we know that our profit motives are defunct and misplaced, and ultimately do nothing for us as individuals, but, ultimately, serve only those at the top of the pyramid of power. This will be a softening up process that will allow the truly radical effects of Uranus squaring Pluto to fully have impact – and this influence will bring a true test in the ongoing re-structuring of our outer reality.

We do also need this powerful influence, to become free of the old paradigm….but, it will not be easy and uncertainty will increasingly be the halmark. But, its not all ‘bad’ news. Once Uranus enters Aries it will be accompanied by astounding insights and innovations as well – the degree to which we are able to ground these will be further tested by our ability to aspire and create while in the midst of devolutionary structural processess – this will be Saturn and Jupiter’s challenge and we will look further into this below.

With Jupiter now back in tropical Aries, he has also been triggering key astrological points of sensitivity that marked the onset of this seven month series of Moon cycles. These were initiated in August 2010, through the Cardinal Grand Cross and Jupiter’s conjunction with Uranus in the initial degrees of Aries. Most recently, just prior to his transit into tropical Aries, Jupiter has reverberated with quickening energy the solstice eclipse point in the last degree of Sagittarius. We have seen the radical expansion of revolution in the Middle East through this time of Jupiter’s re-catalysing influence. Uranus, now on the verge of transit back into Aries, is also currently squaring the December solstice eclipse point – this too is a powerful stimulant and has primed the field for the Moon’s North Node transiting into Sagittarius, occuring as this article is posted. We could see flash-points in the Mid-East.

The 2010 solstice eclipse also gave us a window of opportunity to engage with the subtle realms, bring our alignment with the greater forces of the cosmos into the personal realms and to begin resonating together with their creative force – regardless of whether we have been working with this consciously or not, the influences at work have truly opened the gateway that we described in ‘Howling Moon’.

What are the nodes telling us now as they enter the Sagittarius/Gemini axis? Our philosophy for living and our inter-relatedness with the Earth and each other are coming to the fore – as a natural consequence of the current events in the world, as well as through the cosmic energising of our consciousness. This ‘mirroring’ within awareness will come up repeatedly within this lunation. This suggests major global idealogical shifts over the next year, and given Neptune’s upcoming transit into tropical Pisces, we should both feel and see a spiritual shift within our forward vision, as well as in the stress points that expose their unfolding. Much of the action that has been stimulating the North Node will now shift and our attention will be drawn towards the South Node as the inner planets transit this sensitive point. We will be asked to bring our innate abilities to bear while jetisoning all that no longer serves us. A karmic process.

Pluto’s influence continues to uproot all that stands in the way of this, especially within the political power field. He is slow moving in early Capricorn, and will leave no stone unturned. Power is being released as we sweep away the old structures and their blocking/containing effects and return to original form and forming. The form that we give to this power release will be determined to a large extent by the resistance to change thrown up by those in the human realms who seek to hold onto the old political forms that contain ‘power’; but, their grip on us is loosening! Ours is the challenge to manage the power we are naturally invested with wisely. We must learn new respect for Nature from this, quit our commodifying and reckless devouring of ‘natural resources’. Earth’s empowering gifts can no longer be seen as dead matter…we destroy ourselves if we continue with this mentality.

Pluto’s effects will accordingly continue to ‘raise the ground’ beneath the power brokers in the long run, continue to revolutionise ‘the people’s’ empowerment. For the ‘Elite‘ the use of Disaster Management will become an increasing imperative and question, and this itself is already putting communities and nations under great stress. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are at work in this together. Western leaders are striving to sound more and more grandiose, both idealistic and pragmatic as they respond, maneuvering for position – ever the political opportunists, they know that the bigger the hiatus, the more opportunity for control and profit, and we can be sure that they are planning behind the scenes, waiting to bring the forces and mechanisms of the old order to bear upon the newly emerging picture, unless we can persuade them otherwise. Historically, we can see that this kind of negative political reaction has become embedded as movement towards use of force as the counter to upheaval – at worst the military state is its natural end, Saturnine in the extreme. All eyes are on Libya. Yet, this too must now change – for, intervention through political martial force can no longer sustain or be sustained by the power base without further polarising it in relation to ‘the people’ – and, we know they will fail if they do so, for the strength of ‘the People’s’ awareness and passion can no longer be denied or contained – here is Jupiter at work. No matter which nation, no matter what the nation’s politic, ‘usury’ and ‘power-over’ is being exposed for what it is – Pluto will not be denied! The political and economic climate, like our weather patterns and Earth’s geo-physical activity, has, as the stars have been telling us, become ‘predictably unstable’ and growing in strength of influence as a result. Greater powers are at work that supercede political dominance and have the capacity to over-ride such control reflexes.

The natural consequence of all these highly stressed and seemingly chaotic qualities, and our experience of them, is that the emotional body of the planet is becoming filled out and charged up with our personal and collective emotional energetic responses. This is activating the 4th dimensional matrix, the emotive field that links us into the archetypal realms, and with this we will find reality taking on new dimensions, as we have indicated above. There are two esoteric functions at work in this; the one opens us to greater perception beyond the physical, the other opens us to greater influence from both the inhabitants of the 4th dimension as well as from the incoming energies from the 5th and beyond. Our inner work has been preparing us for this and our ‘seeing’ eyes will enable us to discern their influence the more effectively. Those who are paying attention to these aspects of the ongoing process, taking personal responsibility for working with it, will experience the outer events quite differently from those who have not – however, compassion will enable us to make the transition together…..the planets at this New Moon also remind us of where this will be most needed.

Compassion, the most pragmatic form of Love, can help us transmute the emotional field to a higher order and stabilise the process. It is an extention of the inner process outwards, bringing healing and reconciliation. This is not a superficial process, a mundane diagnostic curative – compassion must first be developed and have its roots within. We will find ourselves funded within this process from the Piscean realms both through this lunation and beyond, but, more on this in a moment.

Venus stands at the mid-point between Chiron and Pluto. And, Mars sextiles Pluto to add to the power of the corrective; so Venus holds the balance between revolution and healing, bringing the question of what we value most to the fore. We cannot buy our way out of our current dis-ease; and, the health of our relationship with wealth is in direct proportion to our power to carry the change through. Individual empowerment when united collectively creates an unstoppable force – but, we must be careful not to slip back into our old ways.

Venus amidst Chiron and Pluto also reminds us that we know that the world banking system is on the brink and have full awareness of the underhand ways in which we have been sucked dry by debt, false securities and egotistical manipulation at leadership level. Economies have been built upon this paradigm of subversive evaluation while we continue to suffer at large – it has produced widening seperation and inequality where there needs be none and is essentially competative and patriarchal in nature. The wounds of patriarchal dominance must now be healed. We need to bring ‘Soul’ back into exchange, and that means balance within giving and receiving – balance here means equality and, with Venus, equality also means a true appreciation of value. Men can no longer hold court to the exclusion of women. Venus in Aquarius disseminates this as a collective conscious potential for change.

Neptune sextiles the North node and, working independantly of Uranus, spiritualises our collective ‘soul’s purpose’ – an important function that will be given powerful assistance when Neptune enters tropical Pisces two days after the April New Moon…so, more on this at that time. For now, the Neptunian Piscean influence augers in an all or nothing revision of our materialistic paradigm. This will also help balance the ‘Eastern’ influence with the ‘Western’, and not only in the spiritual sense. It should be remembered that it is primarily the Western paradigm that is at the root of our problems – half a millenia of Western expansion and dominance within the world is now being undone.

Either side of the March New moon we find Mars and Mercury. Mars has already been mentioned in relation to the New Moon but the inner planets are swapping places through this complete lunation, with Mars very close to Mercury’s NM degree when the FM arrives. Mercury has largely been a behind the scenes player since the solstice eclipse – the inner eye that is both capable of seeing all from a clandestine vantage point, and which equally cannot be fooled through double dealing and turning the tables. Ever the diviner’s ally we should look to Mercury to spill the beans when he opposes Saturn on the Full Moon – then he will open the way for Jupiter to amplify and broadcast what he has found out. Jupiter and Mercury will resonate with the Nodal shift into Sagittarius and Gemini.

Mercury, however, brings us back within this ongoing process to Saturn in mid Libra. Now in a prolonged retrograde phase, the old patriarch is going to express inner tensions where rigidity prevails. Quincunx the March New Moon this will add a compulsive flavour to our desire to see the balance tip in our collective favour, new partnerships initiated – it makes a needs must energy of the subtle inner work we are now called to address with this New Moon.

We find the New Moon embedded within the influence of the ‘freight-train’ stellium, but, in widening 6 degree conjunct to both Mercury and Mars, exact on their mid-point, this lunation holds a balance of their energies. Mutable Piscean influence may be hightened by Mercury, may open routes of perception beyond the norm, spiritual manifestations and communications; Mars may pull our attention away, into the drama unfolding around us and, as such we will miss the inner meaning of the events, any psychic connections remaining in the unconscious. If combined within these energies will magnify our perceptive abilities – on a personal level we can expect vivid intentional dreaming, personal revelations and uncanny insights…..and this is where Mercury’s influence comes into focus through this New Moon. Mercury is also associated with Hermes and hermetic lore…..the initiate embodies this lore through disciplined inner work within developmental experience.

“That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing”

……this quote from ‘The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus’ has become familiar to us all in truncated form – ’as above, so below’, a talismanic maxim for astrologers and esotericists alike. The editing of the original is itself a subtle ruse, very pertinent to the new lunation now opening through March – through this editing the maxim itself has become a decoy, drawing our attention to the effects, hiding the inner process……our challenge, as it is for the initiate, is to remain with the inner process, it’s ‘purposefulness’ within our inter-connectedness, to embody the ‘One Thing’. Reading (‘seeing’) the outer will also reveal the inner. Hermes/Mercury will not let us be distracted any more…..

With the Moon’s South Node now entering Gemini Mercury will be key in initiating the retrieval of our indigenous, inherent and inherited esoteric knowledge and abilities and renewing them in the ‘now’. This is fully supported by this lunation. The symbol of the inner meaning here is an ancient mirror, a lens of perception, hidden, waiting to be unearthed from within the bedrock of our collective psyche. It represents awakened awareness, inner sight empowered through initiatic experience. It gives us access to unity within consciousness and offers awareness as the active agency of change – that which we percieve we change, as every quantum physicist and initiate knows. Intent becomes key, so, managing our emotions also. With clarity, however, we can now work with the knowledge that ‘energy flows where attention goes’, and this too will be key to our collective evolution, how we manifest our innate power. And, attention requires intent for this to become focused.

In the midst of such radical change the nodal shift becomes key here. The emergence of a ‘new paradigm’ has long been touted as a shamanic, spiritual shift. When Neptune and Ceres meet on the March Full Moon this will auger in the reality of this shift and, when Neptune enters tropical Pisces, following on Chirons heals, mid year, the shift will open collectively within. This Moon cycle asks us to hold our attention simultaneously with the unseen realms as the outer unfolds the effects of their increasing presence – here we come to the crux of the process, the emergence of the inner consciousness inherent within all Life. As archetypal as this may seem the full process, if we are to see it through, will call on us as a people, as a species, to accept and take responsibility for ensuring that every aspect and level of our presence on Earth be radically transformed. We know that we are here to fulfill something extra-ordinary…….

Yes, we can continue along our path of outer change, continue to hold to our old ways in the hope that something of their effectiveness will continue to serve us in the process and, if we confine ourselves to this alone, we will also find ourselves increasingly challenged as we do so. This need not be our path however – this lunation will help us find spirit within, at the heart. The renewal of our balanced way of living is totally necessary. When the Moon’s North Node aligns with the Galactic Center we will begin to fully understand why. Hermes has the message….we are all called to take heed.

In the long run our current state of change will seem more akin to a trail run! In the short term, our window of opportunity to prepare the ground on which the new can be solidly built runs from mid March through late October, coinciding with the last phase of the Mayan count that ends 28th October 2011. Beyond that, the period up until next year’s December solstice will be the window in which we have time to adjust our plans and begin laying the real foundations for our new world, this period coinciding with the Mayan count that ends 21st December 2012. After that we will truly have become the experiment – we will be in uncharted territory……

“What an exciting life we live…..everything could be turned upside down in a moment – for no apparent reason whatsoever”…..

(1) ‘Moomins: Moomintroll’s Book of Thoughts’ – Tove Jansson, Sami Malila;
Self Made Hero, Metro Media Ltd, 2010

MOONFIRE pt 2 : The Seer

You are flying with the Owl Service – this is a recorded message – you now have ten seconds to activate the plasma generator – you will find a whole new universe in there – its on channels 1, 7, 13 and satellite – after viewing, this recording will set off a chain reaction – do not self destruct – press the red button for inflight services – meanwhile, enjoy our hospitality as we head for somewhere on a small hunk of rock orbiting the outer reaches of the Sanity Nebula…..

image : Luc Viator

With Jupiter bursting through from Pisces into Aries, vapour trailing electric fire from his conjunction with Uranus, we are now seeing the beginning of the major shift, the sea-change that we have been flagging up over these last few Moons. The world around us is entering a new level of cardinal and mutable energies that carry the initiatic wave and this is ordinarily visible on a day to day basis. This current New Moon carries the Moonfire theme of charged and earthed change forward…and this charge will be stoked to an even higher intensity at the following Full Moon when Neptune Mars and Sun wield a flame throwing wave of driving energy across ‘the field’ towards opposing Luna. In the process the backdraft will be filling Chiron’s sails as he sets course across the Piscean oceans of eternal bliss……or religious fundamentalism, depending on whose blinkers you prefer to wear – “‘opiate of the masses’ or ‘fire and brimstone’ sir – dry or on the rocks”? Name your poison – Chiron will show you how to heal with it. And, yes, we need to keep our humours about us….but, only as a salve. For Sapiens Sapiens has not seen the like of this birthing process before. It is true though, we will see memories of other times emerging…..their scars are everywhere, for us to see.

Ancestral experience is encoded within and indigenous wisdom has carried the memories forward – we have the practical knowledge of living in balance all around us. This time, however, we either remember or we give the whole process over to the higher powers. Sapiens Sapiens must be re-born ‘Wise’…..

And this incendiary inception, this molotov cocktail of riotous combustability….alright, this major shift, will not so much be about igniting bushfires or burning off the stuble across ‘the field’ – the whole process is like watching a red hot magma bubble building. Its a collective proto-volcanic pressure cooker of public outrage that will burst in repeating tsunamis of initiatic and creative intensity when Jupiter opposes Saturn conjunct the Equinox New Moon, followed by Uranus squaring up to Pluto bringing 7 electric waves of ground-breaking intensity. Hold onto your hats!

Sound like a great day for surfing at Point Break – or the Apocalypse? Consider this – for every new born child birth is an apocalyptic process and birthing into new life via the ‘ring of fire’ is the final phase of entering incarnation – remember 360º Fahren-Heit? To T.S.Eliot the Pentacostal Fire symbolised this burning time and passage into original being – it was the vision he beheld and crafted throughout the War years, that became enshrined in the ‘Four Quartets’. That biblical reference, the one he chose to recast through the visionary landscape of his great poem, is itself typical of the rhetoric that has seeded the doctrine of fear within the group mind. ‘Only through the pouring down of heavenly fire can we be purged and made fit for the kingdom of heaven.’ Isn’t that typical also of the control function of the global elite, the power base who would have us believe that we are under the jurisdiction of their authority – well, as a friend recently commented, “bunch of BS”…..and, thank goodness there are visionaries still at large in the world…..

Well, here we are. Its time to open our shining eyes and ‘See’ – and as we do so we will finally be able to observe with stunning clarity that the path we have been collectively led down is very much a blind alley. Drugged on psychosis of mass media saturation, spiritual fundamentalism, economic and political fear-mongering, information overload, disembodied illusions of connectivity (time to clear out your in-box?), consumer therapy frenzy, couldn’t give an O’Fucus banking and free-marketiering, global ecological rape, mysoginistic manipulation and usury, patronising holier than thou religious dogmatism and poisonous scientific skepticism, fore-ever seeking to feed the War Machine under the crusading banner of ‘the War against Terrrrrrism’ – don’t you think that ‘we the people’ might be just a little pissed…..and hit that Floydian Wall with some force?!

By the way, we will return to Ophiuchus and his Irish brother shortly….now, wheres the remote…….


“whats on the next channel honey?”…….”Dunno babe, which channel are we on….”

OK – time for an idiot check before we leave the house…..did we leave the shale gas on? Are the Solar panels overheating? Is it today that the plumber arrives to fix…..no, of course, he’s off filming as a participant in neverending Big Brother. Will the retaining wall hold all that Earth pressure when they fell the last tree on the boundary line….oh yes, and did we let Bradley the cat out of the wiki-bag, or is he still locked inside, solitary – lets just check shall we…..no, he’s still being deprived of all his inalienable rights under the Geneva Convention (gosh, whats that?!), as well as sleep, etc etc etc…..how much torture can an innocent man take before he’s proven guilty……uhhh? You wah??

So, you were saying about the new Irish zodiac sign?….no, no, no, its an evil omen – look!


Yes, Yes, Yes, its a sign of our times – suhcuihpO…sorry, just HAD to check him with a mirror – can’t be too careful, lot of those toothy types around these days, its a sign of our times…did I just say that….

Look – this is all very well, but, Chiron – remember him, beardy chap, lots of legs, likes helping people – well, yeh, Chiron, well, he’s good….innit…

….and Saturn, you know, tall, dark and the spit of Darth Vader….well, Saturn, he’s, yunno, bad like – not bad like as in good like…BBBBAAAAADDDDD like….innit…..

Meanwhile – in a downtown bar somewhere on the Farside….

“I’ll have an ‘Opiate of the Masses’, on the rocks please……..how much did you say???!!!” (Bradley, you are not alone…….not alone……..not alone………) where IS that remote…..honey?

“Strange echo in here…..wonder what happens if I press this bu…….”

ACT 2, SCENE II : ‘The Axis of Time’

So, what is Chiron telling us – well, he’s on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces so, symbolically at least he is about to take the Aquarian torch and run for the Piscean hills (waves mate – its an ocean…) so that his message has a wider and more spiritual reach……actually, he’s probably sailing for the New World to the same ends.

But no! In reality Chiron is still in early Aquarius….YES, the stars have precessed, the Earth has gyrated so that its axis is pointing to another part of the sky, and yet we still work with a map that belongs to the old order, as established at the beginning of the Piscean age, as if the axis is stuck in time!

NEWSFLASH : The reality behind entering the Age of Aquarius is that we are infact entering the age of Aquarius, but, this itself is an expression of PRECESSION! The Piscean paradigm persists and being on the cusp means facing the shadow as well as the light. Neptunian miasma represents the shadow side of Pisces and it is disseminated through that arch fixer Saturn. If we truly are on the cusp of the Age of Aquarius it is time to bring the clocks forward and come out of the dream – its later than we think…or are being led to think. And what an illusion we have projected onto Aquarius!

The internet has created a massive shift towards information over experience – yes, we are, virtually all of us, connected now, but, to what and what exactly is it that is making the connection? Its a virtual world in here and we feed it with our minds. When we take away the content of the former it exposes the fallacy, as well as the true nature/state of the latter. Yes, we can make good use of the information, as well as the technology, but, are we letting it change our minds?

Our own minds are not the group mind. There is a belief afoot to the contrary, but, we need to be discerning in this for while there is an element of truth in it, in practice it is a very dangerous assumtion that has a dark underbelly and that is what we are here to expose. Apply this thinking to the group mind and what have you got – lets say it again, in simple terms : media dictatorship, mass psychosis, an unfiltered ocean of information, paradigm shift mania, and if you think that sounds darkly ironic, what about ‘Big Brother’….if ever there was a metaphor for our times……and that applies to both varieties of BB. Saturn sits in his control tower and watches us looking on at the virtual household, the virtual jungle, and we ‘participate’ with our virtual ‘votes’…..not so very different in the ‘real’ world, really.

If any of this smacks of ‘control’ by larger forces then yes, it also asks ‘does my small point of view count’ and, more to the point, what is stopping me from living it. The answer has to be yes it does count and if we can ‘see’ ourselves clearly enough we will quickly come to the conclusion that none of the above aspects of group consciousness really belong to us as individuals – if we allow ourselves to buy into it or try and ignore it we are feeding a very dark Succubus. And yet, we live in a world saturated with this very phenomenon.

Actually, have you ever wondered what really did happen when Sleeping Beauty woke up…did she really live ‘happily ever after’ with her Prince…..Rip Van Winkle fell asleep for a hundred years too – he was overtaken by the spirit of the past and when he returned to the village he found the place in ruins and no-one recognised him – sound familiar? Shades of identity crisis?! We can heal this….if there is a great mind that we need to entrain with it is that of our mother planet…….

Act 3 Scene I : The Shero

One of the main accompanying features of this New Moon is the role of Jupiter – he has been given his dues and come-upance by Juno over and again – stop thinking with your balls man! Testosterone fueled Jupiter in early Aries is being called to do community service for all his erroneous ways…and he will do it, with all the high minded and benific elegance that we expect, because he loves to be the hero. But, this is a role now being reserved in a very pinpoint conjunction to the Moons nodal axis by a group of celestial Sheroes who have the power of the crescent Moon to draw on, and they have access to the king’s chambers.

Conjunct the North Node we find asteroid Vesta – the Vestal virgins keep the eternal flame burning, tend the hearth fire and clean the hearth in which the fire of sacred sacrifice burns. They yearly perform a ritual within the king’s inner sanctum in which they renew his consciousness, the effect of which is to alert him to complaisance, jolt him out of his dreams of power and habits of rulership, and remind him that he has a duty in his position, to serve in his regal capacity. Being unadulterated in their symbolic role, the Vestals bring a purity of purpose to all they touch – it is their inner sanctum to which we turn when we are in need of this purity. Symbolically it is our inner sanctum too….

At the South Node we find asteroid Selene, the White Moon, who also wears the crescent Moon upon her head. She also has access to the inner sanctum of the royal patriarchs – she feasts with Sun and Mithras – we will not go into Mithras here, but, his mythology is worth looking into, especially as the above feast celebrates a renewal of the celestial spheres, this time indicating a shift in the zodiac that sees the sacrifice of the earthy Taurean paradigm with its matriarchal energies so that the patriarchal energies may rule the roost. Its called the Tauromachy – it lives on in the bull-fight. That she is able to sit in on this is revealing.

Her role is similar to the Vestals as she represents the onset of menarch – She is the White Goddess who also became the acceptable link to the divine feminine within the patriarchal paradigm. She is portrayed as pure, the horned Moon reflecting the Bulls horns, Taurus, Venus, the earthly plane and incarnate realms – but, she is idealised as such. In popular storytelling she corresponds to Snow White. And this story will be the subject of an upcoming post……

At this New Moon Vesta and Selene are opposite each other to within 1 minute of arc – its a pact of divine sisterhood with a role that cannot be overlooked. Why? Because without it we lose touch with the Earth.

With Jupiter squaring into this he is being given the role of expressing their energies with the urgency and wider reach it now requires and he can only do this in service, a true Troubadour. Divine love is at work in this – it is wise, renewed, filled with potential and is here working through the nodes to connect us back to our original purpose within the cosmos. For each of us this will mean something different, as our own soul journeys can only be made by ourselves – not what the power merchants would have us believe – cf. the above mania……

Our inner work is all about working with our inner issues with the aim of regaining our original selves, embodying our soul purpose and claiming our personal power – the theme of the nodes.

It all begins to become clearer…and that is the role also of the ‘Seer’ within. Not without reason have these processes been highlighted by the stars.

The New Moon itself is bringing us the opportunity to start afresh with great determination and visionary power – Ceres, within 2º of the Sun/Moon frames the energy along with Mars, less than 1º to the other side. They highlight the tension of seperation, of the mother left to protect kids and the homeland while the father is off fighting in the wars – she has the fiercness of the lioness, so don’t mess. Pluto has already found this out….now, it is Saturn who will be tested to find his high side as Ceres forms a waxing trine to Saturn. He is now looking inwards, contemplating his role as home-maker, particularly his role as focused protector of the threshold……he will also be contemplating his upcoming stand off with Jupiter. By then, at Equinox, the tides will be turning and the melt down of the treasury will have begun.

Redistribution of wealth, how we relate, a higher goal for how we work with our resources – clear awareness, expanding especially within the etheric fields of consciousness, will become a key factor in all this…..so, look to polishing the inner lens of perception, find your center and don’t let the buggers get you down!

There is no room for ‘dead matter thinking’ in Life on Earth – even the scientific advances in understanding the electric basis of our universe will reveal this – our left and right hemispheres can now come into balance, and when they do, a whole new Universe will open before us…….and we will ‘See’

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