I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said:—Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shatter’d visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamp’d on these lifeless things,
The hand that mock’d them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”
Nothing beside remains: round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

‘Ozymandias’ : Percy Bysshe Shelly 1818

Whether we are the traveller or the poet the message is the same – take heed, for we are on a journey in which, for all those who cling to power, the essence of Shelley’s great poem will emerge as the prophetic utterance of one who ‘saw’….’your time is past and you cannot take it with you’………meanwhile, back at the oasis……

From the sublime to the ridiculous?…..with almost hysterical cool and sardonic wit, ever a knowing trickster, David Byrne once famously sang “heaven is a place where nothing ever happens” – well, sung like one who knows, the goad, the hidden punchline, is that when you seperate heaven from earth, heaven simply ceases to exist. The world’s most predominant religions would have us believe otherwise of course. They would have us ‘see the light’ and be blinded in the process…not any more….we stand at the crossroads, our pockets full of silver!

The New Moon on Imbolc, that we have named Moonfire, is living up to its expectations – Ozymandias seems fitting, for the warning, but, like the traveller from the ancient land, lets keep an eye on the skies, our feet on the ground and be on the look out for that soul path. For, with Mars gunning the accelerator peddle in the Sun-mobile and Jupiter getting ready to blitz Saturn’s iron-stone watchpost (yes, its straight out of the Tarot – major arcana XVI, The Tower), with Uranus cranking up the plasma generator, ready to attach the electrodes to the foundations of Castle Capricorn where Pluto is at work laying the depth charges, while our new-born eyes are funded with laser like visions of a world we never expected to see, there is a really mind numbing Full Moon just over the horizon…..more on this later.

And, while the polititcans scramble for the higher moral ground (the words ‘rats’ and ‘sinking ship’ come to mind) cloaking their intentions in fine rhetoric and Saturnine wisdoms, holding onto the vestiges of an idealism that has already expired, goaded into realisation, this is exactly what we must now do, ‘believe otherwise’…..and that means left field, right brain thinking, each on our own understanding, for the Earth herself is going to teach us, whether we are ready or not….and embracing ‘the Wisdom of Insecurity’, to quote another great visionary, Alan Watts, is where our lessons must begin….its all about how to break the bonds of ‘fate’.

Lets take stock of a few signposts out here beneath the ‘Sheltering Sky’…..

Earths magnetic pole has always been in motion – now, however, it is shifting with a tenfold increase in speed towards the equatorial regions. The acceleration was first noticed a decade ago and the data has been building to confirm this – and, as it happens, we have seen a decade of increasing planetary adjustment. The signs have been there for all to see, the astrologers and diviners have been relating back to us the cosmology that is reflected in its effects and the truth is now plain for all to see – we are now seeing shifts in global structure and planetary consciousness in ever wider manifestation. In the electric universe the center of infinity is everywhere…we have already arrived, as T.S.Eliot fore-saw, back at the beginning, seeing it all as if for the first time, endless paths of possibility before us. Which way do you choose…

There is more – the Earth’s wobble has ceased. Called ‘nutation’, this gyration about the mean axis of rotation gives us further reason to pause for expanded thought – we do not yet know if this is a temporary phenomenon, but, we do know that we are being carried in a vector of new knowing, flooding us with a torrent of uncanny data at a rate of knots… stop, the rapids or the open sea?

And the change is endemic – this is super-galactic consciousness at work and we can now see the Solar system in a new light…..all the planets are undergoing transformation – all experiencing magnetic polar shifts. Our scientific sensors are revealing the inner workings of the field and show it to be in flux…..

Our place within the cosmos is changing with these localised shifts – however, the real change is not of location, but, of state…….through the revelations of new astronomy the old physics is giving way to a new understanding of the fundamental principles upon which our universe is built. The gravitational model, with its emphasis on heavy influences, is giving way to the electric in which, at the bottom line, nothing has mass. Gravity is a weak force – the electro-magnetic field describes the universal fundamental presence of a force ten trillion trillion trillion times (quite a lot) greater and it pervades all, from beyond the frontiers of our sub-atomic particle nature to the largest ‘structures’ in the universe. It also provides the interface between the material and the immaterial, particle and wave, and leads us into a frame of reference beyond time and space, in which inter-dimensional consciousness, mind, is the prima materia. This is also a world inhabited by tricky entities, bi-locational, existing only in the state defined by the observer, moving across all co-ordinates, travelling forwards and backwards in time, in which time itself takes on new dimensions – it is the realm of spirit, beyond time…….and if the observer effects the state of the observed, doesn’t that suggest we’d better be careful with our thoughts? Its time to choose….

Now is the time of the trickster – that inseminator of crazy wisdom and creative upheaval. Look around you – we are seeing an unprecedented and building wave of change at work in the world and the great heyokah Uranus stands ready in the wings to make his grand re-entry into Aries, center stage in our Earth Myth – and when he does, everything we have known, that anchors our security and gives us the structural blinkers to live under the illusion of permenance, is going to be shaken until it either shows that its true integrity is sustainable, or it crumbles like Ozymandius’ statue, into the dust – Earth is in transit!

The governments seem like Black Holes – yet, in the Uranic vision, such monstrous entities simply do not exist. Aquarian cosmogeny applies ‘the field’ as the model – awareness is what connects us. Condensed mass is the effect of ‘dead matter thinking’ – at the heart of our galaxy is a mass-less node of pure electric potential – where-as the old model sucks (pun intended), this one connects.

And, the old model and way of thinking throws up another effect that diviners know all too well – fate and destiny, more heavy duty. How many of our old stories would have us believe that we must be heroes, just for one day…..or sink into the backwaters of oblivion, unfulfilled, never having made the difference, rescued the princess and gotten to live happily ever after. How many tell us we must overcome ‘evil’ so that ‘good’ prevails. How many would have us suffer the poisoned apple, bound by the spell of the wicked witch, cut off the dragons head and save the land from its terrible fire….heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy….projections of a dominant fear based culture that would have us bound to earth (the captured maiden), dreaming of release into the arms of heaven (Sleeping beauty and the Prince), defeating the serpentine tyranny of demonic power (oh yes, he had to be a hero, old St. George – never mind the fact that he was Syrian, a military Christian martyr who refused to make sacrifices to the pagan divinites, and never set foot in England’s ‘hallowed fields’), the same fear that demonised the wise woman, split her into white and black forces (divide and conquer) and had HER wield the apple, symbol of Venus, the earthly garden, poison it for her own ends (yeh, really), to kill off the beauty that threatened her power (Snow White)…..and these are just some the ‘popular’ tales…..

At each casting of the chart, the cowries and the runes, we encounter this dilema – how do we face up against fate? The truth is ‘fate’ is a wise teacher, the lay/ley of the land, its songlines, its medicines, not an immutable doom merchant who rules us with a dread iron fist. And the element of fun that unravels the weave that ‘fate’ would have us believe is our certain future – you guessed it, its the trickster, chance, heyokah clown and wise fool….without this one we would be bound to the fate that the gods decided for us – gadzooks!….this old exclamation of surprise says it all; it means “Gods-hooks”, a reference to the nails that pinned the ’Saviour’ to the cross……no such luck, Zeus….no wonder the pagans were persecuted!

Every divination is an intersection, a crossroads between fate and chance, and you will always find the tricky one waiting at the crossroads, knowing outside of knowing……careful which way you choose; no, not the literal path, but, the manner of your choosing…..don’t throw coins at her and expect her to cough up – make an agreement with respect, that if she tells you something that you need to know, that will help you on your way, that you will honour her and her wisdom and follow it. If you cross the good lady’s palms with silver, the coinage of spirit, she will guide you – it will tell her that you are a friend of spirit, that you respect the divine and choose to ‘honour’ rather than ‘pay’. Offerings are the point of respect that St. George missed – why do we honour such martyrdom?. In our materialistic world we only know payment. Payment means debt, bondage, slavery and suddenly our freedom is locked up, bound by ‘The Law”……

So much of our world is dominated by ideas based on commodified understanding, divisive and creating an imbalance, of the haves and have nots – it spawns ‘this for that’, ‘tit-fer-tat’, ‘an eye for an eye’ thinking – heaven is a place removed from earth. Are we really born in debt, sinners? Must we pay penance? Listen to your heart… Earth-life experience we know, in our deepest center, our hearts, that in the spiritual realms there is no this and that, all is one. We engage with the field when we seek divine guidance – it is a place of respect and heart. But, wait a minute, what about that trickster…where did the cheeky fellow disappear to? Well, we’ve demonised him too, made him into the outcast, the despised one, outlaw….funny that! Think for a moment, and find a democracy in which freedom is not defined within the context of ‘rule of law’ – soon it becomes obvious that ‘rule of law’ is immutable, and mutability is one of the main forces of evolution.

The message is clear from the shining eye of the storm – the ‘powers-that-be’ in our mundane world can cut us off with the flick of a switch, no more internet, tweets, or any kind of physical technology based interconnectivity. BUT….big ‘but’ this….you cannot have YOUR connections severed. We are all equipped to live within the ‘field’, open our divining eyes and ‘see’….and the only thing we need to do is make sure that we are clear of the fogging effects of prejudice and dualistic mentality.

Once again, our inner work is the process of cleaning up our personal garbage, all the ‘stuff’ that does not belong to us, as well as all the ‘stuff’ that has grown over the old wounds that centuries of indoctrination and cultural, socio-economic disempowerment have marked our souls with. The coming Full Moon will reveal to us where our personal divining mirror is hidden, buried in the accumulated bedrock of millenia of pressurised sediment. It is ours to reclaim and polish, the luminous lens of our inner knowing, so that the inner light, the knowing that streams through our consciousness, that is inherent within the ‘field’, may illuminate our path, the world around us and bring us into alignment with the Great Mystery that issues forth from the heart of creation. Phew….simple really.

And the first test of our ability to pull this off? Next Full Moon is going to see Sun, Neptune, Mars and Chiron come together in a united front that will feel as if we are being flooded with every channel from every dimension simultaneously…Uranus will be squaring up to the Moons nodes, jump starting our personal visions of who we might be with the power of who we once were…there will be ghostly apparitions mixed in with future visions, so discernment will be key….and who’s that racing up behind the fearless four to make sure we CAN be discerning? Mercury, that other cheeky fellow, arch factualiser and tricksy spy of the liminal realms, friend to all diviners!

Amongst the shamanic societies the concept of the ‘hollow bone’, the clear channel, is the sine-qua-non of divination – it is time. And there will be powerful help at hand. When Uranus and Pluto get to work through the next 3 years – the stultifying effects of centuries of oppressive subjugation will be swept aside, and our channels will open with it. There will be resistance, there will be rubble, it will be explosive – but, from the chaos new patterns will emerge that reveal the intrinsic beauty of a world in which all is truly connected. If ‘The Center’ will not hold, then hold to your center. And look out for the ancestors! They’ll be rooting for us, and we will have our circle, dance our Ghost Dance, to welcome their wisdom home……..

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    1. appreciated – timing has a lot to do with my input, however, you have some good points there and, having created a foundation upon which to build, I intend to do just that – thanks

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